• August 18, 2019

The Sign That Consistently Confuses Us, According To Astrology (His & Hers)


There are lots of people that we get along with and lots of people that we don’t. We often are able to pinpoint who we’re compatible with based on the people that we connect with right away. Some of us connect with people who are a lot like ourselves, while others will go out of their way to find their natural opposite and find that they’re attracted to that.

While we tend to know who we connect with, or at least we can describe our type to others, we often don’t know who we find ourselves totally confused by until we’re staring at that person, wondering just what it is they’re doing and just why it confuses us so much.

Some people who keep their feet firmly planted on the ground will find themselves confused by those people who are totally random and have their heads in the clouds. Other people, who are pretty laid back and chill, will find themselves confused by people who’s only real motivator is their own ambition. No matter who you are, though, there will be someone who confuses you at first. Whether you can build a romantic connection with them remains to be seen. Here are the Astrological signs that confuse each person based on their own sign and gender. Make sure to check out your moon sign as well!

24Aries Man – Energetic Aries Women Confuse You Most

As an Aries man, you’re used to being the alpha man and being the sole person to fill that role. You tend to do best in relationships with women who let you fill that role.

You’re not a person who needs a woman to “stay in their place” or anything, you just like being strong in your relationship.

This is why Aries women tend to throw you for a loop. Aries women are just as strong as you are and just as willing to play that role, so you guys tend to fight for that “alpha” position without meaning to.

23Aries Woman – Stodgy Taurus Men Confuse You Most

As an Aries woman, you’re the kind of person who’s all about doing what you want when you want to do it. Patience really isn’t a thing for you, and it’s not like you’re really trying to be a super patient person either because you just don’t see the point. Either something is going to yield results or it won’t, so you’re not here to make someone do what you want if they don’t seem to want to do it. This is why Taurus men are all wrong for you. They’re not the balls of energy you are: they’re more like glaciers. The two of you are essentially what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object because no one really knows.

22Taurus Man – Unconventional Aquarius Women Confuse You Most

You, Taurus man, are a guy who doesn’t go out of his way to do the most like some other signs in Astrology.

You’re more of a glacier or a mountain than a wildfire, and you’re totally okay with that.

You tend to do well with other mighty glacier types, and while you’re cool with people who tend to plow through their problems rather than being patient, those people still confuse you a little. However, the people who confuse you the most are those who don’t plow through or remain patient, but those who are just impulsive and do whatever they want without rhyme or reason like Aquarius women. You’re totally baffled by their personality, even if you fall in love with one. So making it work can be just too hard.

21Taurus Woman – Talkative Gemini Men Confuse You Most

As a Taurus woman, you care a lot less about what society thinks you should value because that changes every day. You’re not really a super changeable person and you’re totally okay with that. You are who you are and that’s it. That being said, you love being friends with people who aren’t like you because you like being able to commiserate with people who are different from you but also alike. However, the men that confuse you the most and you just can’t find any common ground with are the talkative Gemini men. You’re very comfortable with silence and you can’t understand why these guys just want to fill that silence with talking about things that you don’t really care about.

20Gemini Man – Inscrutable Pisces Women Confuse You Most

Gemini man, you’re a guy who’s all about flexibility and moving fluidly from social situation to social situation with ease. Awkwardness just isn’t a concept you’re very familiar with. Of course, things get awkward for you, but you don’t feel awkwardness and let it bother you like other people might. You don’t get easily embarrassed and that’s a quality that continues to serve you well.

The people who confuse you most are Pisces women because of how emotional they can be.

While you tend to breeze by your feelings by keeping things moving, Pisces women are very emotional and you often don’t understand why. They often seem like they’re on a completely different plane of existence from you, and you like it where you are, so you’re cool with it.

19Gemini Woman – Emotional Cancer Men Confuse You Most

Gemini woman, you’re a social butterfly and very friendly and outgoing, but bubbling below the surface is a deep inner emotional world. You’re kind of an enigma, and that comes with its ups and downs. You don’t like to show that to other people but sometimes that comes out and that’s something that bothers you because it totally undercuts the image of the person you want to be and you want to be seen as. The way you’re seen to others means a lot to you even if you don’t want it to. You tend to get along with a lot of signs, but the sign that confuses you the most is Cancer men. While you care about your image, Cancer men genuinely don’t and wear their hearts on their sleeves, which makes you a little uncomfortable.

18Cancer Man – Moody Gemini Women Confuse You Most

Cancer man, you’re one of the few men of the world who knows how to be emotionally present at any given moment. If you feel like you’re going to cry, you’re totally cool with doing that or having any other emotional reaction you feel like having. Honestly, it’s super refreshing and while many people don’t understand how in tune you are with your emotions, they respect you for being so upfront about how you feel. The people who confuse you most are Gemini women.

Gemini women are also emotional like you, but they’re not just in touch with their emotions, they’re just moody and hard to predict.

As much as you might be attracted to a personality like that, they’re just going to confuse you and things will end badly.

17Cancer Woman – Overbearing Aries Men Confuse You Most

Cancer woman, you’re the kind of person who’s actually really cool taking one for the team, which is rare these days. You’re cool with letting others take the spotlight and hanging back because you have a real heart for taking care of and even serving others. To you, that’s the best way to show people that you love them. This makes you by far one of the most kind-hearted people in Astrology. The people who confuse you most are headstrong Aries men because they tend to try and steamroll over you without meaning to. Instead of taking your kind personality at face value, there’s a part of these guys that act like they’re straight up entitled to that treatment from you and from everyone, or at least that’s how it feels to you. That’s the kind of thing you just can’t get behind.

16Leo Man – Cunning Capricorn Women Confuse You Most

As a Leo man, people tend to see you as less of a human with fallible traits and more of an idea of how men should be. That’s a hard cross to bear because you often feel like you can’t screw up ever, but generally, you’re okay with this because you know how awesome you are. You’re a natural born leader who leads from the front and tries to live up to how others see you. The people who confuse you most are the cunning Capricorn women.

They’re not trying to live up to the expectations of the world like you and they certainly don’t care about inspiring others.

They care about doing the work and achieving their goals no matter what. As a Leo man, you understand the ambition but you don’t see yourself ever being cunning or conniving to get your way.

15Leo Woman – Uptight Virgo Men Confuse You Most

As a Leo woman, you’re often treated like a queen, which is totally fine by you. Other women can often recognize you from how you carry yourself, and honestly, as someone who isn’t a Leo, I feel like there’s a lot I can learn from you about confidence. You are powerful and tend to attract people who are attracted to power themselves. The people who confuse you most are Virgo men because they’re so uptight. You’re the kind of woman who doesn’t see the point of not saying and doing what you want because life is so short, but Virgo men are all about the plan and are obsessive to a fault. There’s a lot of potential for a relationship there, but it often takes way more work than you’d think.

14Virgo Man – Flaky Sagittarius Women Confuse You Most

Virgo man, you’re the kind of guy who crosses every T and dots every I. When everyone is freaking out and spiraling out of control, you are there to keep everyone on the solid ground. It’s a high calling you’ve given yourself but you’re all about it because you know that someone has to and since you have the skills and emotional fortitude to do that, it may as well be you. You’re very mentally strong even if you don’t see yourself that way. The people who confuse you most are Sagittarius women.

These women are the type to trust the universe and go wherever the next errant thought takes them.

To you, Sagittarius women are flighty and you don’t even want to try understanding them.

13Virgo Woman – Shallow Sagittarius Men Confuse You Most

Virgo woman, you are the queen of discernment. You can size up a person or situation with ease, and while you’re often seen as judgemental, that’s not necessarily the case. Yes, you can be extremely judgemental, but you’re not doing it because you’re looking down on people, you’re doing it because you’re constantly looking ahead to the future and planning for every possible outcome. This talent might drive you a little batty, but you wouldn’t trade it for the world. The people who confuse you most are Sagittarius men. Sagittarius men have no real taboos to speak of and tend to just do and say whatever they want, while you tend to think about the ramifications of everything you do. To you, Sagittarius men seem like they don’t care about anything.

12Libra Man – Melancholy Cancer Women Confuse You Most

As a Libra man, you’re the kind of man who’s all about keeping things on an even keel. You tend to compliment people with really big personalities because you tend to be so stable, or at least you appear that way. Many people tend to depend on you for support and you like being depended on, you just need to remember not to overextend yourself.

The people who confuse you most are Cancer women because they’re just so melancholy and moody to you.

You have a lot in common with a Cancer woman because you’re both very supportive people, but the emotional landscape of a Cancer woman just escapes you.

11Libra Woman – Indecisive Libra Men Confuse You Most

Libra woman, while you have your indecisive moments where you just can’t make a decision to save your life, you still know what you want and you don’t mince words about it. You have a firm set of morals and beliefs that carry you through even if you don’t necessarily know what your next move is going to be, making you both laid back and driven at the same time. The people who confuse you most are the men of your own sign, to be honest. Libra men are known for being the most indecisive men, and while you understand how hard it is to make certain decisions, you straight up don’t understand how they’re always so lost all the time.

10Scorpio Man – Insecure Scorpio Women Confuse You Most

Scorpio man, you’re the kind of person who can’t really be trifled with. You’re intense and ambitious in a way that might scare other people, to be honest. You also tend to see the world in a really black and white way: something is right or wrong or it’s not and there’s nothing that can change that for you except a miracle. You like these things about yourself and wouldn’t change them for the world, though.

The people who confuse you most are the women of your own sign.

They’re just as intense and ambitious as you, so the two of you will clash but Scorpio women tend to be way more insecure than you, which is something you’ll have a hard time empathizing with.

9Scorpio Woman – Detached Aquarius Men Confuse You Most

Scorpio woman, you tend to be equal parts sensual and scary, to be honest. You’re the kind of woman who could attract any man you wanted, given enough time and resources, and you’re very in tune with your emotions and the emotions of those around you. At the same time, however, you’re not a flaky or helpless woman in the slightest and the way you wield your specific brand of power tends to intimidate others, but that’s fine by you because if they can’t keep up with you, they get left behind. The people who tend to confuse you most are Aquarius men. Aquarian men tend to be very detached from the world around them and to you, they seem like robots.

8Sagittarius Man – Judgmental Virgo Women Confuse You Most

Sagittarius man, you’re the kind of guy who’s actually really okay going with the flow and letting the universe take care of things. You’re less concerned with the future and more concerned with the now of things: you want to live every moment the best you can because you only get one life.

You’d rather have had fun every step of the way than spend your whole life worrying.

The people who confuse you most are Virgo women because they just can’t do that. While you’re busy living every moment to the fullest, Virgo women are planning for every little thing that’s just not going to happen and to you, it seems like they just want to drag down the party that is life.

7Sagittarius Woman – Pessimistic Capricorn Men Confuse You Most

Sagittarius woman, you’re the kind of person who’s very curious about the world around you. You need the world around you to be layered because then you can spend your time uncovering those layers and finding a deeper meaning to life that other people just aren’t looking for. You just want to find the absolute, universal truth of life, so everything is kind of fascinating to you. The people who confuse you most are Capricorn men, primarily because they have such a hard time understanding you. Capricorn men are more traditional and very ambitious, so you just see them as pawn’s in the world’s rat race who don’t care about getting off the beaten track, while they see you sometimes as way less intelligent than you actually are because you aren’t using your potential in the way they think people should. It can be a bad combination.

6Capricorn Man – Laid Back Libra Women Confuse You Most

Capricorn man, you are the ultimate provider not because your innate skills predispose you to that kind of thing, but because that’s just a natural byproduct of your driven nature. You’re not generally concerned with abstractions or distractions: you know what you want and you’ll do what’s necessary to get it. People who judge you for being too ambitious can watch as you get ahead of them in every aspect of life.

The people who confuse you most are Libra women, who seem just too laid back for their own good.

You’re not afraid to have fun or anything, but you just can’t understand how Libra women are just all about having fun and keeping things harmonious because that’s not the way you get what you want out of life – at least to you.

5Capricorn Woman – Dreamy Pisces Men Confuse You Most

Capricorn woman, you’re the type of person who tends to be very frustrated with the world around you because society judges a woman who’s as transparent about what they want as you. You’re plenty emotional and kind, but those aren’t the things that drive you and you understand better than most how society thinks of a woman like you who wants to carve her own path in life. This doesn’t mean that you’re not also a traditionalist though: it’s just a fine line that you walk and you’re cool with that. The people who confuse you most are Pisces men, who tend to be dreamers with their heads up in the clouds. As much as you’re always the woman with your feet on solid ground, you find it frustrating to be the person in the relationship to always have to throw the bucket of cold water on the other person. The relationship between you two can work, but it’s hard going.

4Aquarius Man – Explosive Leo Women Confuse You Most

Aquarius man, you can be just as ambitious as your fellow signs, but you’re not trying to get to the top of the food chain or the rat race or anything. Rather, you are ambitious about acquiring knowledge: you want to know everything there is to know. People around you know you’re basically like Wikipedia: always improving on what you know how to do and constantly questioning the things you’ve learned, so they ask you about basically everything, except maybe how to deal with people, which can be a little bit of an issue for you.

The people who confuse you most are Leo women, who just come off as dramatic and self-centered to you.

Leo women also have a shorter fuse than you do, so they might see you as someone with no emotions when the opposite is the case: you just don’t show them unless you absolutely have to.

3Aquarius Woman – Jealous Scorpio Men Confuse You Most

As an Aquarius woman myself, I can tell you that we tend to be the most unconventional and definitely some of the smartest women. However, we kind of need freedom in our lives if we want to be able to breathe normally and be our best selves. Aquarius women can’t be smothered or tied down because then you’ll feel stuffed into a box someone else made for you and you’ll just feel like you’re suffocating. This is why the people who confuse us most are Scorpio men because of their jealousy issues and their need to be the dominant person in the room. You don’t care about power like they do, you care about freedom. In a relationship, Scorpio men might make you feel like you have no freedom at all and that’s a fate worse than death for you.

2Pisces Man – Practical Taurus Women Confuse You Most

Pisces man, you’re an artist at heart who feels way more at home in the world you construct for yourself in your head than in the world we all live in. You’re an idealist who sees the best in people, which is why people who like you often see you as this person who lives on a different plane of existence than them. You’re also way more in tune with the emotions of others, even if you’re not so great managing your own.

The people who confuse you most are Taurus women, who don’t have as much of an interest in living in that world they make for themselves.

They’re concerned with the here and now and to you, they don’t seem to have any existential questions like you do, which makes you feel like they’re way more shallow than they are.

1Pisces Woman – Vengeful Leo Men Confuse You Most

Pisces woman, you can either be the sweetest person in the world or the most savage, it just tends to depend on the day. You have a rich inner life but you’re not the type to share that world with anyone except people you trust the most, which is often why people don’t see how layered and complex of a person you are. You seek deeper meaning in your life, and it’s that impulse that allows you to see the best and worst in people, which is a talent few others signs have. The people who confuse you most are Leo men because to you, they tend to be obsessed with being the person on top. Pisces women and Leo men often connect over their shared idealism, but you often see Leo men as self-absorbed and even petty and vengeful when they don’t get their way, even if that’s not the case at all.

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