• August 18, 2019

Texting Signs To Look Out For, Based On Each Astrological Sign (His & Hers)


Texting has become one of the easiest, most accessible forms of contact and conversation for many of us. And it’s not just millennials who regularly communicate using those instant message things; even Grandma and Grandpa happily stay in touch with their babies through text messages.

Our lives are on the go, so it only makes sense that our communication can also be grab-and-go. Phone calls will never be replaced by texting, but it’s clear which communication style is easier for us. It even extends to our relationships! Most of our discussion in the first few days of a new relationship happens through text messages. We make plans over text, we share secrets over text, but most importantly? We send very clear signals through text messages. We can pull people in or push people away with text messages.

How do we know what kind of signals we’re sending, though? It’s already hard enough navigating a new relationship without having to worry about the minutiae of our messages. Knowing what kind of texting style we have, though, can do wonders for the success rate of our dates. Believe it or not, our star signs can tell us exactly what kind of texting style we have. They also reveal our crush’s texting style too, so we know what we’re getting into.

24Sagittarius Women: Have Multiple Text Conversations At Once

We’ve all got a lot of friends, but sometimes it seems like the Sagittarius woman has the most out of all of us. This isn’t a bad thing, as the never-ending energy of a Sagittarius easily lets her keep up with the demands of an active social life. Sagittarius folk love new experiences and thrive best when they’re getting to know people.

Texting makes it easy for the Sagittarius woman to keep her conversations going at all hours (and in all places) of the day.

Don’t let that be a discouragement, however. It doesn’t make any of the conversations less special; though it might mean a mixed up text message or two.

23Sagittarius Men: Late Night Texting Like “Heyyy, U Up”

We won’t say anything about the desired (or not) nature of these messages. The extended Y on the end of “hey” is a dead giveaway that this kid is looking for a little more than conversation. And while the Sagittarius is a sign that loves to talk and get to know people intellectually, they’re also very tactile.

Sagittarius men especially like to use tactility to understand the world and learn new things. But don’t be afraid to shut the Sagittarius man down if these messages seriously aren’t wanted; at the end of the day, the Sagittarius man just wants to feel close to someone.

22Pisces Women: Will Text Primarily In Emojis

Sweet Pisces is one of the most romantic signs. The Pisces woman is someone who’s dependable, understanding, and feels a lot of things very deeply (even if they aren’t her lived experiences). With high empathy but not a ton of outgoing energy, it can be exhausting being the Pisces. She feels everything so much, but she’s not often open enough to outright share it.

Emojis are a great way for her to share her feelings without having to commit to the words.

She’s able to share all the hearts, smiley faces, and cat paw print pictures she wants. This satisfies her need to share but doesn’t push her too far out of her comfort zone.

21Pisces Men: Are The Self-Appointed Good Morning Text Alarm Clock

Those of us who are dating Pisces boys are incredibly lucky. Not only do they have a penchant for the romantic, but they also tend to enjoy the simple things in a relationship. Pisces people love to learn about others. It’s one of their best traits and is also part of the reason that they consider themselves so good with people.

Focusing on learning about others means they get very good at reading people, setting them up for success when it comes to interacting face-to-face. Until then, that romantic drive will present itself by sweet and simple good morning and good night messages. Always considerate and always adorable.

20Leo Women: Text Constantly, Regardless Of The Rate Of Reply

Leo women are some of the worst offenders of text message etiquette. They don’t necessarily understand that other people don’t treat text messages like the Leo woman does. She texts almost constantly, asking how people are or sending funny moments that happen to her throughout the day.

She cares deeply and loyally about her friends and family and wants them to know it.

Unfortunately, many people feel compelled to answer texts right away. Even if we’re not responding back to the Leo woman, she’ll keep firing them off. Just feel flattered that she’s thinking of us, rather than annoyed at her constantly blowing up our phones.

19Leo Men: Texts People While Talking Face-To-Face With Someone

It’s hard to hear, but it’s definitely true. The Leo man loves attention so much that he’s willing to text while talking face to face with someone. Leos love their efficiency, which is why some people (some Leo folk especially) will call this doubling up on conversation multitasking.

We call it distracting, which is part of the reason we feel we have to spread the word. Leo men aren’t ashamed to be who they are, bad habits and all. Granted, this isn’t as much of a scandal now than it was back when text messaging first started; we’re just the kind of people who tend to not text when face to face with someone.

18Gemini Women: Will Send Four Short Messages Instead Of One Long One

Gemini women are often described as indecisive, incongruent, and maybe even a little scattered. While there might be some truth to that, Gemini women are also passionate, go-getting, and wonderfully creative. The Gemini woman’s texting habit isn’t a bad one or a good one. It’s just a way to communicate that perfectly aligns with what she’s all about.

The Gemini woman will often send multiple short texts rather than one long one.

It’s nothing personal, and she’s not doing it “for the attention.” She just got distracted by a new thought, or made a new decision, and needed to share!

17Gemini Men: Are Constantly Checking In

We’ve talked a little about the compassion of the Gemini, but we feel we need to reiterate it here. Gemini men are some of the most creative, sensitive signs out there. The Gemini is a thinker and a doer. They have the passion and drive to get things done, but they also have the whimsical nature of someone who spends a lot of time in their head.

They need to be checked up on every now and then to make sure they’re not getting too carried away by a new project. They like to extend the courtesy back to their partner. Constantly checking in isn’t a bad thing, which is why this texting habit is one that we’d love to run into.

16Aries Women: Only Text To Make Real Life Plans

Aries women are tough as nails and three times as strong. They can hold the whole world on their shoulders, not just a tiny picture frame. The Aries woman will make it clear from the start that she’s not here to play games. She doesn’t need to worry about people messing with her, because she doesn’t give them any time to mess around.

The Aries woman doesn’t let anything come between her and her goals, including distractions like text messages.

Don’t be insulted if she doesn’t answer a GIF message or a “how’s work” text. She cares, but she doesn’t want to stop what she’s doing. Just show her the GIF on date night!

15Aries Men: Text Out Of The Blue (Which Is Both Good And Bad)

Aries men aren’t afraid to go out and get what they want. They’re determined and see obstacles simply as things to be figured out (rather than signs that something isn’t working). Silence can be construed as an obstacle, which is part of what makes the Aries man fight harder to get our attention if we’re letting it slide.

His intentions aren’t bad. He likes to give things his all before giving up on them, which is why he’ll want to actively try keeping things going. This often means texting out of the blue to see if we’re available, interested, or doing well. It can be sweet, or it can be really annoying. It just depends on how we feel!

14Capricorn Women: Will Watch And Wait For A Reply

Capricorn women are a little bit stubborn, but a whole lot loyal. When they invest in someone they aren’t letting go without a fight. Capricorn women are easily displeased, but they’re also just as easily inspired. They’re surprisingly go-with-the-flow, despite all that Earth sign energy. They do tend to hold back their hearts until they’re sure it’s safe, however. That’s the biggest thing to watch out for with this sign. She’ll want to dive in right away, but she won’t often feel comfortable enough to.

Watching and waiting for a reply (coupled with that classic “what were you typing” message) is par for the course with Capricorn women.

They like keeping things out in the open in order to establish that trust they need.

13Capricorn Men: Are Those Dreaded One-Word-Reply Texters

Capricorns are not ones to waste time, energy, or breath crafting romantic, frivolous phrases. They like poetry but tend to prefer haikus over epics. Sweet, simple, and to the point. It’s this kind of sensitivity that draws a lot of people to Capricorns. Their self-confidence and desire to get right to the point makes them easy to love, to the right person.

But they are prone to the dreaded one-word-reply texting style, which drives some people bonkers. One word doesn’t add to the conversation; it ends it! The Capricorn has said what they needed to say, though, and isn’t doing it to block conversation. If anything, they’re trying (in their own way) to continue it.

12Scorpio Women: Type Faster Than Auto-Correct Can Catch

Scorpio women have a lot to say and will keep it inside until it explodes all at once. She believes her partner should be able to hold all of her secrets, anxieties, and other thoughts. After all, to the Scorpio, a relationship is a partner for life. They don’t like to do casual, which is reflected in their texting style.

The Scorpio woman will have so much to say and will need to say it so fast that even autocorrect can’t keep up.

This means her messages can be prone to some spelling errors, but nothing that makes it unreadable. Feel flattered that she’s got so much passion invested in the relationship already; normally it can take a long time for a Scorpio to open up that much!

11Scorpio Men: Only Text Back When They Feel Like It

Oh, Scorpio men. Somewhere along the way, they decided that texting back in the middle of a conversation was going to be optional. Many times the Scorpio man will just drop off the face of the Earth during a text message conversation. Sometimes we’ll get a message that’s along the lines of “work started and I had to go” or something like that. Other times all we’ll get is an embarrassed emoji and the phrase “I forgot.”

Scorpio men care deeply, but they don’t prioritize their time the same way that other signs tend to. If they have alone time, they want to spend that time alone. They care way more about the in-person emotional connection than the text-based one.

10Taurus Women: Use A LOT Of Ellipses…

Laid back, but not lazy, the Taurus woman will often let her real thoughts live in the words unsaid. She’s not one to cause drama or to stir up someone’s emotions without good reason. She likes to live life in a luxurious way, taking her time in everything from cooking to getting ready. According to the Taurus woman, the world can wait. Her peace of mind is more important, which is a self-care oriented thought process that we would love to emulate.

She tends to use a lot of ellipses, or “…” to end text messages, jump between ideas, or to just use as a response.

It’s not meant to be passive-aggressive; think of it as the Taurus woman’s breathing room.

9Taurus Men: Overuse “Lol,” “Ahahaha,” And Other Text Slang

There’s nothing more annoying than someone who speaks solely in “lol.” We’ve all come across them before, right? Those texters who end every sentence with that little acronym so often that we start to believe everything they say is a joke. Thankfully, the Taurus man is so kind-hearted that we never fault him for it.

Tauruses are a little on the shy side. They know what they like and aren’t afraid to go for it, but they’re not the most confident when it comes to conversation. Think “strong but silent” and that’s the Taurus man. He means well with those LOLs, which is why we won’t call him out on it.

8Libra Women: Workshop Messages With Friends Before Sending Them

Libra women aren’t indecisive. They don’t always like to commit to a choice, though. The difference might be subtle, but it’s certainly there. Libra women need all the information possible before making a decision. This ensures that they choose the “right” option or the one that will benefit everyone the most. They like to be fair and square, ensuring that everyone’s input is heard.

This extends to their texting life too, especially if they’re chatting with a person that they like.

Friends of Libra women know that it’s common to find a message for someone else in their inbox, with a message asking for input on phrasing, sentiment, or even asking for suggestions on romance!

7Libra Men: Keep Track Of Who’s Initiating Conversation

Libras might be all about the fair and square, but they’re also all about the unspoken tallies. It’s a good system to make sure a potential partner isn’t taking advantage of them, but it’s not a great way to actually figure out if things are equal between two people.

Libra men aren’t afraid to start a conversation, but it’s not their favorite thing in the world. They would rather listen than talk, though. Libras just want to make sure both parties are on the same page in the big book of love. On the bright side, this also means that if we want to hear from him all we have to do is send a text- Libras are very responsive.

6Aquarius Women: Almost Never Initiate A Text Conversation

Aquarius women have big hearts and creative brains. They’re always thinking about something and are always ready to create something new. They seldom get caught up in creative stagnation or writer’s block as they find inspiration everywhere.

With their brains going a mile a minute it might feel like they should talk more than they actually do.

The reality of the situation is that Aquarius women don’t often share what’s in their heads. They love collaborating on projects, but will seldom suggest it. Don’t be discouraged if they never text first. It’s just not in the Aquarius woman’s nature. She’s got a lot on her mind.

5Aquarius Men: Tend To Be The Ones Who “Ghost”

It might be because of a new project or it might be because they get distracted by someone else. Aquarius men are easy to talk to, easy to laugh with, and easy to love. They connect with people easily due to their natural curiosity. This curiosity extends into their relationships, as well as their relationship with themselves.

The Aquarius man might be prone to “ghosting” (or ceasing to reply with no explanation as to why), but they never mean anything bad by it. They really, truly just get distracted, or get caught figuring things out inside of their own minds.

4Cancer Women: Are The Texting Grammar Queens, So Watch Those “There’s”

Cancers are loyal, loving, and genuinely want to get along with people. They tend to get caught up in details and worry about those details until they’ve been planned out a million times over.

The Cancer woman is a great conversationalist, but due to these detail-oriented ideas, she can’t help but correct those poor souls who don’t embrace and utilize the correct there, their, and they’re.

They will correct our spelling too if we’re not careful. It’s a small price to pay for such a caring partner, though. Plus, it’s tons of fun to call them out when we’ve caught a mistake they’ve made.

3Cancer Men: Keep It Overly Polite (And Even A Little Formal)

Cancer men are also loyal, loving, and want to get along with people, but they have a more difficult time with it than the Cancer women. They tend to be a little more guarded and won’t open up to those they don’t know well. They keep things polite and formal, even if they’ve already broken the ice. Their text messages are composed well and are error free, and usually take a while to send back.

Cancers don’t like to rush things, and text messages are no exception to that rule. Trust us, though: just because they’re a little guarded doesn’t mean they’re dishonest or untrusting. They’ve got huge hearts once they do decide to share.

2Virgo Women: Get Distracted And Straight Up Forget To Check Their Phones

Virgo women are highly intelligent but terrible at taking time out for frivolity. They’re firmly in the camp of “idle time is wasted time,” even though we all need a little bit of stillness now and then. Virgo women don’t like to be what they aren’t. They wear their thoughts on their sleeve (rather than their heart), making it easy to identify what a Virgo woman is feeling.

Her busy life takes her away from her phone a lot.

If that kind of sporadic messaging stresses someone out, know that it is okay to ask her about it. She’ll be totally upfront and honest since that’s really the only way she can be.

1Virgo Men: Follow Up Texts With Phone Calls (And Vice Versa)

Virgo is cool and calculated, making these signs a great complimentary match for any of our more wild signs. They spend a lot of time thinking, musing, and ruminating, and are likely to be found reading or writing about their thoughts. All this thinking doesn’t necessarily help them in their personal lives, however, as they tend to treat text messages like emails.

If they send a text, they’ll want a response within a few hours. If there’s no response, they follow it up with a phone call. If they tried to call and don’t get through, they’ll send a text message to elaborate. It’s remarkably sweet and means that communication in the relationship is going to be fantastic.

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