• August 18, 2019

What Type Of Teen Each Astrological Sign Was (His & Hers)


It’s interesting to think about how different high school was for us compared to what we have always seen on TV and in movies. IRL, it can be a seriously tough time full of homework that we don’t really want to do, friends that we wish would be nicer to us, and guys that we wish would notice us (or at least say hi every once in a while… or, you know, ask us out on a date).

In the movies and on television, it seems like a much more enjoyable four years. There is always the opportunity for fun, romance, and friendship that will definitely last. And there are always parties and, somehow, no adults seem to find out about them.

One thing that pop culture totally gets right about high school is the different personality types that there are. From jocks to popular kids, from artists to dreamers, every teenager has one thing that defines them.

We love looking at our Astrological signs and seeing what we can learn about ourselves. Looking to Astrology to figure out our teenage selves can even help us resolve issues from the past. Here is what kind of teen each Astrological sign was for both men and women.

24Virgo (Hers): The Good Student Who Wanted To Get Into A Great College

Virgos aren’t exactly loud and always the life of the party. It’s the opposite–they are said to be quiet and shy.

It makes sense that when the Virgo woman was a teenager, she was the good student who wanted to get into a great college.

She always listened carefully in class, made sure that she knew what she had to do, studied more than other kids did for tests and exams, and was always looking for ways to excel academically. People admired her for these qualities–although it’s possible that some of her classmates wondered if she ever had any fun.

23Virgo (His): The Quiet, Good Kid

When the male Virgo was a teenager, he was a good kid who was also quiet.

He was totally the kind of teen who didn’t think that he had any potential love interests. He would say that no girls had crushes on him but he would be wrong because girls love good, nice guys who would treat them well. At least, girls love this kind of person once they grow up a little bit. This guy might have had no girlfriends in high school but once he got to college, it would be another story and things would go well for him dating-wise.

22Libra (Hers): The Girl Who Is Always Demonstrating Something/Fighting For Something

Libras have some amazing personality traits. They are basically hippies because they love getting along with other people, they’re friendly, and they don’t like arguments. That being said, they like to fight for what is right and they could definitely be activists.

Libra women were teenagers who were always demonstrating or fighting for something.

This could have been at school or at work or somewhere else, but they always believed in something and were trying to get others to see it, too. The Libra woman, in particular, is really smart so it makes sense that in high school, she would have cared a lot about subjects that were important to her.

21Libra (His): The Loyal, Perfect Boyfriend

We all probably had a crush in high school on a boy that we figured would be the perfect boyfriend (like the kind that we saw on our favorite teen dramas).

Libra men make the best boyfriends ever: they want to be with someone in a serious way and they want to feel like their girlfriend is a really good, close friend. Back in high school, the Libra male was the loyal, perfect boyfriend. Everyone was jealous of the girl who was actually his girlfriend because they knew that he just knew how to be in a happy, healthy relationship.

20Capricorn (Hers): The Student Council President Who Is Super Organized

If we were the student council president of our high school, we just might be a Capricorn because this is the kind of teen that the Capricorn woman was. Capricorns, in general, are people who have no problem taking on responsibility and who can be in charge of others.

Capricorn females have big dreams and don’t mind having to work hard to get what they want.

She will keep trying and moving ahead until she is where she wants to be. That sounds exactly like someone who would run for the highest place on student council, right? Maybe she even ran a few times before she won the most votes, but she made sure that she made this happen for herself.

19Capricorn (His): The Member Of Every School Club Who Dreams Of His Big Life

Capricorn men also dream big for themselves and when he was a teenager, he was someone who did this while joining every club that he could.

The thing about Capricorn males is that they identify themselves by their to-do list and successes, which explains why this teen boy would need a lot of things on his resume. He knew that he wanted to get into a great college and then start his amazing career and that he would need to do everything within his power in high school to get there. People were definitely in awe of him and wondered how they could get some of that, too.

18Leo (Hers): The Drama Club President/Star Of Every School Play

Leo signs are confident (we could say that again) and when the Leo woman was a teenager, she was the drama club president for sure.

She was also the star of every play and thrived in the spotlight.

Maybe you knew someone like this back in high school or were even envious because you couldn’t imagine having that much bold confidence to get up on a stage and play a part in front of everyone. It seemed nerve-racking and scary to us, but to the teen girl who was a Leo, it was everything to her. It made more sense than sitting on the sidelines for sure.

17Leo (His): The Budding Entrepreneur

Leo males are known for caring a lot about their careers and making sure that they’ve got it going on in the productivity and success departments.

The teenage boy who is a Leo is definitely someone who could be described as a budding entrepreneur. Maybe he had an idea for a business that he wanted to start and wanted to give it a shot even though he was still in high school. He had a hustle and big dreams inside him and knew that he wanted to make things happen. Maybe he sold a product to his friends, family, and classmates–but whatever his plans, it impressed everyone else.

16Scorpio (Hers): The Daydreamer Who Is Just So Sweet

Scorpios have a lot of passion and boldness. They’re someone who is always going to be an awesome friend. Scorpio women are kind of mysterious because they don’t put all of their cards on the table immediately but they’re also really, really sweet.

When she was a teenager, Scorpio was a daydreamer who was a sweet girl.

Guys and girls alike wondered what she would be like if they talked to her and got to know her. Even if people didn’t know her super well at school, they would all describe her as nice, which everyone would love to be described as.

15Scorpio (His): The Guy Who’s A Bit Of A Player

A Scorpio guy was honestly a bit of a player. This is likely still the way that he is today.

For him, he wants to play hard to get and he wants to pursue someone who is acting that way as well. He doesn’t want someone to walk up to him and say, “Hey, I like you, let’s go out.” That would be too simple for him because he wants this to be difficult. You’re probably thinking that dating someone like this can be frustrating and that’s true for sure. What’s interesting about the Scorpio guy is that he wants to have real feelings for a woman, so it seems like once he grows up and gets out of high school, he would look for a girlfriend who he really felt close to.

14Taurus (Hers): The Girl Who Thinks Long And Hard Before Making Any Decisions

We know that Taurus signs have a stubborn quality and the Taurus woman has another main trait: she is pretty cautious. When she’s dating someone, for example, she is said to want to be sure that this is the right person. She’s not getting into anything serious ASAP and she’s not going to feel comfortable immediately.

When she was a teenager, Taurus would have been someone who thought long and hard before making any decisions.

This might have annoyed other people, particularly classmates who were working on a group project with her, but it was just the way that she needed to be.

13Taurus (His): The Friend Who Is Always There For The People He Cares About

Taurus signs might be stubborn but Taurus men have a truly awesome quality: they are loyal friends.

We could all use friends like this and we’ve probably all left friends behind over the years who were anything but loyal. It’s something that we tend to appreciate the older that we get. When the Taurus man was a teenage boy, he was definitely a loyal friend and always there for the people that he cared about. It’s possible that some people appreciated this but for the most part, he might have found that others weren’t quite as mature as him and it’s only now that people really love how loyal and caring he is.

12Aquarius (Hers): The Teenager Who Is Finding Herself And Tries On Different Personalities

Aquarius women are described as not being that stable when it comes to the way that they act. It seems like when an Aquarius is a teenage girl, she would be busy finding herself and trying on different personalities. One day, she would show up to school dressed really girly, and another day, she would wear something totally the opposite of that.

Of course, every teenager is finding themselves, so this is something that seems really logical to us.

And we might still feel like we’re figuring ourselves out even when we graduate from high school (and even when we graduate from college). That’s totally okay and it’s awesome to always feel like there is more to know about ourselves as we grow up.

11Aquarius (His): The Sweet Guy That Girls Wonder About

What was the Aquarius man like when he was a teenage boy? He was really sweet and also someone that girls look and think, “Hmmm, I wonder what he’s like.”

That’s a great quality to have since everyone wants to be someone who fascinates other people. We might worry that we’re boring, especially when we go on a date and have to come up with something more than just small talk, and we love hearing that we’re more interesting than we thought. When he gets older, he should be confident because being a nice guy who is fascinating is an awesome and perfect combination.

10Sagittarius (Hers): The Teen Who Dreams Of Growing Up And Traveling Everywhere

You know the saying “I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list”? That’s the way that Sagittarius signs feel. They think that travel is such an amazing, wonderful thing.

When the Sagittarius woman was in high school, she was definitely someone who dreamed of traveling.

She couldn’t wait to grow up and thought that meant lots of trips and vacation plans. The funny thing is that we all wanted to grow up fast when we were teens… and now we might look back on those years more fondly than we might have expected or predicted. That’s just the way that life goes.

9Sagittarius (His): The Guy Who Is Always In A Good Mood

Saggitarus guys love to travel as much as Sagittarius women do. But they also have a quality that is pretty important to note: they’re usually in a really good mood. Some people are more cynical than others but not the Saggitarus man. He’s smiling all of the time.

This is how he was when he was a teenager as well. People always love being around a happy, smiling person since it’s so much better than someone in a bad mood, so he was popular and had a lot of friends. They probably had many girls crushing on them as well since they had such a great personality.

8Pisces (Hers): The Emotional Wreck After A Bad Break Up

It only seems logical that if a sign is sensitive and emotional, they would have a tough time when it comes to their love life. In particular, they would have trouble after breaking up with someone because of how many emotions they would feel.

This was the case for the Pisces woman back when she was a teenage girl–every time she parted ways with a boyfriend, she was basically an emotional wreck.

She cried all of the time (yup, even in the bathroom in between classes) and her friends did everything that they could to make her feel better and help her get over him.

7Pisces (His): The Hopeless Romantic

The Pisces man is definitely a hopeless romantic and this is also who he was in high school.

Some people just love love. They don’t think that romance is corny or cheesy at all and, in fact, they view it as something that is integral to everyday life. This guy would have been a great boyfriend to have, especially in high school when dating can be so confusing (but, well, it seems to remain confusing even when we get out of high school). But at times, being with someone who is so romantic can feel like a bit much, so it really depends.

6Aries (Hers): The Girl With A Dramatic Love Life

Aries women were totally the ones with dramatic love lives when they were teenagers. Aries signs, in general, have a lot of passion and Aries females have a tendency to get really envious when they’re in a relationship. She can jump from one relationship to the next but can also stay put when she likes someone.

She was the girl who was always dating someone new while maybe crushing on someone else and wondering what she could possibly do in that situation.

Her friends would give her advice but she wouldn’t take it. She wanted to follow her heart no matter what anyone else said.

5Aries (His): The Quintessential Moody Teen

Whenever we think of teenagers, we think of moody teens, don’t we? It’s an emotional time in their lives and it’s impossible not to be in a bad mood from time to time. Just think about everything that is happening: you’re trying to get through your high school career, trying to find out who you are, trying to get along with others. It’s messy and hard.

Since Aries signs are moody, the teenage boy who is an Aries sign is going to be moody for sure. Hopefully, once he grows up he gets out of that, at least most of the time, but during his high school days, this is the way that he is the majority of the time.

4Cancer (Hers): The Party Hater Who Always Wants A Quiet Night At Home With A Few Friends

The Cancer woman was the teenage girl who wasn’t a party girl at all. She wanted to stay home, hopefully with a few friends, any night of the week, but especially on weekends.

Cancer signs are homebodies so this makes a lot of sense.

It’s funny because when we were teenagers, we might have been super social and we always wanted to get invited to get-togethers and parties. We would have felt left out if we weren’t on the guest list. But now that we’re older, we really enjoy being home, whether alone or with friends. Things change a lot, huh?!

3Cancer (His): The Serial Dater Who Just Wants A Girlfriend

Men who are Cancer signs really want to be in a serious relationship. That’s the best news for the rest of us since sometimes, at least in our 20s, it can feel like it’s an uphill battle when it comes to meeting guys who want girlfriends. Commitment can feel so uncool.

The Cancer male was always searching for a girlfriend during his teenage years. He was a bit of a serial dater since that was what he wanted more than anything. But since he was a teenager, he might have dumped girls for really no reason at all, all in the pursuit of the so-called perfect girlfriend.

2Gemini (Hers): The Teenager Who Is Both Popular And A Mystery

Gemini women are popular but they are also people who others find to be totally and completely mysterious.

The Gemini woman was a teenage girl who was both of those things: loved by everyone but also mysterious.

Maybe this was us and we didn’t feel comfortable sharing ourselves and our emotions and thoughts with too many people, so while we got along with our classmates and had friends, we were quiet about a lot of things. Even though others might not have got why we did this, it felt right to us, so that was the way that we went through high school.

Gemini (His): The Most Popular Guy That Teachers Love And Everyone Wants To Be Friends With And Liked By

From She’s All That to Mean Girls, there are all kinds of teen movies that feature a boy who is extremely popular. Every other boy wants to be friends with him and win his seal of approval and hear from him that they’re cool. Every girl dreams of dating him.

That’s the kind of teenage boy that the Gemini guy was. Maybe getting out of high school and going to college and into the real world was a bit tough for him because he was so used to being popular and loved in high school. But, hey, the real world was hard for all of us at first (and still can be if we’re being honest).

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