• November 12, 2019

The One Thing She Should Stop Caring About, Based On Her Astro Sign

Over-thinking is one of the biggest causes of stress in the modern world. Almost all of us are guilty of caring too much about things we shouldn’t and don’t even realize how much time we waste putting energy into things we should just let go. Even those who are naturally care-free tend to have that one Achilles’ heel they can’t get out of their minds.

The twelve signs in astrology, grouped into the elements of fire, earth, air, and water, have common things they’re prone to caring too much about. For the fire signs, their obsession with winning in life and achieving success can sometimes have them worrying a little too much about issues they should let go. The earth signs, on the other hand, stress themselves out majorly by caring about particular things that don’t benefit them at all. The air signs get stuck in the habit of worrying about things they can’t change, while the water signs waste a lot of time worrying about things that don’t really concern them.

Read on to find out what you should stop caring about, based on your sign. You’ll soon see that life is much more relaxing when you learn to let things go!

20 The Fire Signs Should Stop Worrying About Coming Out On Top

The fire signs—Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius—have the biggest egos of all the signs and are hugely ambitious. They love to come out on top and love to win because pride is their favorite feeling. But they don’t have to spend so much time worrying about succeeding in life. For starters, losing teaches you a lot of valuable lessons, so it wouldn’t hurt them to come in second (or last) every once in a while. And also, people tend to be annoyed by those who have to win at everything. Being a little more gracious goes a long way!

19 Aries: Getting Her Way Without Compromising

Aries is kind of obsessed with getting her way, and if we’re being honest, that can benefit her from time to time. This is a sign who wins much more often than she loses. However, that obsession can be really taxing to her overall wellbeing because nobody can get their way all the time. By caring so much about always getting her way, she never practices losing so when she does have to accept situations that are hard to swallow, she has a total breakdown. If this sign can learn to stop worrying about always getting her way, she’ll be much happier.

18 Leo: Defeating The Competition

For Leo, winning is the most important thing in life. This fire sign is passionate about being a success and more importantly, being more successful than the person next to her. Now, like with any fire sign, she usually does experience a lot of success thanks to that ambition. But at the same time, she has to learn that it’s okay to lose sometimes. Life is full of battles, and just because she loses one, doesn’t mean she’s a total failure. There will always be things to compete in, so she shouldn’t worry so much about winning.

17 Sagittarius: Always Being Right, Even When She’s Wrong

In typical fire-sign fashion, Sagittarius doesn’t like to be wrong. This sign can be a hothead, and can seriously lose her cool when somebody tries to prove her wrong. Because she cares so much about being right, she hardly ever admits it when she’s made a mistake or done something wrong (which we all do from time to time). The problem with this is that it makes her less likable to people because few people have the patience to put up with someone who is always right. It’s a good thing Sagittarius is so likable in just about every other way!

16 The Fire Signs Should Care More About The Feelings Of Others

Rather than caring about winning all the time, and always coming out on top, the fire signs should spend more time worrying about the feelings of the people they care about. Just so we’re clear, these signs are very loving, affectionate and generous. But sometimes they can be impulsive and a little insensitive, and don’t always remember to consider other people’s feelings because they have such thick skins themselves, and very little worries them. By taking more care when it comes to the feelings of their family and friends, the fire signs will earn even more respect from those around them.

15 The Earth Signs Should Stop Worrying About Things That Add To Stress

The earth signs are the stress balls of astrology. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn have enough of their own stress to worry about, but amazingly, they also worry about things that are unnecessary, which adds to their stress. Some things in life are worth worrying about and some are not, but the earth signs struggle with finding the line. Taurus goes to great efforts to uphold things that are in need of change, Virgo chases unrealistic goals that cause her to feel inferior for no reason, and Capricorn worries about things that haven’t even happened yet! Totally unnecessary.

14 Taurus: Holding Onto Useless Traditions

Traditions are super important to Taurus, and she usually makes it her mission to uphold them. This includes family traditions, cultural traditions and any other kind of practice that she’s ingrained into her life. She doesn’t like change, so maintaining things so that they stay the same is one of her top priorities. But she shouldn’t care so much about upholding tradition because not all traditions are beneficial. It’s nice to hold onto some of them for nostalgic reasons, or out of respect, or because they actually make sense, but it’s also good to make room for new things in your life too!

13 Virgo: Whether Her Life Is Perfect Or Not

To some degree, we’ve all wished that our lives were more perfect. But Virgo takes this to the extreme. She’s a natural perfectionist, which means that any time things aren’t up to her standards, she freaks out and is super hard on herself. She really cares whether her life is perfect or not and beats herself up if it isn’t, and this is something she needs to stop ASAP. Why? Because she’s chasing the unobtainable. She will never be completely perfect and her life will probably never meet those standards of perfection she’s set (and that’s totally okay).

12 Capricorn: The Worst Possible Scenario

We don’t want to call Capricorn a pessimist, but she’s definitely not an optimist! One thing she cares way too much about is the worst-case scenario because she imagines it happening all the time. She likes to be as prepared as possible so she likes to think out every path her life may take and plan for them all, but the downside is she spends a lot of time anticipating the worst-case scenario, which leaves her feeling stressed. And the funny part is the worst-case scenario hardly ever actually comes to fruition. Most of the time, things work out splendidly for her!

11 The Earth Signs Should Care More About Self-Care

The earth signs are all about worrying about others, but so often forget to take care of themselves. They are ambitious and highly critical signs who demand a lot from themselves, and in being so disciplined and focused, they sometimes neglect their own happiness and wellbeing. These signs need a lesson in self-care because if they keep abandoning their own needs, they’re going to burn out! Although they can still be disciplined and uphold their high standards, they should take some time out every now and then to vent out their feelings or do something that makes them feel really happy.

10 The Air Signs Should Stop Worrying About Things They Can’t Change

It’s pretty pointless to worry about the things that you can’t change, but the air signs have a bad habit of doing just this. Gemini, Libra, and Aries can waste a lot of time fixated on things that are never going to get better (or worse). Gemini cares about the ins and outs of other people’s lives, without realizing that they are totally out of her control. Libra really cares if somebody doesn’t like her, but this is something she has to learn to accept. And Aquarius worries about letting people into her life, but sooner or later, this is going to happen anyway as her relationships get stronger.

Gemini: What’s Happening In Other People’s Lives

G is for Gemini and G is for Gossip. We’re not saying that our Gemini ladies are huge gossips, but they do like to know what’s going on in other people’s lives. This comes down to their curious nature rather than some mean streak, but they do spend an awful lot of time worrying about other people. They want to know what jobs their friends have, who they’re dating, how much money they have, what kind of clothes they wear and all the rest of it. Life would be a lot less flustered for this inquisitive sign if she only worried about herself.

Libra: Whether People Like Her Or Not

Most (if not all) of us care what other people think, but Libra is particularly prone to falling apart when people don’t approve of her. She loves to make people happy and to win their validation, so she naturally cares a lot about whether she’s going to get her win, or whether she’s going to face some criticism. This sign should stop caring so much about whether people like her or not because it’s something that she has absolutely no control over, and it’s something that doesn’t really make a difference to her life anyway. She can still shine without anyone’s validation.

Aquarius: Guarding Her Private Life Like A Hawk

Aquarius is one of the most private signs in astrology. She doesn’t care what people think of her as much as her air sisters, but she does like to protect herself from the opinions and prying eyes of others. It’s important to her not to give all of herself away, but she shouldn’t put so much energy into maintaining such a huge wall of privacy. It’s at her discretion whether she wants to let others into her life or not, but with people who have her best interests at heart, she’ll probably feel a lot better if she let them see the real her.

The Air Signs Should Care More About Their Own Happiness

The air signs are usually good at living in the moment, but sometimes their thoughts can carry them away and they get wrapped up in things that they don’t have to worry about. Think other people’s lifestyles, or other people’s opinions. And when this happens, they can feel really sad. Instead of worrying about everyone else, these signs should put more effort toward their own happiness. They shouldn’t do things just because they’re expected of them, but because they truly want to do them. They should satisfy their own urges and live life the way they want to.

The Water Signs Should Stop Worrying About Problems That Don’t Concern Them

The water signs—Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces—have a tendency to care about things that basically have nothing to do with them. This is because they’re empathic and intuitive signs, so feel other people’s pain and passion as if it were their own. But worrying about problems that don’t concern them is just adding pointless baggage to their lives. Cancer cares about the opinions of others, which are really none of her business. Scorpio cares about the secrets of others, and again, same story. Pisces takes on the problems of her friends and family but should learn to let them go.

Cancer: Why People Are Mad At Her

Though Cancer is prone to the odd mood swing here and there, she doesn’t like it when people are moody back at her. In particular, she hates being on the receiving end of anger. When someone is unhappy with her, it eats her up, and she wants to solve the conflict. This is another sign who likes to please people and is uncomfortable when she doesn’t get their approval. But we think she should stop worrying so much about it. All she can do is apologize, and if she hasn’t done anything wrong, then the anger is the other person’s problem, not hers.

Scorpio: The Secrets Of Others

Scorpio serves as many things in astrology, and one of these is the resident detective. Though this sign is a mystery herself, she loves getting to the bottom of everything around her. When she gets wind of a secret among her friends and family, she literally stops at nothing to find out what it is. This isn’t something she should worry about, because people decide to keep things secret for a reason. It might make them uncomfortable if she pushes her prying too far. Instead, she should focus on being there if they choose to open up to her.

Pisces: Everybody Else’s Problems

Pisces worries about the problems of others in the same way that a worried mother would. Being empathic, she absorbs other people’s issues as if they were her own and takes on their problems when she really doesn’t need to. Of course, this makes her a great friend who really cares about the people in her life. On the other hand, it also means she’s always worrying about things that don’t concern her and bringing unnecessary pain into her life. It’s good to be there for others, but sometimes all you can do is watch out for yourself!

The Water Signs Should Care More About Dealing With Their Feelings

The water signs have a lot of feelings, so dealing with them all should be one of their top priorities. If the water signs neglect their own emotional needs, they can end up quite stressed and cranky. When these signs feel strongly about something, they should find the confidence to voice those opinions. When they’re angry, they should work on anger-management techniques, and when they’re sad, they should do whatever it takes to make themselves feel better. If they don’t, it will all weigh down on their shoulders and potentially have a seriously negative impact on their life.

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