• December 06, 2019

Here’s What Each Astro Sign Does When They Want Their Ex Back (His & Hers)

Breakups can be harsh. One moment we are cuddling with our partner and the next we have been kicked to the curb with our backpack by our side. It can pull the rug out from underneath anyone’s feet!

And when that happens, we do one of two things. We either party it up every night, trying to drown out our pain with fake happiness. Or we lock ourselves up and turn away from the sun.

Unfortunately, those coping mechanisms don’t function forever and we soon realize that the only thing that will heal our tender heart is the hug of our once-lover. So we stand up tall and decide to get him or her back, whatever the cost might be.

Well, if you have been planning such an operation too, we can tell you exactly what you are gonna to do next. And the predictions might just surprise you.

So here’s what each Astrological sign does when they want their ex back.

From the romantic overtures of the fire signs to the smooth-talking manipulations of the air, the calm ministrations of the earth signs to the guilt trips of the water, the following may have you rethinking the “novelty” of your schemes…

24Libra Woman: She Will Invite Him To A +1 Party

The Libra woman is a social butterfly. She just loves hanging out with people, making new friends, and basking in the collective energy of a hundred extroverts milling together. It energizes her like nothing else. Especially because she is one of the prettiest faces of all the signs!

That’s why we won’t be surprised if we found out she met her now-ex at a mutual friend’s birthday party or at a sunset beach barbecue and then hit it off with him instantaneously. She gets almost all her date invites from such fun-filled events!

That’s why when she wants her ex back, she finds a way to casually ask him to go as her +1 to an event, like her cousin’s wedding out of town.

It’s all a ploy to get him to relive the first time they met and realize they were always perfect for each other.

23Libra Man: He Will Lather On The Compliments!

The Libra man’s social graces and ability to form friendships are so on-point that he could write a bestselling book about it. And one of the biggest weapons in this gentleman’s arsenal, when it comes to the ladies, is his ability to make her swoon with compliments that taste like fine wine.

So of course, he’s gonna use it when he wants his ex back. It’s his best weapon, remember? Besides, after being hit on by random, uncouth strangers all these lonely weeks since they broke up, we wouldn’t judge his ex if she gave in to the sweet talk and agreed to go out on a second-chance date with him.

22Cancer Woman: She Will Surprise Him With A Care Package Or Homemade Cookies

It might sound stereotypical to you, but a Cancer woman loves to mother her partner. So much so that when they were together she took it upon herself to feed him every day even when he never asked her to do it!

That’s why when she wants her ex back, her first instinct is to guilt him with a care package filled with all his favorite goodies in the world.

It’s her way of telling him that he was a fool to let go of someone who truly cared for him with her whole heart and soul.

21Cancer Man: He Will Turn Up The Charm

A Cancer man is very traditional. But like his female counterpart, he loves to play home with his partner even if they aren’t married.

So while he may or may not send care packages or bake a cake for his ex, he definitely will turn up his goofball charm whenever she is around just to show her how easy it is to be with him. After all, what are a few mood swings when you get to guffaw in delight all day and cuddle all night?

And then there are those puppy-dog eyes he likes to break her resolve with…

20Capricorn Woman: She Will Convince His Best Friend First

She may not be the most expressive person on this planet, but the Capricorn woman is a gifted strategist. And when it comes to drawing her ex back to her, she likes to employ a tactic she fondly calls the wingman approach.

As the name suggests, she turns the tables on her ex’s best friend/wingman by convincing him that she is the best partner his best friend will ever have.

And then all she has to do is sip a lime soda at home and wait patiently for that quiet knock on the door. Because of course, this ploy is bound to work for her.

19Capricorn Man: He Will Send His Best Friend To Petition A Reconciliation

The Capricorn man is just as devious as his female counterpart. But since his ex would get upset if she found out he was talking to any of her best friends (and because all her BFFs have blocked him anyway), he employs a different tactic to get her back.

He sends his faithful best man to convince her that he deserves at least one more chance to explain himself. And the message is clear: she doesn’t have to spend a lot of time with him. Just a half-an-hour coffee date would suffice–and in the end, maybe he does have a good explanation for whatever broke them up in the first place.

18Scorpio Woman: She Will Call Him Late At Night

A Scorpio woman’s relationship does not end. It either explodes like a volcano, causing devastation on both sides of the field, or implodes like a bad case of food poisoning.

When that happens, most of us would be sure these two are never going to even see each other’s faces again. But that rarely happens.

It’s because love and hate are two sides of the same coin. Not opposites. And so when the urge to destroy has settled and she misses her man terribly once again (she will never call him her ex!), she usually rings him up at the wee hours of the night, when she knows his inhibitions will be low, and then convinces him to forget everything and come back.

17Scorpio Man: He Will Stalk Her. Literally.

The Scorpio man may not like the limelight, but he’s the kind of man who believes in ruling the kingdom by placing a puppet king on the throne. And he likes having the same kind of power in his relationship too, which is probably why his girlfriend left him!

So while he won’t beg her to return (his ego is usually too big), he stalks her like an obsessed madman on Facebook and sometimes in real life. It’s all a ploy to catch her when she is vulnerable and more likely to agree to give him a second chance!

16Pisces Woman: She Will Text Him A Love Poem

The dreamy Pisces woman is a creative soul and has a tendency to fall for her muse. No wonder all the paintings lining her house are portraits of her ex!

But regardless of what kind of art she can create, she loves music and poetry to bits. They are like a balm to her wounded heart.

That’s why when she wants her ex back, she does the most innocent thing anyone can ever do.

She writes him a poem or the lyrics of her favorite love song and then sends it to him.

15Pisces Man: He Will Emote Like Crazy

Like his female counterpart, the Pisces man is not a strategist. So he doesn’t use his head when he wants his ex back. He uses his heart and creates a mess.

Because let’s face it: gazing at her with tear-filled eyes from across the park or calling her and breaking down isn’t going to convince her to take him back. They might do the opposite, in fact. But that doesn’t stop him from emoting.

After all, she was his one true love and he wants her to know how much it hurts now that she is gone.

14Gemini Woman: She Will Give Him All The Reasons Why They Should Be Together

The Gemini woman is emotional, but she prefers keeping things light when dealing with difficult situations. After all, what has crying ever accomplished?

So when she wants her ex back real bad, she finds a way to strike up a conversation with him.

And once the small talk has gotten rid of the awkwardness between them, she uses her incredible people skills and paints a picture of all the fun he is missing out because they aren’t together anymore.

She is a Gemini, after all. And they are the most natural salespeople on this planet!

13Gemini Man: He Will Text Her Every Day

Well, not like a desperate loser! He’s a Gemini man, after all. So if he wants his ex back, he will find a way to restart texting her every day. And then do so smartly.

It could be for directions to the cafe she had taken him when they were together or could be a simple five minute conversation about a bunch of punk-rock t-shirts he saw at a mall that reminded him of her, but every short and sweet message would slowly break down her anger and show her the perks of giving him a second chance.

12Taurus Woman: She Will Give Him The Puppy Stare

The Taurus woman hates conflict more than anything else in this world. And she does not want a repeat performance of that screaming match she had with her ex the day they broke up.

So while she won’t approach him directly, she will still find a way to convey her love for him through her eyes whenever they are in the same room together.

In fact, when she really wants him back, she will find a way to keep popping up everywhere. Like a silent, guilt-inducing stalker with puppy eyes that break down your resolve!

11Taurus Man: He Will Show Her How Much He Has Changed Since You Were Last Together

The Taurus man hates changing his ways. So much so that if given the choice, he would choose to break up with his girlfriend than throw away that beloved, but disgusting, sofa he has had since his frat boy days.

Well, loneliness has a way of making people see reason. And so once he realizes his mistake, he will drop off a bouquet of roses on her porch with a note that tells her how much he has changed since they were together.

In fact, we won’t be surprised if he found mysterious ways to show off his “new habits” in action whenever she is around.

10Leo Woman: She Will Dress To Impress Whenever He Is Around

The Leo woman is too proud to call her ex first. She is the queen, after all. The ultimate prize. But that doesn’t stop her from wanting him back.

Only, she would rather die than make the first move! She wants him to realize his mistake and then beg her to take him back.

So she dresses up like a superstar whenever she knows he is going to be around and flirts with everyone within his earshot.

It’s all a strategy to take him almost to the tipping point before she throws him a bone.

9Leo Man: He Will Annoy Her With His Romantic Gestures Until She Agrees To Go On A Date Again!

The Leo man knows he is a king. That’s why his girlfriend is always the best girl in town. No one but the queen for the king!

So after weeks of enjoying bachelorhood, when he finally realizes that he wants his queen back and no one else, he does everything he did the first time around to win her affection once more.

From large bouquets of her favorite flowers to little sorry notes handed to her by a kid in the playground, he keeps knocking on her door until she finally throws him a bone and agrees to go on a date with him.

8Aquarius Woman: She Will Find Excuses To Talk To Him

The Aquarius woman has good communication skills, and therefore, knows a lot of people. But her black sheep nature is the reason why she rarely goes out of her way to speak to anyone. In fact, she is the queen of the cold shoulder when she wants to be!

So when she wants her ex back, she always tries to find excuses to talk to him.

Just for a few minutes here and there at first. And then lengthier discussions, over time, that remind him of their amazing conversations underneath the stars when they were together.

7Aquarius Man: He Will Try To Rekindle Their Friendship

If you ask an Aquarius man the traits he wants in his ideal woman, he would tell you he wants her to be his best friend first — someone he can talk up a storm with and discuss the weirdest things under the sun with.

That’s why when he finally realizes how much he misses his ex (and this can take a while since he is as emotionally repressed as the Capricorn man), he always tries to rekindle their friendship first.

After all, it’s always easier to broach the subject of reconciliation once you have built back your rapport.

6Sagittarius Woman: She Will Ask Him If He Wants To Go To The Park With Her

The Sagittarius woman is an outdoorsy gal. She loves hitting the trail, exploring offbeat spots in her city and beyond, and striking up conversations with people who might teach her a thing or two about their culture.

That’s why when she wants her ex back, she always tries to find excuses to get him to go on a vacation with her or accompany her on a simple stroll around the park.

Their mutual love for exploration was what brought them together in the first place. And in her mind, it could be what reconnects them again!

5Sagittarius Man: He Will Bring Up The Good Ol’ Days

The Sagittarius man might be a notorious commitment-phobe, but once he gets into a relationship, he is absolutely loyal to the bone.

Couple this with his easy-going nature, and you wouldn’t be wrong in guessing that something major had to happen to cause a breakup.

And while he isn’t the one to go back to a failed relationship, if he believes she is the one, he will do everything in his power to remind her of the good old days when they were together. He is just as romantic as the Leo man in this respect.

4Aries Woman: She Will Turn Up Outside His Door Again And Again

The Aries woman is a fighter. And she absolutely hates taking no for an answer (which is probably why her boyfriend broke up with her in the first place).

So when she decides she wants her ex back, nobody in the world can stop her from camping outside his door every day (figuratively) and wearing down his defenses until he agrees to give her a second chance.

Trust me, she can quickly turn into a tantrum-throwing child when she realizes it will win her the war. After all, she might be annoying, but her antics don’t inspire a restraining order!

3Aries Man: He’ll Pull Out All Stops To Impress Her

The Aries man is a man of fire. And you know what flames do. They burn bright and are absolutely uncontrollable when you fuel them right.

So when his tank is filled with the burning desire to get his ex back, he pulls out all stops to impress her once again. Just the way he wooed her off her feet the first time around!

Well, persistence doesn’t often work when it comes to broken relationships. But oddly enough, luck seems to favor this kind-hearted child of a man. Therefore, we wouldn’t be surprised if his ex finally threw open her front door one day, grabbed him by his collar, and kissed him right on her porch!

2Virgo Woman: She Will Offer To Help Him Out With His Homework

That doesn’t sound very promising. But knowing the Virgo woman and her hatred for theatricals, you can bet that she is not going to go the romantic way, like the Pisces or the Leo, to get her ex back.

Instead, like a trusty earth sign, she will do what comes naturally to her – help out her ex when he is in need.

She was the mothering type of girlfriend, after all. And a breakup isn’t going to change that. So while this tactic wouldn’t work if she was seeing a fire or an air sign, knowing her, she obviously choose a mild-mannered man on whom these ministrations work like magic!

1Virgo Man: He Will Come Out Of The Blue And Offer His Help With Anything He Knows She May Need

The Virgo man is one of the most underconfident signs in Astrology. He has his critical mind to thank for that, unfortunately. In fact, we won’t be surprised if his hypercritical ways and sharp tongue were the reasons why his girlfriend finally got fed up with him.

So once he overcomes the crushing weight of his heartbreak (only slightly) and decides to get her back, he does the same thing a trusty earth sign like him would do in such a situation. He offers to help her with the big and the little problems in her life and hopes against hope that she rewards him by taking him back.

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