• December 06, 2019

What Will Make Him Want To Stay, Based On Every Girl’s Astrological Sign


Love can be a tricky thing. Many spend their whole lives searching for it, others spend their lives trying to maintain it, while the rest have been battered and bruised by it and promise themselves never to trust it again. Even if you may have given up on it, the thing about love is – when it hits you, it hits you really good. One moment you’re living your life, adamant that you’re happy and fulfilled and don’t need anyone and the next, every love song on the radio reminds you of him. How and when did that happen? No one knows for sure, but all you know is that you want him to feel the same way because love is only amazing when it’s mutual.

When someone special enters your life, you want him to stay forever. But our insecurities sometimes get the better of us as we ask ourselves what would make him stay…Well, based on your Astrological sign, there are plenty of unique and special qualities that you possess and we’re here to break it down for you. Scroll down below as we take you through all the reasons why you’re special and what it is about you that will have him wrapped around your little finger.

20Earth: You’re Grounded And Dependable

Earth signs have many great qualities, but perhaps the most amazing thing about them is how grounded and dependable they are. Being responsible and reliable is something that comes as second nature to someone belonging to an Earth sign.

If you’re a Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo, he will stay with you because he knows that you will have his back through the tough times.

Astrology explains that “these are the people you can count on to be there when you need them”. You are also great because you have the amazing ability to keep your feet firmly placed on the ground while chasing after your dreams, which, for some people, can be a difficult thing to master.

19Capricorn: Your Ambition Knows No Boundaries

If you’re a Capricorn, then you probably already know this amazing quality about yourself and your partner has definitely also noticed it as well – You’re ambitious and determined. You’ve got big dreams and want to achieve them all. You know how to reach for your goals and know exactly how to take it “one step at a time”. This is very attractive to your partner because there’s nothing more alluring than someone who knows where they are going in life – It inspires anyone. This ambition of yours does sometimes lead you down the path of stubbornness so careful about that.

18Taurus: Your Desire To Settle Down And Not Fool Around

A Taurus typically takes their time to fall in love. As an earth sign, you’re first and foremost grounded – you like to be sure about someone before declaring your undying love for them.

But the amazing thing about you is that once you commit, that’s it.

Once you decide you love someone, there is no stopping you. Your strength and confidence are some of the amazing qualities that he loves about you. What is perhaps most interesting about being in a relationship with you is that even though you want commitment and to settle down with the one you love, your partner needs to be able to accept you just as you are so sure to express yourself and your needs to him.

17Virgo: You’re A Hard Worker Who Inspires Those Around Her

If there’s anyone who can “get the job done”, it is definitely the Virgo. You’re a perfectionist who doesn’t mind picking things apart and then putting them all together again if it means that they are better that way. You don’t mind putting in extra hours at the office if it means that your presentation on Friday will be nothing short of amazing. Because of this amazing quality, you definitely inspire others around you and your partner as well. He will stay with you because your hard work and achievements will make him think about what he’s doing with his life. Be sure to stop and smell the roses sometimes though. Hard work is great because you get to achieve your goals, but remember that maintaining relationships with your loved ones is also important.

16Bonus: He Will Stay With An Earth Sign Because Your Practicality And Common Sense Will Bring Structure To His Life

So we’ve discussed quite in detail about how grounded you are, how reliable you are, and how hard working you. What about this will make him want to stay? It is these very qualities about you that will bring structure to his life. You are the girl to turn when things get tough, when things get confusing, when things seem to be going anywhere but the right way.

You will be able to take hold of any situation and steer you guys back on track.

Your stability and strength is something special and when the right guy comes along, he will immediately notice it and stick around.

15Air: You Want To Make The World A Better Place

You may have come across an air sign before and promised yourself never to go anywhere near them again because, as many people claim, they are “cold”. Well, this isn’t entirely the case. Air can be either hot or cold, depending on how they feel about a person.

The best quality about an air sign is that you use your head more than your heart. You’re logical by nature and because of this, tend to ask the big questions about life – like how to actually achieve world peace. One particular site highlights that “the air signs are some of the most curious and inquisitive personalities in all [Astrology] and they are forever asking themselves deep philosophical questions and pondering life’s biggest questions”.

14Aquarius – Your Intelligence And Curiosity Are Intriguing

There are very few things that are more attractive than an intelligent woman, which is probably why he will never be able to leave you once he truly falls in love with you. Your intellect is one of the most superior in Astrology.

You’re innovative and distinct nature also means that you’re original and value being an individual.

You recognize your amazing qualities and work hard at honing them. You look to yourself for inner strength and that is definitely not only intriguing but charming. Aquarians are well-known to not only be big thinkers, but also doers. You’re here to do amazing things and he knows it and will want to be around for the journey.

13Gemini – You Always Know How To Lighten Up A Room

While many can describe you as flip-flopping and always changing, we know that only a Gemini can lighten up a room. Sure, other signs try to do so but only a Gemini can truly achieve that. Another amazing quality about you is that you have the ability to constantly surprise those around you. Whether it’s through work achievements or with your goals in life, you always have the energy to go for your dreams and you never seize to amaze those around you. Your partner is therefore naturally drawn to you (But let’s be honest, Who isn’t?) as he seeks to you to put a smile on his face when he needs it the most.

12Libra: You Always Look Good

We know that men are visual creatures and that’s great for you because a true Libra always looks good. You care a lot about your appearance.

You’re the girl who will spend extra time in front of the mirror while your friends are ready to leave.

You’re the girl who stops everytime they catch a reflection of themselves. This quality does sometimes border in the vanity realm (sorry, just being honest), but the great thing about you is that you know there’s more to life than good looks. Your intelligence, charm, and peaceful nature are just some of the reasons why he will want to stay with you and never want anyone else.

11Bonus: He Will Stay With An Air Sign Because You’re Not About The Drama

This may be a little confusing to some because many people often think that Geminis live for drama, but this is definitely not the case. Geminis are spontaneous, fun, and often very deep people. What they say and do can sometimes raise a few eyebrows but their intention is never to cause friction. Along with their fellow air signs, Libra and Aquarius, the last thing an air sign wants is “drama” in a relationship and in life in general. An air sign is too worried about the deep, philosophical stuff to try and create unnecessary drama. This is why when the right partner comes into your life, he will appreciate the peace you bring into his.

10Water: You Sacrifice Anything And Everything For Your Loved Ones

Water signs are the most intuitive of all the Astrological signs. When they have fallen in love, it is an intense kind of love that very few have been so lucky to experience. Because of this deep feeling, water signs will sacrifice anything and everything for their loved ones.

There are no boundaries to the mountains a water sign will climb for those who are dear to her.

The Circle also adds that “they fall in love easily and are moved by other people’s plights or problems”. You caring and loving nature is something he will no doubt, fall head over heels in love with.

9Pisces: You’re The Ultimate Romantic And His Gestures Will Be Appreciated

A Pisces in love is a beautiful thing. It becomes a deeply spiritual bond – the kind that we read about in novels and see in romantic films. Your partner will therefore not be able to escape the deep connection that you would have built with him. As a water sign, you are naturally intuitive and also very sensitive. It is important for you to feel the love from your partner, more than to hear him say the right words. He will, therefore, fall in love with you because you will appreciate all his small gestures that many other signs just brush off or don’t even notice.

8Cancer: You Will Be His Best Friend

If there’s one sign that not only loves deeply but exudes a lot of compassion for their loved ones, it is definitely the Cancer sign. Cancer gets a little misunderstood sometimes.

Just like the crab sign, you’re tough on the outside, but once someone really gets to know you and connect to you, it is revealed that you’re as soft as they come.

This makes it easier for your partner to come to you about any of his troubles as empathy is something you were born with. Him being able to turn to you for anything will create an incredible bond and friendship that he will treasure forever.

7Scorpio: You’re Undeniably Magnetic

Many refer to Scorpios as the most complicated of all the signs because well…you are. Your fellow water signs, Pisces and Cancer, are emotional just like you but the difference is that you don’t show it easily. You’re also very intuitive and are very determined, sometimes bordering on just plain stubborn. There is nothing you fear and if you do, you will study it closely and figure out how to overcome it and no longer fear it. Scorpios are undeniably magnetic and beautiful, you even attract signs you’re not necessarily compatible with. You don’t have to worry much about him staying because, in case he hasn’t told you – he is under your spell.

6Bonus: He Will Stay With A Water Sign Because You Are Faithful And Loyal

Being faithful, honest, and loyal is very important to a water sign. They expect it from their partners and will not be happy if they have anything less.

The great part about you is that you can demand loyalty from a partner because you know that you will give it fully back.

Pisces and Scorpios may play around a bit when they’re younger but when they decide that they are committing themselves to someone, there is nothing they won’t do for them because they take commitment very seriously. When the right guy enters your life, he will fall in love and stay with you because you will love him like he has never been loved before.

5Fire: You Have A Passion For Life That He Will Want To Rub Off On Him

It is no coincidence that Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius fall under the element of fire. They are all fiery indeed. Fire signs tend to also be very emotional but their emotion is quite different from the previously discussed water signs. Jan Spiller highlights that “Fire is enthusiasm, passion, inspiration and all forms of outward emotional expression. Water represents feelings that we experience deeply and do not often express to others”. He will love the undeniable passion that you have about life. When you commit yourself to a goal, there is no turning back as you know you will achieve it. He will secretly wish that this passion rubs off on him.

4Aries: Your Fearlessness Will Inspire Him

As a Fire sign, you are passionate about a lot of things in life and what you’re passionate about, you’ll pursue with no fear.

You are a go-getter and do not mind leading the way.

While many others may still be trying to figure out how they are going to tackle a particular problem, you may not have figured out the details, but you have already started and you know that you will get it right somehow. You have an upbeat personality that is easy to fall in love with and your daring nature will inspire him to also push hard for his dreams.

3Leo: You’re Straightforward And Don’t Beat Around The Bush

As a Leo, many have misunderstood you but that is simply their problem because you don’t really beat around the bush about how you feel. You’re straightforward, you’re action-orientated, and don’t take no for an answer. One of the qualities he loves most about you is that you will always be open and honest with him and he will never be wondering what he did to upset you. Sometimes that is needed in a relationship. We have often heard how men will complain about how they can’t read women’s minds and how women need to be more open well…they don’t have to say that to a Leo. You wrote the book.

2Sagittarius: You Have An Adventurous Spirit He Will Instantly Fall In Love With

There are many amazing traits about a Sagittarius but the most beautiful one is, undoubtedly, the fact that you are constantly curious and are open to learning about the world.

This nature makes you the most adventurous.

You’re not the type to just dream about taking that vacation during the middle of the year. Nope. You’ve probably already done it and are thinking about your next expedition. Sagittarians are the biggest travelers and while on their journeys, they are always seeking to learn and to grow. He will no doubt instantly fall in love with you because of this amazing quality.

1Bonus: He Will Stay With A Fire Sign Because You Are Confident And Know How To Conquer Mental Barriers

Life always brings us challenges to face. While some may try to overcome them, others may be afraid to even attempt to try…the fire sign has already gotten started on the challenge and is most likely closing in on it. You are so confident that it is simply amazing to watch you do anything. You are able to focus on challenges and understand what it takes to overcome them. You have conquered them because you are mentally strong. When the right man comes into your life, he will stick around because that confidence that you effortlessly exude will make him think that you two can achieve anything you set your minds to.

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