• August 18, 2019

Solo Or Taken: How Every Astro Sign Is Affected By Scorpio Season


Whether you find yourself in a happy relationship or are on the search for true love, it’s Scorpio season and we’re here to let you know what’s to come.

As Scorpio season has just entered our lives in full swing, it seems like it’s only right that some things are about to change. While we wish that everyone could get their fairytale happy ending, it’s sadly not the case. Each astro sign’s energy is about to be taken on a ride this season as they come face to face with a major shift in their love life.

If you’re head over heels in love with your partner, there is still a chance that things could switch up. If so, we’re here to give you some spot-on advice on how to strengthen your relationship in order to get through the intense Scorpio energy coming your way. If you and your boo are sailing smoothly, we’ll throw in some tips on how to make things stronger than ever!

If instead, you’re endlessly searching for love, we’ll give you an update on whether Scorpio season will deliver you that special someone. Remember that your fate depends fully on you! Don’t underestimate the power that you have to write your own love story when you take control of your life. All of the energy entering your life was welcomed in by you. Get ready to jot some notes down on how Scorpio season will affect each astro sign’s love life!

24  Pisces Solo: Nothing Is Stopping Her From Finding The One

It’s time that you understand that there is absolutely nothing stopping you from meeting the love of your life. Whatever excuses you’ve made up in your head as to what’s stopping you are just that, excuses.

You have to understand that this is your life and you are the only one in control! 

There is absolutely no one stopping you from living your best life and taking control. It’s time to forget about all of these excuses you’ve talked yourself into, and instead, it’s time that you work on creating endless opportunity for yourself. Open yourself up to the world and we guarantee that you will be opening yourself up to endless love.

23 Pisces Taken: There For Her Partner Through Hard Times

The Scorpio energy this season is about to hit your relationship with full force. Be prepared for your relationship to enter some rough waters this season as your partner is about to be put under extreme pressure. The key is to be there for your significant other through thick and thin.

While this distress doesn’t necessarily have to do with your relationship, it’s definitely going to take a toll on it. However, the key is to be there for your partner so they know that they can fully depend on you. Be the partner that your lover needs you to be in their hardest moments. Your love will be able to overcome whatever is on its way!

22 Aquarius Solo: All Her Work Is About To Pay Off

We absolutely adore your open energy this season letting in endless love into your life. Even though it might have not always worked out, your open to new possibilities and experiences you usually wouldn’t be up for.

This open attitude is about to pay off as the universe brings you that special someone you’ve been hoping for!

Your fearless energy has created such an attractive aura to your personality. That special love that you’ve been dreaming about will be endlessly awed by your presence. It’s clear that the time you’ve spent working on yourself is about to pay off. Remember that focusing on bettering yourself is the first step to finding an amazing lover who will always be there for you!

21  Aquarius Taken: The Universe Is On Her Side

You and your lover have absolutely nothing to worry about this Scorpio season. While many couples around you are about to fall in turmoil, your relationship is happier than ever! Spend some quality time with your partner to show them how much you appreciate everything that they do for you. This is a great time to truly strengthen your bond and make it stronger than ever.

Spend some one-on-one time getting to know each other on a deeper level. This will come in handy if your relationship ever faces a terrible issue in the future. Work on your relationship now for any issues that might come up one day. Remember to show your partner all of your love for them, as that’s exactly what they need to feel appreciated.

20   Leo Solo: Good Things Are On The Way

Get ready as good things are on their way for you. The universe noticed that you’ve been incredibly productive focusing on yourself, and seem to be ready to have that special someone enter the picture.

Taking the time to figure out who you truly are is essential, prior to finding yourself in a relationship. 

Once you come to terms with the person you truly are and all of your internal desires, you’ll be ready to finally find yourself head over heels for someone else. You’re totally on the right track and will come across your dream partner in almost no time. Keep doing exactly what you’re doing and you’ll be running into the sunset in love with your future man in almost no time!

19  Leo Taken: Love Is In The Air

You and your lover are head over heels for one another, and everyone knows it! There is absolutely nothing that can get in the way of your relationship, and you completely know it too. Everyone around you is incredibly jealous of the strong bond you and your partner have and might be sending some negative energy your way.

However, your relationship will be able to fight it off as your love can overcome anything. It’s critical that you and your partner are on the same page right now, to strengthen your current bond even more. There might be some lies spread around, and it’s key that you and your partner openly communicate with one another. Trust your partner, and be the person that your partner can also trust.

18  Sagittarius Solo: It’s Simply Not Her Time, Yet

We completely understand that this is basically the last thing that you want to hear, but it’s the absolute truth. The universe simply thinks that you’re not ready to find yourself in a committed relationship.

While this isn’t the news you want to hear, you know deep within that this is 100% true. 

The truth of the matter is that you simply haven’t come to terms with who you truly are and everything that you desire. Instead, you’re completely all over the place trying to figure out who you are instead of analyzing your past. You have to be at peace with the person you once were, or still are, before you seek out love. Your time will eventually come in love, but prior to that, you have to spend some time with yourself.

17  Sagittarius Taken: Everything She’s Ever Wanted Is Finally Hers

It seems like you’ve been through absolutely everything that the world can throw at you, and so has your partner. That’s why it’s incredible that you and your lover were able to find each other when you most needed it. Everything that you have ever desired in your relationship is finally yours, and the last thing that you want is to ruin it.

That’s why this Scorpio season the energy is all positive vibes flowing your way. You absolutely deserve the wonderful relationship that you find yourself in, as you’ve worked for it. You and your partner have been through almost everything together, and the last thing you want is to lose it. Keep doing exactly what you’re doing with your partner, and everything will work out the way it is supposed to!

16  Cancer Solo: Stop Obsessing Over Finding Love

It seems like at this point your mind is constantly buzzing with the fact that you simply haven’t met your dream lover. You’re desperate enough to do whatever is necessary just to find yourself in a loving relationship.

The last thing the universe will do is bring you the dream love that you’ve been obsessing over.

Instead, it’s time that you focus on yourself and your goals. Once you immerse yourself with all of your passions, you’ll find yourself attracting endless people to your positive aura. Focusing on what makes you happy and on your dreams is exactly what you need to be doing. Stop stressing over your lover, and he will come to you once you shift your energy to yourself!

15  Cancer Taken: It’s Time To Have A Chat With Her Partner

While this is the last thing that you want to hear, you’re not even surprised. You and your partner have a critical issue that has to be brought to light, even though both of you might be ignoring what’s going on. If you think that this issue is simply going to disappear on its own, think again.

You and your lover have to sit down and have a serious talk about what’s going on. If you keep ignoring what’s happening, then your relationship will simply fall apart. Be the person that your partner needs you to be this Scorpio season. Even if this issue breaks your relationship apart, it’s what needs to be done. If you let the problem go unresolved, it’ll continue making cracks in your relationship until it just breaks apart.

14  Aries Solo: A Special Someone Is On The Way

Get ready as that special lover you’ve been dreaming about is on their way! It seems like an absolute dream come true to hear this awesome news. If there is anyone who deserves to find themselves in a happy relationship, it’s totally you. However, don’t get completely obsessed with the fact that your lover is on the way. You still have to keep doing exactly what you’re doing in life.

The last thing that you would want to do is ditch everything that you’re currently working on just for this special someone to enter the picture.

Instead, you’ll find yourself in a happy and loving relationship is you keep focusing on all of the priorities that you’ve set for yourself. Only then will you be head over heels for someone new!

13  Aries Taken: Shouldn’t Settle For Anything Less Than She Deserves

While you are in a relationship, your heart isn’t exactly in it. Instead, you’re in a relationship that almost feels forced, staying with them out of pity or perhaps fear. As a strong and passionate Aries, you feel almost embarrassed to admit that you’re in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy.

The last thing that you deserve is to feel this way. There is absolutely no justified reason that you should be with someone that you aren’t exactly happy to be with. You deserve to be with someone who fills you with endless butterflies and excitement. Rather than being with someone simply due to the fact that you’re scared to be alone and would feel bad leaving this person. It’s time to put yourself first before the universe forces you to.

12 Capricorn Solo: The Universe Will Guide Her This Season

It seems like the Capricorn is the only sign that our Astrology experts can’t figure out this Scorpio season. We’re not exactly sure if a special someone is on their way, or not.

Instead, you’ll have to stay calm, cool, and collected, and simply go with the flow. 

Don’t stress over the fact that you’re single, and instead keep doing what you’re doing. Follow the small cues that the universe will throw at you. Open yourself up to even more opportunities than you’re usually used to. Follow your dreams and set high goals for yourself to reach, only then will you figure everything out slowly but surely.

11  Capricorn Taken: They Can Get Through Anything Together

You and your lover have one of the strongest relationships on our list. You’ve spent endless time and effort cultivating a wonderful relationship where both of you can be together and live happily ever after. However, some negative Scorpio energy is about to hit your relationship full force.

Don’t freak out! Your relationship is the strongest on our list and we’re positive that you two can get through anything that is thrown your way. Your open communication and transparency are the two critical elements that will keep your bond stronger than ever. However, if there are any underlying issues hidden beneath your relationship, prepare to have them brought to light.The universe is about to put your relationship to the test to see if you can truly get through anything, or not so much.

10  Virgo Solo: She’ll Get Her Way

These probably have to be your favorite words. You’re so used to getting your way in absolutely every aspect of your life that it’s only fair that it will happen again.

Luckily for you, the universe thinks you totally deserve to find yourself in an amazing relationship. 

You’ve been focusing on bettering yourself, and the universe is about to reward you for it. While the universe usually works in her own magical way, bringing love into our lives, for you it’s going to be just like you’re used to. If you’ve been manifesting that movie-like romance, be prepared to get exactly everything you’ve hoped. At this point, the only advice that we have is to be careful of what you wish for, as you’ll probably get your way.

9  Virgo Taken: Her World Might Flip Upside Down

While this isn’t the horoscope you exactly wanted to hear, you should be aware of what’s to come. Your relationship might be taken over by some negative energy as the Scorpio path interconnects with the Virgo. However, you should note that it might be your world that’s about to flip upside down, rather than your relationship.

This negative energy that is about to fill your life will seep into your relationship. We hope that you and your partner have built a loving foundation strong enough to get through whatever comes your way. This is also a critical time to see if your partner will be there for you when you truly need him, or perhaps not. If you’ve ever wanted to put your relationship to the test of whether you’re strong enough or not, this is the chance. Get ready to have some intense realizations.

8  Gemini Solo: Let The Universe Take Charge

It seems like your normal everyday life, and your love life, are a complete mess. You’re so over everything and are more than ready to let the universe take charge.

It’s time that you finally understand that you have to let go of all of the negative thoughts you’ve been holding onto, and instead shift focus to yourself.

Stop obsessing over that one particular person, and focus on bettering your life. Once you shift all of your energy back to what’s actually important, the universe will bring that special someone to you. You know deep within your heart what you actually have to do, and it’s time that you do exactly that. This is your life and it’s time to make it everything you’ve dreamed of, instead of obsessing over finding love. Focus on yourself, and your dream love will come on their own.

7  Gemini Taken: She Knows What She Has To Do

While you might not want to admit it, you know deep down what is going on in your relationship. You and your partner simply aren’t on the same page, and you don’t know how much longer you can keep things going. You and your partner have just been distancing yourselves from one another, and it’s time to figure things out.

If you know deep within your heart that you two aren’t meant to be together, it’s best to clear things up quickly before it gets too terrible. While it will be incredibly difficult to do so at first, you will be more than happy that you were able to do so. Make a promise to yourself that your own happiness and prosperity is what you should focus on, rather than anything else.

6  Taurus Solo: Wonders If She’s Even Ready To Be With Someone

While your heart might be pulling you to be with that special someone, your mind might not be. This is totally fine and something you’ll have to figure out before you find yourself in yet another relationship.

You’re most likely not ready to find yourself in yet another relationship, as you still haven’t closed some of the old chapters of your life. 

If you think that jumping into the swing of things with someone new will make you automatically feel much better, you’re way off. Instead, you have to come to terms with your past and figure things out fully. The last thing that you want is to jump into a new relationship thinking you’ll find happiness through it. Instead, figure out what’s holding you back from true love.

5  Taurus Taken: It’s Time To Take The Next Step

You and your partner are head over heels for each other and everyone around you can tell. You’re absolutely fearless about anything that might come your way, simply because your love can overcome anything. While we adore your positive attitude, the universe is about to put it to the test by forcing you to take the next step in your relationship.

It’s time that you and your partner figure out if your love really has what it takes to get through anything thrown at it. This means taking the next step, such as introducing each other to your family, going on a vacation together, or moving into together. These huge cornerstones will be awesome moments to look back at, but more so will put your relationship to the test. If issues arise throughout the process, it’s time to reassess if your relationship is as strong as you think it is.

4  Libra Solo: She Should Be Prepared To Be Swept Off Her Feet

We can’t think of anyone luckier on our list than you, as you’re about to be swept off of your feet by that special someone. That movie-like romance that you’ve always dreamed about is on its way and you should be more than ready for it!

While we completely understand that you’re more than excited, don’t get carried away by it. 

It’s absolutely critical that you keep living your normal everyday life, rather than obsessing over your new found love. While you’ll definitely be on cloud nine, it’s critical to still hold onto your core values and passions. Don’t change for this special someone, even if you think that they’ll like you more for it. Stick to what you truly believe in and your partner will respect you for it!

3  Libra Taken: She And Her Partner Are On The Same Page

You and your lover are 100% on the same page on what seems like everything. You are two peas in a pod and a match made in heaven. That’s why the universe will only be sending you positive energy this Scorpio season as you two simply deserve it.

You have cultivated such a strong bond in your relationship able to get through anything. There is nothing in the way of you and your partner as you are always on the same page. Keep up this amazing bond as you communicate with one another on how you truly feel for the other person. You deserve to find yourself in a happy relationship, and that is exactly what you and your lover created!

2  Scorpio Solo: She’s In Charge Of Her Own Fate

While it seems like you’ve been completely lost recently, it’s time that you understand that you brought everything onto yourself. Rather than blaming the people around you, you have to understand that you are the only person who can control your future.

Your love life is in your hands, whether you believe it or not. 

While Scorpio season definitely has some external energy that is about to enter your life, what really matters is how you react to it. We’re absolutely positive that you have what it takes to stay incredibly calm and put together through whatever the world throws at you. Remember that everything in life is a mental game, alongside romance. Take control of your life, and everything will fall into place just as you desire.

1  Scorpio Taken: She’s In For A Treat

Lucky you! Your love life is smooth sailing as you and your partner focus on each other through every aspect of your lives. You are incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful partner always on your side through whatever life throws at you.

Simply relax with your boo as the Scorpio energy is on your side this season. You and your partner have worked immensely hard to reach the point you’re currently at, and there is nothing that can be done to pull you two apart. Since your relationship is doing better than ever, it’s only right that you showcase your love to your partner. Plan some romantic gesture to truly show how much you adore your significant other. With positive vibes only heading your way, it’s time that you take advantage of all that you have!

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