• August 18, 2019

Zodiac Signs How Likely Are You To Be In A Long-Term Relationship

When thinking about long-term relationships and which signs get on best, the compatibility factor comes down to each star sign’s attitude to love. Being in a stable, mature and long-term relationship isn’t for everyone and certain zodiac signs just don’t have what it takes to be in one. What about your zodiac sign? Is your sign likely to be in a long-term relationship or are you just not cut out for one?

Our zodiac signs play a vital part in our lives and even have an impact on our attitudes to love and relationships. Every zodiac is different and perceives love in their own unique way which helps to explain why certain zodiac signs are hopeless in relationships and why others are awesome. How quickly do you fall in love? We’ve ranked the zodiac signs by how fast they fall in love.

Ranking: The zodiacs most likely to be in a long-term relationship to the least

We have ranked the zodiac signs from those that are the most likely to thrive in a stable and long-term relationship to those who really struggle dedicating themselves to just one person. Committing to a relationship is always a big decision and whilst some take it in their stride, others can’t bring themselves to take the plunge. What about you? Is your zodiac sign comfortable with the idea of committing for life? Or do you value your freedom too much? Where do you place in our ranking of zodiac signs most likely to end up alone?

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