• June 20, 2019

7 Creative Ways You Can Thank Your Husband Each Day


Before you get too far into this article, I’m going to come right out and say yes, I do think you should thank your husband. I also think he should thank you. And I also think we should thank people for being kind and show gratitude each day. So this isn’t a battle between who should be thanking who. We should all be showing more gratitude and kindness.

I also believe that we should thank each other for the everyday things, the things that are often overlooked and fall by the wayside. Thank your husband for making you smile and thank him for the little things he does each day.

When you do this two things happen. When you’re looking for things to thank your husband for you start to notice the little things he does and when you start voicing your gratitude you’ll find the gratitude is often reciprocated.

With all of that in mind, here are some creative ways you can thank your husband each day.

1 – Send Him A Thoughtful Text

When was the last time you sent your husband a text that had more substance to it than ‘honey, pick up milk on the way home’ or ‘I’m going to be home late from work, your turn to cook’? Remember when you first started dating and you’d text each other all day? Tap into that again.

Send a message saying ‘honey, I’m thinking of you’ or simply ‘I am grateful for you’. You could even be specific and say ‘thank you for taking out the trash this morning, I really appreciate it’.

2 – Write Him A Note

Love notes are such a thoughtful gesture and we tend to forget the impact of a handwritten note. Write down your gratitude on a post it note and put it somewhere as a surprise. In his car, on the fridge door, on the mirror, in his wallet. Just little reminders that you love him and that you’re grateful for him.

3 – Turn Dinner Into A Date Night

Rather than simply going through the motions of dinner like you do every night, turn it into a date night. Put the kids to bed (at least 10 times because we know they will keep getting up) and then do everything like you would on a date.

Get dressed up, light some candles, use the fancy plates and drink from the fancy wine glasses. Don’t turn the TV on during dinner, sit and have a conversation with your husband. Then snuggle up and watch a movie together afterwards.

4 – Write ‘Thank You’ On Your Mirror In Lipstick

This is less about the mirror and lipstick and more about the surprise factor. Getting creative with how you thank your husband and stepping outside of the norm can be so much fun.

5 – Tell Him You’re Grateful

We often say ‘thank you’ as a reaction or response and we don’t really think about it. It’s become so much of what we say it’s kind of lost its meaning. So change up the words you use. Rather than saying thank you, say ‘I am grateful for you’. And say it without it being a response to something else.

6 – Sit And Have A Conversation

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of just passing by each other and succumbing to day to day life. We talk about the things that are happening each day but when was the last time you actually sat and listened to each other.

One of the best ways to show your gratitude is to listen. Remember when you’d hang off every word each other said? Try that again. Have a conversation that doesn’t revolve around the kids.

7 – Find Out Each Other’s Love Language And Use It

If you’re not aware of the 5 Love Languages, the short version is that we each have a love language that is most important to us. For some, it’s acts of service, like making dinner or washing the car. For others, it’s words of affirmation, where they need to be told they are loved and have positive reassurance.

Knowing each other’s love language means you know what is important to your partner, but it also means you are more aware of what things you can do to show each other love.

If you haven’t already, find out each other’s love language and then use that love language to do something that resonates with your husband to thank him. If ‘acts of service’ is his love language, go and refuel his car. If ‘quality time’ is his love language, organize a date day to spend time with him.

Remember, be creative in the ways you thank your husband, you never know… you could turn it into a challenge and see who can come up with the most creative way.

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