• August 18, 2019

How Libra Season Will Affect Every Sign’s Love Life (Single & Taken)



Love is in the air this Libra season. With the air getting chillier and everyone jumping back into their regular routines, it’s only right to switch things up a little. Whether you’re single or taken, we’re positive the universe has something special in store for you. However, we can’t guarantee that you’ll like your horoscope this Libra season.

We’ve gathered our Astrology team at TheTalko to figure out the universal shift Libra season has for each sign. Get ready to have the universe turn your energy into a whole other playing field as the stars align in a different direction.

Whether you’re single and ready to mingle or are in a loving relationship, things are about to switch up. You might finally see the love of your life enter the picture, or instead might have to continue focusing on yourself. Your relationship may be smooth sailing, or perhaps some rocky waters are about to hit your love boat. Whatever it may be, we promise that things are about to change completely this season.

If you feel like your horoscope doesn’t currently align with what’s going on in your life right now, be prepared for things to change. This season is all about switching things around for each sign into a whole other direction they weren’t used to. Keep our accompanying advice in the back of your mind once you read your horoscope for this chilly Libra season!

24Pisces Single: Don’t Be Scared To Open Up To Someone New

You’ve been single for what seems like forever and are so ready to finally meet someone new. The universe definitely knows you’re feeling this way and is about to grant you exactly what you want.

Be prepared to open up to someone new who you never expected to find yourself with. 

Your heart will lead you towards this special person’s energy as you hit things off immediately. While you might be hesitant at first, we recommend that you open your heart up completely towards what’s to come. Just because this person isn’t someone you usually go for doesn’t mean you should completely ditch them. You’ll be surprised to find the person you’re actually meant to be with.

23Pisces Taken: Question If Everything Is Actually Okay

This is the season for you to sit down and truly analyze everything going on in your life. Especially, what’s going on between you and your lover. Maybe you have nothing to worry about, or maybe you’re secretly aware that everything might come crashing down at any moment.

We have a feeling that everything in your relationship isn’t really okay. There are some loose ends that you happened tied up between you and your lover. Remember all of those red flags that you simply ignored? They’re about to uprise and create some immense problems between you and your boo. If you want everything to actually go okay between you two, it’s time that you ask yourself what’s really going on.

22Aquarius Single: Jump Out Of Your Comfort Zone

You’re guaranteed to be single forever if you’re not willing to switch things up. That’s why it’s only right that this season you decide to throw yourself completely into the world to see what you attract.

Jumping out of your comfort zone is an amazing way to find someone special as the options are endless.

If you instead decide to stick to the type of lifestyle you’re used to, you’ll simply never grow. That’s why we urge you to try something new and see what life has to offer. If you for some reason don’t happen to find that dream lover, you’ll at least feel yourself growing into a completely new person. The universe is willing to give you love if you put in the work to get it.

21Aquarius Taken: It’s Never Too Late To Improve Your Relationship

You and your partner have recently been going through some difficult moments. It seems like the universe is completely against you at this point. However, the universe is instead forcing you to improve any outstanding issues you and your lover may have not dealt with.

If you truly love your partner, then it’s time for you to question what’s going on between you two. Perhaps there is a disconnect that is causing the two of you to run away from each other. If so, you can still fix this. As long as your partner is as actively trying to work on things as you are, all will be okay. While you might not want to have this awkward conversation with your significant other, it’s absolutely necessary to do so.

20Leo Single: Ask Yourself If You’re Ready For Love

While we know you might be more than willing to jump into a romantic relationship full swing, it’s time that you reconsider it. The last thing you want to do is end up in a relationship that you’re not passionate about, simply to not be alone.

That’s why we recommend that you instead take some time to focus on what you really want!

We have a feeling that you’re simply not ready to jump into a fresh relationship. You still have some past emotional trauma that you haven’t come to terms with. If you think that it’s healthy to start a new relationship with unresolved issues, you’re completely off. The universe will let you fall in love when you finally fall in love with yourself.

19Leo Taken: Some Negative Energy Is About To Enter The Picture

The two of you have been happier than ever together, but don’t think that it’s always going to be like this. Instead, the universe is about to throw a few problems your way to see if you and your partner are actually able to deal with issues that come up. If not, then it seems like your relationship wasn’t as strong as you thought it was.

You and your partner are about to experience some negative energy. This will either pull you apart or bring you closer. Prepare for any little issues you’ve been hiding to uprise to your partner’s attention. Vice versa with any secrets that they have been keeping from you. Your relationship is about to be put to the test this season. Don’t sweat it. If your relationship is strong, you’ll be able to overcome anything. If not, then you have some work to do.

18Sagittarius Single: The Love Of Your Life Is Right In Front Of Your Eyes

Sometimes we’re completely blind to love, and in your case, this is completely true. For some reason, you’re not able to see the wonderful person you have right in front of you.

Forget about your perceived notions of this person and instead dive deep into getting to know them on another level. 

We promise you’ll be presently surprised once you actually get to know them, rather than the front they seem to be putting on for the world. You need a lover with a different energy that you’re simply not used to. Don’t think that you’re too good for this special person as they’re absolutely perfect for you.

17Sagittarius Taken: Keep Doing What You’re Doing

If there is any couple happier than ever on our list, it’s definitely you and your boo. The two of you have built an incredible relationship based on trust and communication. You know what your partner needs, and so do they. It’s official to say that you and your lover are #couplegoals that everyone should look up to.

Thank the universe this season for keeping things calm between you and your partner. You deserve for things to go well based on all of the hard work you’ve put into your relationship. It’s obvious that you and your lover are completely head over heels for each other and are willing to put in the work to keep things going amazing. Simply keep doing what you’re doing and everything will be better than ever!

16Scorpio Single: All Your Hard Work Is About To Finally Pay Off

You’ve been an absolutely amazing Scorpio this past year focusing on bettering yourself and creating the life of your dreams. The universe has been able to see all of the hard work you’ve been putting in and is ready to thank you for it.

Don’t say thank you to the universe for bringing you a new lover, but rather to yourself for becoming the person the whole world wants to be with!

If there is anyone who has worked hard to find love, it’s definitely you. Yet, rather than obsessing over why you haven’t found that special someone, you put all of your energy into being the best version of yourself. If you still feel like you have a long way to go, then you better get on it. Once you adore all that you’ve done, a special someone will be able to as well.

15Scorpio Taken: You Two Are More In Love Than Ever

This is absolutely your season as you and your lover are obsessed with each other. Your communication is on point as you trust each other completely. Make sure to share some of your tips with your friends as they definitely need some help on their love lives.

We have no advice for you and your boo this season as you’re stronger than ever. The love in your relationship is burning on high, creating an even stronger emotional connection between you and your partner. Make sure to keep this energy alive between you two as it’ll definitely push you together. Don’t be scared to open yourself fully to your partner as they’ve proven they adore you. Take this time to connect with one another on an even deeper level that you haven’t yet!

14Cancer Single: This Just Isn’t Your Season

While we know this isn’t the horoscope you wanted to hear, it’s the absolute truth. The universe simply doesn’t feel like you’re ready to meet someone special as you won’t be able to keep up with the relationship.

You have a ton on your plate right now that you have to focus on, rather than looking for love. 

Once you’re able to put your life relatively in order, the universe will reward you. Yet, until then you’re going to have to continue to work hard to create the life of your dreams. We promise you that your movie-like romance will eventually come one day. But until then, you’re going to have to step up your game and get your life on track. How can you expect someone to stick around in absolute chaos?

13Cancer Taken: Get Ready To Find Out Some Bad News

While we know this is the last thing that you want to hear, you should be aware. Some bad news about your relationship is about to come to light, and it might be devastating. However, don’t automatically assume that your relationship is over because of it.

Take some time to yourself to truly analyze the situation. If your partner is willing to, make a promise that you’re going to find the strength to work through the issue. When you find someone incredibly special, you should give them your complete heart in whatever they need. That’s why it’s only right to see if you can work through the bad news, rather than throwing your relationship into the trash. This is going to take endless open communication, however, we’re positive you and your lover have what it takes!

12Aries Single: Make Sure It’s Worth It

You’re about to be hit with some interesting romantic prospects this season. Rather than getting carried away, it’s time that you consider whether it’s worth it or not.

There is a huge difference between lust and love, and you better get on top of it.

The last thing that you want is to find yourself in a relationship that you simply aren’t happy about. That will break your partner’s heart, and will give you endless emotional distress to get through. Your time for love will come, but make sure it’s worth it. If your heart isn’t completely invested in this significant other, then it’s time to end it. Don’t throw yourself in just any relationship just because it’s new and exciting. Make sure you have a deep emotional connection.

11Aries Taken: Switch Things Up Before The Universe Does

While everything in your relationship has been going overall well, things can still be better. The universe knows that there are a few issues that you and your partner haven’t dealt with. Instead, you two are trying to cover things up rather than actually deal with the problems on hand.

That’s why we recommend that you and your partner take the time to figure out any hidden secrets before they come up. Switch things up in your relationship before the universe forces you too. The last thing that you would want to do is underestimate the universe’s power to change the energy in any relationship. You’ll be completely devastated when the time comes if you don’t do what you need to do now to figure out any outstanding issues.

10Capricorn Single: It’ll Probably Just Be A Fling

While we know you wanted to finally find the love of your life, you’ll have to wait. Instead, the universe has something different in store for you that they think you might like.

You might not be ready to settle down in a committed relationship just yet!

That’s why don’t be surprised if your next love just turns out to be another fling. This totally isn’t anything wrong with you or the person, you’ve simply just haven’t found the one for you. If things with this person don’t end up the way you’ve hoped, don’t sweat it. You’ll eventually be able to find that one special person if you truly seek them out. For now, have some lustful fun if that’s all the world has to offer.

9Capricorn Taken: Don’t Listen To Outside Sources

You’re about to come face to face with some intense allegations from outside sources on your relationship. While they might come as a shock at first and you’ll want to run away, we recommend that you instead stay calm. These outside sources are probably false and you have nothing to worry about.

However, we do recommend talking to your partner about the news you heard. You might find out some very critical information about your lover and your relationship. Just because you should dismiss the information, doesn’t mean that you should dismiss the situation. Have your partner help you in figuring out what’s going on. The last thing you want to do is keep this information private as it’ll only cause cracks in your relationship.

8Virgo Single: There’s Love In The Air

Get ready to be hit with endless butterflies as love is in the air. Whether you’ve already met your lover, or not, be prepared to have them come into your life unexpectedly.

We always recommend stepping outside of your comfort zone when seeking out love, as this is exactly what you’ll have to do.

As a Virgo, you have so much inspiring energy within you. It’s time that you let it out into the world to truly attract the person of your dreams. You’ll find yourself completely head over heels for this new special someone. However, don’t expect them to meet all of your criteria as it just isn’t realistic. Instead, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to fall for someone with such fresh energy to fill you with.

7Virgo Taken: Talk To Your Partner About The Truth

There have been a few lies floating around in your relationship on both ends. You haven’t exactly been honest, and neither has your partner. Rather, there are some huge issues at hand that one of you doesn’t know about.

The universe expects you to figure this out now before she forces you to. If you and your partner don’t come clean with the truth, the universe will make sure to do so this Libra season. Don’t think that you and your partner can keep hiding these things from one another. Come clean to your partner on anything you might be hiding. If your lover doesn’t tell you the truth on any secrets he’s been hiding, the universe will make sure to let you know soon. Prepare for some past issues to come undone!

6Gemini Single: Meet Some New People

If you actively decide to seek out new people in your life, you’re guaranteed to meet someone new. We have a feeling that you already have your eyes one someone absolutely fantastic that you’re a little obsessed with already.

If someone has already caught your eye, it’s time to pursue them.

Don’t just sit around daydreaming about this new lover. Instead, it’s your job to make things happen. Put your best foot forward and get to know this new special someone. We’re positive that they will fall in love with your intoxicating personality constantly seeking to have a good time. If there is anyone who deserves love, it’s definitely a Gemini.

5Gemini Taken: You Two Are Meant To Be

The universe is absolutely loving the wonderful relationship you and your partner have built, and so are we. Lucky for you, your love boat is smooth sailing during this Libra season! We really don’t have that much advice for you rather than to keep doing what you’re doing.

You and your partner have been completely on the same page this season when it comes to love. Keep growing your connection in any way that you can. We’re positive that you and your partner will be able to get to a deeper level if you really put the effort in. In a couple of months, the two of you will be even strong than ever. Show your partner some appreciation this season for all of the hard work they’ve been putting into your relationship.

4Taurus Single: Focus On Yourself

You have no romantic prospects this season, and it’s for the best. Instead, the universe wants you to focus on yourself and your happiness.

If you think that a significant other will be able to give you the incredible happiness you’ve always desired, your wrong. 

It’s your job to do everything possible to make you happier than ever. Once you’ve come to terms with your life and everything you’ve created for yourself, only then are you ready to jump into a relationship with someone new. If instead, you find yourself in a relationship where you haven’t achieved happiness on your own, everything around you will crumble. Find stability on your own rather than seeking it out from others.

3Taurus Taken: You Can Feel The Change Coming

You aren’t even surprised to hear that things are about to change in your relationship this season. The truth is that there has been a huge disconnect between you and your partner during the last couple of months. While you’ve done everything you could to bring it back together, it seems that it just hasn’t mended.

The universe isn’t able to give you any more chances to make things work. If you and your partner aren’t able to figure things out in the next week, be prepared for the universe to take over. You and your partner are going to keep experiencing huge disconnects if you don’t deal with all of the issues at the foundation of your relationship. If you can’t break through them, we’re sorry to let you know that your relationship is basically over.

2Libra Single: Don’t Rush Things

We often get carried away when we meet someone new. It feels like your stomach is filled with butterflies and we constantly get excited even thinking about this new person.

Just because you’re head over heels for this new special someone, you should still take it slow. 

The last thing you want to do is to rush into things when you aren’t prepared. Get all of your loose ends in order before diving in head first. The universe wants you to take your time and get this one right. Figure out any red flags as soon as they come up, rather than ignoring them like you usually do. This is the only way to find yourself in a romantic relationship that is stronger than ever!

1Libra Taken: Communication Is Key

The last thing you want to happen is for a disconnect to occur between you and your partner. That’s why the two of you should work harder than ever to make sure you’re on the same page when it comes to your relationship. Both of you have been keeping a few things a secret from one another.

If you don’t shed light on this miscommunication, all will fall and break. You two are currently incredibly happy with each other, but don’t assume it will always last like that. If you and your partner don’t openly discuss any issues keeping you apart, the distance will only grow. Make sure to express your feelings openly, and ask your partner to do the same thing on their end. The key is to communicate truthfully in everything that you and your lover tell each other!

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