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Divorce Or Ever After? Know The Fate Of Your Relationship!


Love is in the air!

Whenever we start a relationship with someone with serious intentions, it’s always so much fun to find out their zodiac sign and then check out whether or not “love is in the stars” for the two of you. Well, how about being a little far-sighted and, before taking the next step, know what the heavens declare are best for you? Here are the worst and best matches of zodiac signs…

Let’s check who is Best for whom

The best zodiac combination for relationships are Libra-Aries, Taurus-Scorpio, Gemini-Sagittarius, Capricorn-Cancer, Aquarius-Leo, and Virgo-Pisces while the worst pair are Libra-Virgo, Scorpio-Aries, Sagittarius-Taurus, Capricorn-Gemini, Aquarius-Cancer, Leo-Pisces.

The Best Match: Libra and Aries

Aries and Libra are opposites. Aries tend to be temperamental while the Libras are harmonious. With this match there is balance, one signing helping the sign cope their contrast characteristics. Libra is a cardinal sign, and as such will eventually tire of having Aries lead. From there, Libra will get upset and conflict is sure to ensue. In Aries, Libra sees a hero; a chivalrous knight who will sweep her off her feet and take care of all of her problems.

Aries and Libra: Made for each other!

One of the biggest reasons for the almost instant attraction these two feel is that they each hold what the other lacks. Aries enjoys Libra’s charming explanations of why people should consider the feelings of others, and Libra learns the importance of independence. Another reason why Aries and Libra are compatible is the sheer fun these two have together! Aries is daring and bold, always ready for excitement. Libra is the perfect compliment and audience to Aries’ antics.

The Best Match: Taurus and Scorpio

Though sometimes it can be rough, Scorpio brings out the best motivation for Tauruses whenever they encounter any failure and hardships. Scorpios are compassionate for Tauruses and gives them a feeling of security. A Scorpio or Taurus with a lot of favorable angles should account for a happy, well-adjusted version of his zodiac sign. In contrast, a Scorpio or Taurus whose planets are commonly in opposition makes for a highly conflicted and difficult person.

Taurus and Scorpio: Made for each other!

Scorpio and Taurean individuals generally do well together because the water element in Scorpio is balanced and supported by the earthiness of Taurus. They are both fixed signs, which can also strengthen the stability of this relationship. Should each person in the relationship have a favorable natal chart, the pair will exercise good conflict resolution. From time to time, Scorpio’s introspection may prove too much for Taurus’ relatively easy-going nature, but a balanced couple should be able to work around such difficulties.

The Best Match: Sagittarius and Gemini

Gemini is the best matches for Sagittarius. Both do things with fun and harmony. Gemini is happiest when she’s free, and she abhors routines. She needs to spread her wings and fly to the next thing that catches her interest. A more evolved Gemini learns to stick with things until she’s mastered them before tackling other challenges. A lesser-evolved Gemini flits from one new thing to another, thus living up to the Gemini stereotype of being flaky or fickle. Sagittarius has the same need for change and challenge as Gemini.

Sagittarius and Gemini: Made for each other!

A lesser-evolved Sagittarius will bet all of his savings on one roll of the dice, whereas a more evolved centaur has learned to curtail his natural risk-taking tendencies and temper them with calculated risks. Gemini and Sagittarius must master their mutual need for change and adventure. Too many risks and too many cautions thrown to the wind can create financial losses and leave a path of destruction in their carefree wake. Eventually, the pair will have to wake up and face the end results of their childish play.

The Best Match: Cancer and Capricorn

Both signs may be little shy at first with one another but eventually become more comfortable for the purpose of achieving congruent goals in life. One thing a Cancer and Capricorn couple has to watch out for is monotony. When in a relationship, these two tend to get too comfortable and too secure, but without the ability to just enjoy themselves as each day comes. They are both so forward-focused, they may get bogged down in their own ambitions and forget to just be together.

The Best Match: Aquarius and Leo

Though zodiacal opposites, Aquarius and Leo exhibits a distinct attraction with relatively few conflicts brought about by their opposing characteristics. Both understand each others’ flaws and assets. There can also be pitfalls in this magical pairing, and much of that deals with priorities. Leo is an intensely creative sign, and Aquarius is quite the visionary. So, you can easily see why these two want to pair up. However, the problem arises when Leo wants complete and total creative control and Aquarius, while often shy, simply won’t relent.

Aquarius and Leo: Made for each other!

Another issue revolves around Leo’s need to remain the center of attention, and to that end, will often treat others as mere satellites to his sun. This is a quality that Aquarius will have a very difficult time dealing with because Aquarius sees everyone, and sometimes everything, as equal. Leo’s tendency to treat others with a bit of disdain will rub Aquarius the wrong way. Finally, the cool detachment that is inherent in Aquarius’s personality might put Leo off.

The Best Match: Virgo and Pisces

Virgo and Pisces are zodiacal opposites. A quality Pisces is lacking is virtually present in Virgo and the reverse is true. Marriage is harmonious and every problem no matter hard is given an appropriate solution. Virgo adores his Pisces lover. He nurtures her and is compelled to protect her. In fact, he may become too protective because Pisces appears to be vulnerable and helpless. In truth, she’s emotionally one of the strongest women of the zodiac, but her fluid gentleness deceives Virgo into believing she needs his protection.

Virgo and Pisces: Made for each other!

Pisces lives up to her water sign of deep emotions. Wise beyond her years, Pisces understands unconditional love and has extreme patience when it comes to matters of the heart. She’s a sensual, dreamy creature who captures Virgo’s heart instantly. Pisces understands the nuances of love and knows how to show her lover how special he is to her. A large part of the reason Virgo senses this intense need to watch over Pisces is because she’s a water sign and he’s an earth sign.

The Worst Match: Libra and Virgo

Both signs find a hard time synchronizing their goals and priorities. Though they may be harmonious in work, outside that they find a hard time enjoying each other’s company. Virgo’s naturally analytical, critical nature can be too much for easy-going, light-hearted Libra. Libra’s flighty nature and tendency to waffle when it comes to decision-making will irritate non-nonsense Virgo to no end. Libra will see serious Virgo as “no fun” or “a stick in the mud”.

The Worst Match: Scorpio and Aries

Scorpios hate being pushed around taking orders. Aries love to give demands which may not be too exciting for Scorpios. Both signs strive for highest positions and may fight constantly over who gets to gain control over who and vice versa. Scorpio and Aries will clash constantly because of their independent natures. Aries is very flirtatious while Scorpio tends to have a jealous nature which will lead to distrust and ultimately breaking up.

The Worst Match: Sagittarius and Taurus

Taurus are possessive people and Sagittarius are fighters for freedom. Taurus can be jealous lovers and constantly demands for something. Sagittarius calls for change which the Taurus totally negates.

The Worst Match: Scorpio and Taurus

People who are narrow-minded in their approach to life can make extremely difficult partners. Essentially, individuals who are stubborn and closed-minded cannot be changed easily, if at all. Taurus is notorious for his obstinate nature. Scorpio is renowned for his temper and sessions of deep brooding. The combination of these two negatives can lead to arguments that don’t go anywhere and result in long periods of silence and resentment.

The Worst Match: Capricorn and Gemini

Gemini’s ideals are usually the opposites of Capricorn so both are having a difficult time achieving each other’s goals. Gemini and Capricorn are an unlikely match, but don’t rule it out from the get go. Gemini thinks Capricorn a bit serious, always leading the discussion back to their career. Their badly matched mindsets leads to more than just awkward conversations — both feel that the other is on a different wavelength.

The Worst Match: Aquarius and Cancer

Aquarius are adventurous while Cancers are home birds. They easily get bored with each other’s company, owing much to Cancer’s possessiveness. Aries’ natural tendency to pursue what they want makes it easier for typically cautious Cancers to get swept up in a romance before they’ve had a chance to really consider the situation. It can be extremely flattering to find Aries’ bold attentions focused on you. However, a relationship that begins with such excitement can quickly falter as this couple gets to know each other better.

The Worst Match: Pisces and Leo

Leos seems more of a follower to Pisces rather than partners. Though they can maintain a harmonious working relationship, they can easily be cast aside in order to achieve one’s personal desires. Leo are extroverted, while your Pisces is likely to be fairly introverted and need space and time to recharge in order to keep up with your need for social activities. You may feel your partner is too sensitive, humble, sentimental or emotional. Overall they may strike you as ‘vulnerable’. Meanwhile they may see you as pushy, arrogant and domineering.

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