• January 23, 2020

Here’s The Only Way To Start Off The Summer Right Awards: 10 Reasons Why They Don’t Work & What You Can Do About It


We all can’t wait to start off our summer on the best possible foot. We’ve been waiting for what seems like forever to jump back into the summer groove! From hitting the pool with our best friends to potentially having that summer romance we always dream about, we couldn’t be more ready.

We took a look at the stars to find what each Zodiac has to do to start off their summer on the perfect frequency. There are no more excuses to have yet another mediocre summer!

We’re sure you’ll be surprised by some of the directions your sign should take this summer but remember that these warm months are anything that you decide to make of them. If you decide to run away and hide in your room with fast food and Netflix, there’s no way you’ll grow. If you instead decide to step outside of your comfort zone and work hard at achieving your goals, we’re positive you’ll be happily surprised as to what will come from it.

Remember that this is your life and you can make it into the one you always dreamed about!

24Scorpio Woman: Make A Summer Plan

As a Scorpio, you’re incredibly practical and know what you need to do. That’s why as soon as the summer hits you’re focusing on making the best summer plan ever. Take some time to sit down and really figure out what you want to achieve this summer. Whether it’s to pick up a new skill or take up a new hobby, you have to define what it is.

As soon as you have your goal, make a plan to achieve it!

Remember that a goal is simply a dream with a plan. You can achieve absolutely anything you desire if you take some time and figure out exactly what it is you want! We’re sure you’ll be thrilled once you manage to figure out what you’re going to do this summer!

23Scorpio Man: Work On Your Life Goals

With the warm months setting in, it’s never been a better time to buckle down and get working on your life goals! As a Scorpio, you always knew what you wanted in life and what you and to do to get there. However, it just seems almost impossible to sit down and get started on working at those goals.

That’s why with your schedule opening up, it’s never been a better time to finally start working on all of those goals you’ve been dreaming about for what seems like forever.

Forget about all of the distractions around you and begin working at achieving everything you’ve ever dreamed about. You have to get into a new work ethic and do whatever needs to be done to reach your goals!

22Aquarius Woman: Picking Up A Social Life To Relieve Stress

You’ve had what seems like the hardest year ever, making it a perfect time to chill out and have a good time. That’s why we’re absolutely positive that you have to forget about any worry that you’ve had and have some fun partying!

You’ll feel an incredible weight lifted off of your shoulders as you get into the groove of having a good time.

Let loose this summer and do whatever you need to do to relieve some stress. It’s totally unhealthy to be completely under pressure all the time. Forget about any worry you have and let loose. Make some memories you’ll never forget and have a good time!

21Aquarius Man: Isolate Yourself And Relax

Similarly to your female counterpart, you’ve been incredibly stressed throughout the year and are ready to relax. You’re completely over absolutely everything and are ready to run away from all of your problems and have a good time. That’s why we recommend that you isolate yourself for a little and come back to reality.

You don’t want to have people around you keep annoying you about everything you have to do.

Ditch everyone and take some time for yourself. We guarantee you that you will feel even more refreshed and happy as soon as you come back! Release all of the stress that’s holding you back from being free.

20Libra Woman: Catch Up With Friends

You’re completely embarrassed to admit it but you’ve totally ditched your friends throughout the year. You became completely overwhelmed with your issues and simply ran away from absolutely everyone. Your friends feel like you just disappeared and can’t wait to catch up.

That’s why it’s time to catch up with your friends and reconnect with everything going on in their lives!

Head out together for a good time and catch up on everything you’ve missed. We guarantee they won’t be mad and will instead completely understand. Everyone gets super busy during the year, making the summer a perfect time to let loose and have fun.

19Libra Man: Movies, Books, And Music

The only way for you to start off the summer right is to relax and focus on what makes you happy! That’s why we totally recommend for you to reconnect with your creative pursuits and have some fun!

Since you’re incredibly creative, it’s a great time for you to catch up on all of the movies you’ve been meaning to watch. Maybe watch a few series on Netflix like Riverdale and Stanger Things. This is totally your moment to see what all the hype was about on these things.

Download some new music to jam out to. Also, pick up a few books you’ve always been meaning to read. There’s nothing better than reading by the pool while unwinding from the crazy year.

18Pisces Woman: Start Working Out And Being Productive

You’ve been promising yourself for what seems like forever that you’ll eventually begin working out and getting the dream summer body you always imagined. While you were a little too busy to get into that gym grind during the year, now with some more free time you’re ready to get back into the routine.

While it seems like you’re late on being fit for the summer, it’s never too late to start.

You’ll feel absolutely amazing when you begin to work out and be productive. Get into an everyday routine where you’re constantly working out is the exact thing you need to do this summer.

17Pisces Man: Run Away On Vacation

You’re just so over everything that it only seems right that you run away on vacation. That way, no one can bother you what so ever while you sip on a coconut and relax on the beach. While we completely understand if you’re not able to run away on an exotic vacation, we still recommend that you look into it.

This is the perfect way for you to refresh and get ready to tackle everything the summer throws at you.

Go on a mini vacation such as a road trip or camping. Grab your close friends if you feel like you’ll be able to relax around them. Take this time for yourself and do whatever makes you happy!

16Sagittarius Woman: Amusement Parks Are The Way To Go

You couldn’t be more excited for the summer and are completely ready to have a good time. That’s why the best idea we have for you is to hit up some amusement parks and carnivals to have fun. Go back to your childhood roots and let loose. Grab a candy apple; go on some rides, and get ice cream with your friends.

While most people are looking to relax and unwind these next few weeks, you’re ready to have a blast.

Find some fun people around you who have the same mentality and are ready to enjoy life. Make a promise to yourself to do whatever makes you happy this summer! Don’t listen to other people’s opinions as to what you should be doing.

15Sagittarius Man: Play Some Sports With Your Friends

Summer is the perfect time to hit up your friends and play some awesome sports that you’ve been meaning to enjoy. Simply call up your buddies and invite them for a friendly game of soccer of basketball. There’s a ton of places that you guys can go and have a good time.

If you’re willing to have an even better time, do something even more fun!

Try surfing if there’s an ocean near you. Go mountain biking in a forest. Maybe go sand dunning if you’re in the desert. Whatever it may be, we’re absolutely positive there’s a fun sport to try out in whatever climate you live in!

14Capricorn Woman: Unlock Your Inner Artistic Vibes

As a Capricorn, you’re one of the most creative Zodiac’s out there. You’re constantly thinking outside the box and trying to unlock new ways of doing things. Since you got pretty busy these last couple of year, you feel like it’s finally time to break out of your common routine and have a good time!

Grab some paint, a pencil, or even your camera; just make sure to get at all of those fun little activities that you absolutely adore!

Create some art, but most important have fun when you’re doing it. No one expects a masterpiece, instead just try to push yourself past your usual boundaries! Expand your mind while you make a killer artwork in whatever medium you’re used to!

13Capricorn Man: Immerse Yourself Into Nature

You can feel deep within your soul a calling to reconnect with nature. You’ve been so caught up with the industrial world that you feel like you’re losing your connections with the outdoors. Luckily, summer is the perfect time to spend endless hours outside.

Simply go for a walk in the forest and feel the leaves. If you have a body of water nearby, go swimming!

Push yourself to spend a couple hours outside every day to truly feel the sun and warm breeze on your face. We guarantee that the outside frequencies will reenergize you. You’ll be filled with such positivity and openness to keep on exploring!

12Gemini Woman: Pick Up A New Hobby

You constantly keep blaming your busy schedule on the fact that you can’t try out that new hobby you’ve been meaning to. It feels like you just have no free time, and when you finally do all you want to do is absolutely nothing.

It’s time that you motivate yourself to finally pick up a new hobby this summer and have a good time!

Whether it’s artistic, or intellectual, it’s time to finally go it. You can’t keep prolonging what you truly desire, as you definitely know it’s time! You might even find yourself completely surprised if you realize that this hobby is actually your passion in life.

11Gemini Man: Host A BBQ To Catch Up With Family

The only way for you to truly start off the summer in the right way is through hosting a BBQ with your family. You often find yourself becoming completely overwhelmed with life that you just disappear. Luckily, your family totally understands and is always pushing you to achieve your goals.

That’s why it seems like it’s only right to reach out to the people who constantly love and care for you and treat them with an awesome BBQ.

Everyone in the family will appreciate this gesture, as it’ll bring everyone together. Don’t freak out, you’re definitely not the only family member who was focusing on themselves during the year.

10Aries Woman: It’s Time For A Road Trip

Forget about the whole world and call up your girlfriends for the most awesome road trip ever. You and BFFs are totally over everything that went down and are ready to have a good time and live life again. That’s why we recommend that you pack up your car, pick up your friends, and hit the road.

Remember that it’s not about the destination, but rather the journey!

This is a great chance to reconnect with your friends while making some awesome memories. Live out all of your fantasies on the open road this summer with your BFFs!

9Aries Man: Work On Developing A Skill

While everyone around you is ready to forget about everything they’ve learned during the year and have a good time, you’re the total opposite. Instead, you’re ready to work hard and develop a new skill.

You have what seems like the longest list of things you want to achieve. There’s never been a better time than now to settle down and start achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself. Especially since it’s the beginning of the summer, there’s never been a better time to work.

We’re positive that you can achieve whatever you set your mind on since you have what it takes!

8Leo Woman: It’s Time For A Shopping Spree

Forget about everything that went wrong this summer and get ready to let loose and spend a little cash. You’ve been so good on your budget this summer and it feels like its time to spend a little money here and there. Treat yourself to some clothes you’ve been absolutely dying to rock this summer.

Since the summer is a new season, it’s only right that you re-invent yourself into a new woman.

There’s nothing stopping you from being the best version of yourself, and you couldn’t agree more! If you feel like you’re low in cash to get this done, we recommend picking up a part-time job to make a little extra. There’s nothing wrong with working hard for what you want.

7Leo Man: It’s Time To Get Any Outstanding Tasks Done

You’re ready to work hard at what you want this summer since you feel like nothing can stop you. You’re definitely over your unproductive attitude and are ready to finally become the efficient machine you’ve always dreamed about.

Buckle down and start getting ready to utilize the work ethic you’ve always dreamed about achieving.

It’s time that you understand that you don’t have endless time to achieve your desires. It’s time to work incredibly hard and prepare to achieve all of the goals you’ve always desired. There’s no one else who’s going to achieve your goals for you rather than yourself.

6Virgo Woman: Try Some New Things

It’s time that you jump out of your comfort zone and prepare to experience some new things. The best way for you to start off your summer is by trying something new. This will put you in the perfect mood to work on expanding your horizons and doing new things!

You’ll feel better than ever once you jump out of the ordinary and enter the extraordinary.

These are some of your best times to let loose and have some fun while you’re young. There’s nothing stopping you at this point in your life from going a little crazy and having fun.

5Virgo Man: Hit The Water And Chill

This is your time to completely relax and do what makes you happy. The best way for you to unwind from all the craziness is to reconnect with what you love best, the water. Whether it’s a pool, lake, or ocean, go out of your way and find a body of water the truly feels like home to you.

This is your time to unwind and do what makes you happy, don’t listen to anyone around you.

While we completely understand that you feel a little lost currently, we guarantee that you’ll feel so much better and happier once you chill by the water. Everything around you will slowly start to make sense and you’ll see life for what it truly is!

4Taurus Woman: Go To The Spa And De-Stress

You deserve to absolutely run away for the next couple of days and de-stress from the craziness that is your life. You’ve been getting so overwhelmed lately that you feel like you just can’t handle it anymore. No one want’s to deal with all of the issues you’ve been forced to.

That’s why we recommend saving up some cash and hitting the spa. Enjoy some facials and maybe even a massage. Get your nails done to feel put together and simply relax.

If you feel like you just don’t have the cash at the moment to pamper yourself, do an at-home spa night. We recommend calling up your best friends!

Pick up a facemask, body scrub, and maybe a new moisturizer and do it all at home. Take a long bath with candles and listen to your favorite music as you relax from everything going on.

3Taurus Man: You’re Ready To Work And Make Some Mone

You’re hyper-focused on increasing your productivity this summer. You have no time for partying and trying to relax, as you’re ready to work and make some money. You finally understand what you want in life and aren’t going to let anyone stop you from achieving your goals.

We couldn’t be happier for you and are positive you have exactly what it takes to excel wherever you are.

If you’re ever feeling not as motivated, simply remember why you’re doing it and get going. We’re sure you’ll feel better than ever and will start to become closer to achieving your goals.

2Cancer Woman: Go On An Adventure

We can’t think of anyone who’s more adventurous than you. Since it’s finally your birthday month, you feel even more rejuvenated to have a good time and create some awesome memories! That’s why the best recommendation we can give you is to simply go on an adventure and get lost.

We guarantee that you’ll feel like a completely new person once you experience some of the wonders of life!

You’re ready to put yourself on the line and experience the beauty life has to offer. There’s nothing stopping you from having a good time and making some iconic memories. If you’re ever feeling down, simply remember what you’re working towards and you’ll feel better than ever.

1Cancer Man: Go A Little Crazy, You Deserve It

Forget all about your priorities and expectations and let loose. The best way for you to start off your summer month is by going a little crazy and having a good time. There no one stopping you from experiencing everything you desire in life.

Let go of whatever is holding you back and jump into some fun experiences.

Since it’s your birthday month, you deserve more than anyone to have a good time and enjoy your life! Call up your friends and go all out for your birthday. If there’s anyone who deserves it, it’s definitely you!

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