• August 18, 2019

Here’s Your Monthly Horoscope For October: Lifestyle, Relationships & Love



Along with the onset of autumn and pumpkin spiced everything, October will be defined by two planetary events; Mars slipping into retrograde, and the New Moon eclipsing the Sun. This means a series of possibilities for each Astrological sign. One, the New Moon eclipsing the Sun means new beginnings will be around the corner for everyone, regardless of your star sign. Two, Mars in retrograde is slowing the world down as we move into winter – all of our plans are bound to encounter hiccups and bumps in the road. October is bound to be filled with exciting news… but it will also beg you to be patient in the face of frustration.

After an eventful summer, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief with Mars forcing us to pace ourselves. We can welcome in cozy mornings with coffee and lazy movie days where we don’t leave the house. This could be paired with a new relationship, a new promotion, or a happy revelation as you begin a new chapter of your life.

Our love lives will also be bombarded by the clash between new beginnings and time slowing – if you’re a Virgo, be prepared for a surprise to breathe some fresh air into your love life later in the month. For one certain Fire sign, the stars predict the arrival of a handsome stranger sizzling with chemistry, regardless if you’re single or taken. Here’s your monthly horoscope for October, including lifestyle, relationships & love predictions!

24Leo: You’re About To Enjoy A Much Needed Break From Your Busy Life

You’re probably aware Mars has been lingering in the area of your chart connected with your career – at least, you’ve noticed the emphasis your life has had on work lately.

An unusual streak of ambitious has rumbled its way through your system over the last few weeks and months!

All of that will be paused in October; when Mars slips into retrograde, you will begin to relax. That competitive streak that sometimes turns you into a maniac will ebb away until you find yourself enjoying the easy-going tone October has to offer. In your spare time, you’ll probably put work into your communication skills!

23Leo Love Horoscope: A Relationship May Grow Fragile, So Be Careful What You Say

Mercury enters Sagittarius on the final day of October which will have many signs feeling sensitive in the weeks leading up to this point. Your partner is no exception, and you may be surprised by what tests your relationship. Depending on your feelings towards the relationship, you may feel vulnerable yourself, or you could feel frustrated by the emotional state of your partner.

If you’re single, miscommunication will be at an all-time high! If you’re about to go on a first date with someone, make sure you think about what you say so it doesn’t come out the wrong way. First impressions are so important!

22Cancer: You Will Have Plenty Of Interactions With Lots Of Different People This Month

The friends you discovered last month will continue to have a dominant presence in your life as we move deeper into autumn. Mars in Taurus has been pushing you towards working with others, and finding like-minded people to surround yourself with could help you with a long-term goal.

You have plenty to look forward to this month – the New Moon on the 3rd eclipses the Sun in the area of your chart connected with family and personal affairs.

This could herald a new beginning at home or signify a change in a relationship with a family member… for the better, of course!

21Cancer Love Horoscope: This One Word Will Describe Your Love Life This Month…

Indulgent! Venus will slip into retrograde motion, and you and your love will feel lavish. Maybe you spend all day in bed eating chocolate covered strawberries, or maybe he’ll surprise you with an extravagant getaway, but you two can’t get enough of each other this month. It’s a good thing – October will be remembered fondly as a milestone month for your happiness.

For the single Cancer, you might indulge in some much needed ‘me’ time… but in all likelihood, you’ll buy an outrageously expensive outfit for a date that will go shockingly well.

20Gemini: Your Creativity And Generosity Are At All-Time Highs

The New Moon eclipsing the Sun on the 3rd occurs in Libra, where Jupiter has been nourishing your opportunities to grow. It has strengthened your already powerful creative intuition, but if there has ever been a time for you to focus on a project, your mind is in the perfect place!

Don’t squander this star-spangled opportunity.

Mars has also lingered in the self-sacrifice sector of your chart for months now, so you will continue to be generous to those less fortunate than you. This generosity could open a door for you in an area of your life you weren’t expecting this month… maybe love is around the corner?

19Gemini Love Horoscope: A Strong Emotional Outburst Will Happen Early In The Month

While Mars in retrograde will slow down plans for your relationship, it will also lead to an emotional outburst. It could be an outburst of love, finally confessing hidden feelings for your boyfriend, or it could be pent up frustration. Whatever leads to this event, be mindful both of you are feeling emotional. Sometimes people say things they don’t mean.

By the third week of October, the Full Moon in Taurus will bring more structure to your love life, and the two of you should be able to laugh about how sensitive you were feeling earlier. Don’t let a small thing blow out of proportion.

18Taurus: A Pause In Your Schedule Will Be Beneficial For Your Health

If you’ve been feeling frazzled, blame the stars. Mars turns retrograde in your sign this month, and its presence will delay a current project or plan. This is inevitable, so its wise to go with the flow and take a breather before you lose your cool.

Hey, we all know you’re a fan of a little leisure anyways.

The New Moon eclipsing the Sun in Libra is a major event, and for yourself, it will emphasize either a new beginning at work or a refocused attention on your health. Choosing to take care of yourself is always wise with flu season around the corner!

17Taurus Love Horoscope: With Your Self Esteem Boiling Over, You’ll Be Feeling So Steamy (And Someone Will Notice)

Added emphasis on your health this month will lead to a pleasant after effect – your self-esteem will be at an all-time high. When we’re feeling confident, everyone benefits… especially our partners. Things will get extra steamy with your loved one, and he’ll be so blown away by your goddess-like-vibe, he might be inclined to spoil you.

If you’re single, a night out could be good for your love life. People won’t be able to stop staring at how stunning you look, and it could lead to the attention of a wildly handsome stranger. This is your month to feel amazing about yourself!

16Aries: You Will Have An Opportunity To Gain Everything You’ve Ever Wanted In This One Area Of Your Life

October is the month for you! You, along with a handful of other signs, are experiencing a slow down in their plans due to Jupiter and Mars, but this allows you to direct your attention towards a serious matter this month. The New Moon eclipsing the Sun in Libra will grant you a new beginning where partnerships are concerned.

This is big!

Whether it is cleaning the slate after fighting or discovering the person you’ve liked forever shares mutual feelings, your heart will be fluttering. Seize this moment, as you’ve never had a greater chance for you to make your relationships everything you need and want them to be.

15Aries Love Horoscope: You Will Learn Something About Either Yourself Or Your Partner That Changes Everything

Change often terrifies us, but as good fortune is on your side this month, you don’t have anything to fear. It could be a secret your partner has not felt comfortable telling you, or it could be a personal epiphany about the state of your life, but change is brewing. In all likelihood, this change will strengthen your relationship… in the long run. Brace for it, but don’t fear it.

If you’re single, be prepared for a realization about why you might be single! Perhaps you’ll discover the single life is for you, and you’ll turn your attention away from love to focus on yourself in the long term.

14Pisces: The Stars Want You To Put Some Thought Into Budgeting!

Budgeting is never fun, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Hey, at least you can treat yourself to a spooky costume or pumpkin flavored treats throughout the month.

If you focus on budgeting now, you may reap the rewards later, as Jupiter has been in the area of your chart connected with finances.

How is the New Moon eclipsing the Sun affecting you? It’s offering you a fresh beginning; perhaps this is the time for you to restructure your spending? No, that does not mean go buy a $300 jacket. It’s tempting, I know… but this month isn’t about that!

13Pisces Love Horoscope: An Epiphany About Your Love Life Is On The Horizon

Many Astrological signs are encountering new beginnings this month, and your love life is no exception. Your mind will be preoccupied with your career and finances this month, which will give you ample space away from your partner. It could bring about the revelation that you don’t want to be in a relationship anymore. It’s funny what distance can do for your mind.

Clarity can be frightening at times, but this epiphany is something you should hold on to. Even if you can’t imagine your life without your partner, personal growth will benefit your relationship, as well as your mind in the off chance you become single soon.

12Aquarius: A Change In Plans Might Upset You, But It’ll Be For The Better In The Long Run

It’s always heartbreaking when something you’ve been looking forward to doesn’t happen. Mars has been in Taurus, which means all of your energy has been focused on your family and home life, which is why time will slip away from you and these plans will not come to fruition.

Try not to take it out on your family members!

Mars in retrograde will also slow down your plans this month, but it will be to your benefit. By the end of the month, you’ll realize something you were looking forward to would have been a horrible mistake. You might even be happy you spent so much time with family instead.

11Aquarius Love Horoscope: An Argument Or Insecurity Will Be Resolved This Month

Insecurities are toxic for a relationship. How does the saying go – you can’t love someone until you love yourself? If you’ve had an insecurity that’s been affecting your union, this month could offer a solution. Mars in retrograde could give you a chance to spend time working on personal growth, and it will lead to more happiness between you and a partner.

Old arguments have a way of resurfacing, but if a nagging disagreement is making your relationship challenging, you should expect to resolve it this month. October will be about finding harmony in your love life.

10Capricorn: Jupiter Will Allow You To Reap The Rewards Of Your Hard Work This Month

Since Jupiter has been in the area of your chart connected with your career for over a year now, it might feel like all of your hard work hasn’t been worth it. It’s been all work and no reward, but this month, it is likely you will receive a considerable promotion or earn the recognition you deserve!

If you’ve felt like reinventing yourself, now is the perfect time to show the world the new you when the New Moon eclipses the Sun.

Your efforts at work will pay off this month, and as a result, you’ll feel extra inclined to celebrate with some irresponsible fun.

9Capricorn Love Horoscope: Big Changes Are On Their Way, So Enjoy The Little Things While You Can

A promotion will change the shared schedule between you and your partner, which could lead to a strain in your relationship. Your career life and goals are about to change if they haven’t already, and during this process, you and your partner could experience tension that leads to arguments. Be mindful that everyone is a little afraid of change.

In the meantime, appreciate quiet moments shared between you two. If you hold on to the beauty to what you have, you should prevail through growth and change. It should even make you stronger in the end.

8Sagittarius: All Of The Tension You’ve Been Experiencing Should Ease Up

Your health or workplace environment has been struggling with Mars remaining in Taurus. This has caused you unwanted tension and distractions from what you’ve been wanting to focus on, and frustration is eating away at you.

Luckily, Mars in retrograde will ease up the tension for you, giving you a bit of breathing room to gain some clarity.

The New Moon eclipsing the Sun along with Jupiter’s presence suggests you will make new friends this month, and an acquaintance might even make a big impact on your life! Overall, this is bound to be a happy time for you – just don’t let frustration get the best of you!

7Sagittarius Love Horoscope: You Should Take It Easy And Cozy Up This October

In all likelihood, both yourself and partner have been experiencing tension in the workplace. Stress has been causing some hiccups in your relationship, which is why you two should decide to take a step back from work and focus on each other. Spend your days off cozy on the couch while watching movies, order take-out, and keep things relaxing. If you do this, you’ll feel satisfied and fulfilled.

If you’re single, a Netflix and chill type of date is ideal for this time of year. Cuddling and relaxing could lead to a long-term relationship if that’s what you’re looking for. It’s the best way to stay warm in the winter.

6Scorpio: Your Relationships Might Be Driving You Crazy, So You Should Busy Yourself With A Project

While Mars remains in Taurus, there are signs of tension is rising in your relationship this month. If you have a strong partnership, this shouldn’t be a damaging affair, but giving each other space could be wise.

It’s not you, it’s the stars.

It’s the perfect time for you to work on a project. Since your relationships won’t gel well during October, Mars in retrograde motion will help you find motivation for a small project you’ve been thinking about for a while. By the end of the month, you’ll be entering a new phase of growth and self-development, and by this time, your relationships should have straightened themselves out.

5Scorpio Love Horoscope: The Stars Predict A Beautiful Stranger Will Enter Your Life Unexpectedly

If you take time away from your current relationships, whether you’re single or taken, the distance from the most important people in your life could lead you into the arms of a waiting stranger. A handsome one at that.

Venus remains in your sign until the end of the month, which means things will be a little frisky and steamy for you. If you’re single, this is a welcome revelation, but if you’re taken, the last thing you want is to feel the chemistry between yourself and someone who is not your partner. Be wary of this stranger’s intentions!

4Libra: Everyone Will Notice The Extravagant Mood You’ll Be In

The New Moon eclipsing the Sun in Libra has been doing wonders for each Astrological sign, and you’re no exception. It will emphasize new beginnings, and your attitude will be sparkling with the planetary alignments helping you maintain a good mood.

This extravagant mood could lead to overspending.

Your joy paired with Jupiter’s ongoing presence suggests you’re inclined to be generous… especially to yourself. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself, right? Unfortunately, Mars will be in retrograde until December, which brings forth a theme of ‘settling for less’ this autumn season. It sounds like you should treat yourself while you can!

3Libra Love Horoscope: The New Moon Will Offer A Fresh Beginning In Your Love Life This Month

If your single and looking for love, this is the news you’ve been waiting for! The New Moon in Libra on the 9th will offer you fresh beginnings in all walks of your life, and this means you could meet the person you’ve been searching for. Don’t be too hasty in love… Mars in retrograde should encourage you to take things slow.

If you’re in a relationship, a new chapter of your life together will begin this month. It could be subtle, like a new pact to be more loving towards each other, or perhaps your shared finances will be given an unexpected boost.

2Virgo: Be Prepared To Work On Your Patience!

We all have ‘one-of-those-months’, and this is yours. If you’re planning on traveling this October, it will exert all of your energy for the entire month, with a few hiccups along the way. With Mars in retrograde, all of your plans will slow down, but this gives you a chance to focus on your finances.

It doesn’t sound like fun, but the New Moon eclipsing the Sun is emphasizing an importance on money.

Your patience might be tested, and an emphasis on money can be dreary, but every Astrological sign is experiencing a ‘slow down’ in their life. Have you looked around at the sleepy planet?

1Virgo Love Horoscope: Mars In Retrograde Will Make You Want To Slow Things Down, But Your Partner Could Surprise You

While the Astrological signs are experiencing a ‘slow down’ in their life this month, your partner won’t let that stop him from giving you the surprise of a lifetime. If things have been going exceptionally well, he might drop on one knee and pop you the question. It is important for you to communicate what you expect in the relationship, especially this month when a surprise in your love life is on the horizon.

For those not in a relationship, you might want to prepare yourself for a surprise message from your ex. You’re not exempt from this possibility… a surprise is out to find you!

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