• August 18, 2019

The 3 Neediest Zodiac Signs In Relationships

Some of us are particularly dependent when it comes to love, always needing to be close to our other half and doing everything together. It’s cute but it can quickly become very oppressive for your partner. Due to their differing personalities, certain zodiac signs are needier in love than others, especially the water zodiac signs. Zoom in on these three signs for whom love must be absolute! Let’s take a look at the 3 neediest zodiac signs in love; do you make our list?

For a healthy, romantic relationship to flourish, both partners need to devote their time, attention and love towards each other. However, sometimes people can be guilty of showing a bit too much affection. Of course, showing more affection is better than none at all but … Be warned, too much neediness can weigh down relationships and is even sometimes the reason for break-ups. How needy in love is your zodiac sign? Is your zodiac compatibility strong with a needy zodiac sign?

The 3 Neediest Zodiac Signs

Are you one of the 3 neediest zodiac signs? Drumroll please, because our top 3 neediest zodiac signs are Cancer, Pisces and Libra!

1. Cancer – Emotional-dependent Love

Cancers are very possessive people, who continually require tenderness and sweetness in their romantic relationships to feel reassured. It is a Zodiac which is often very emotionally dependent, and which requires a bit too much daily reassurance from their partner. This can sometimes come across as them seeming insecure in the relationship.

2. Pisces, Inseparable love

In their ideal world, a Pisces personality would be able to completely merge themselves with their partner to become one. It’s simple for them, you should do everything together! Their feelings are strong and they sometimes let themselves get blinded by love.

3.  Libra – All-in Love

While they may find it hard to know what they want, once they’ve found it they dive straight in the deep end. The Libra personality, especially men, tend to move very fast in relationships and declarations of love early on can sometimes scare away partners. Worried about losing their other half, Libras commit hard when they think they’ve found the one.

These three delicate zodiacs are, however, equally big romantics with whom you will live out epic fairy tale-like story lines, so long as you provide them with all the love and support that they need and deserve. It’s up to you to assure them of the depth of your love and everything will work out fine.

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