• August 24, 2019

Humble or Nah: How Braggy Each Astro Sign Is (His & Hers)


We’ve all had a first date where we couldn’t believe how arrogant the person was. Maybe he talked about himself non-stop or just kept acting like he knew more than us. We also have probably had friends over the years or have that one family member who we love but who we also feel is way too full of themselves.

It’s not easy to deal with people who think so highly of themselves. While self-love is important and we should celebrate who we are, we also have to be a bit more chill when it comes to talking ourselves up and acting like we’re the best person ever. There’s a fine line between not having any confidence and having way too much of it.

In other words, we want to be on the humble rather than bragworthy side. We can learn so much about who we are and who our friends and the people whom we interact with are from our astro signs. It’s pretty cool to find out how each sign is when it comes to eating a slice of humble pie or being unable to stop bragging. Read on to find out how braggy each astro sign is, both his and hers. How humble or braggy are you?!

24Scorpio (His): He Could Learn Something About Being Humble

Scorpio men definitely love to flirt and they are also very envious of the people that they are dating. They seem like they would brag a lot and could be more humble.

If you date a guy who is this astro sign, you’re probably attracted to him because of the fact that he flirts and, therefore, is pretty easy to like.

Once you get to know him, though, you might get tired of how much he brags and wish that he could tone it down a bit. People don’t always change, though, so he might not want to be more humble.

23Scorpio (Hers): Being Humble Is No Problem

Scorpio men and women might have the same astrological sign but they have some differences.

Scorpio women are the opposite of Scorpio men when it comes to how humble or braggy they are. When a woman is this astro sign, she’s a really nice person who wants to make a difference and be sweet to others.

She has no problem being humble and this is a quality that is attractive, so it seems like many people would want to spend time with her for that reason. We often say that someone could be more humble and we don’t tend to say that someone should brag more.

22Taurus (His): Not Braggy (But For A Specific Reason)

Both Taurus men and women are so stubborn that they wouldn’t want to talk themselves up… but for a very specific reason: because they’re stubborn.

If you’ve dated a Taurus guy before or are right now, you know that they can be so stubborn, and you’ve probably tried to get them to change.

We know that people don’t usually change and yet it’s tempting to want to at least talk to him and ask him why he finds it so tough to change his mind and why he can’t be a bit more open. Since he’s stubborn, he seems humble, but he might just not be saying what he thinks or feels.

21Taurus (Hers): Not Braggy, Either

Just like the Taurus man, if the Taurus woman decides that she doesn’t want to talk to someone, or she doesn’t want to talk about a certain subject, that’s it. She’s not going to change her mind. No one, not even close friends, a boyfriend, or family, could get her to do what she doesn’t want to do.

This is an interesting case since people might say that they’re amazed at how humble the Taurus girl is since she doesn’t talk herself up. In reality, though, she could actually be super confident but just doesn’t want to talk about her accomplishments right now.

20Aries (His): Talk About A Player

The Aries man isn’t humble at all. If you’re interested in dating a guy who is an Aries sign, you should know that he has to feel that the girl is a challenge. He has to feel that we’re worth dating, basically.

Based on these factors, it seems that he might have a tendency to brag about himself.

Dating can be hard and it doesn’t seem easy at all when we’re crushing on a guy who likes to talk about how great he is. Sure, we get wanting to be proud of what you’ve done in your life and career, but sometimes it’s a bit much.

19Aries (Hers): A Confident Woman

Is the Aries woman humble or braggy?

She might brag about herself sometimes, but that’s actually a good thing because there are some legit and logical reasons that she might talk herself up. She can’t help bragging from time to time because she’s got a lot going on. She has amazing leadership qualities and she likes when things are hard because she can get stuff done and feel satisfied and accomplished.

We can totally respect someone who is like this, and she’s the kind of person that we want to be friends with. She’s also the kind of person who we want to be.

18Capricorn (His): So Confident He Can’t Stop Himself From Bragging

Capricorn men like to be the people who make the decisions. The Capricorn man is more of a chaser when it comes to dating and relationships.

If you want to date him, then you should know this, and you’re also going to find out pretty fast that he’s so confident that he can’t stop himself from bragging.

While some of us might not love that and might find that’s why we can’t be in a relationship with him, some ladies might be okay with that. We know that sometimes, people are so confident and so proud of themselves that they end up bragging even if they don’t mean to.

17Capricorn (Hers): She’s Humble And Sweet

When we think of someone who is humble and what other personality traits they could have, we would typically say that they’re a nice person. The qualities of kindness and humbleness tend to go together and we associate a kind person with someone who would never brag.

Many of us would agree that we’re drawn to people who are sweet, care about other people, and don’t talk about how amazing they are themselves.

The Capricorn woman is in this category for sure. She’s sweet and humble and doesn’t brag about herself. She seems caring and bubbly and more interested in others than herself.

16Leo (His): So Braggy

Leo signs are on the braggy side since they can be considered to be pretty full of themselves.

They are leaders who are going to be more of the take charge kind of person rather than someone who will wait to be given orders or told what to do.

The Leo guy is someone who we might go on a date with or hang out with at a party or with mutual friends and think that while he’s cool and seems charming, he’s talking about himself way too much. We have all had this happen to us for sure and it’s a common experience.

15Leo (Hers): She Can’t Stop Talking Herself Up

Leo signs are on the braggy side because they are conceited and love to talk about themselves and be the center of attention. The Leo woman is like this, too.

Maybe this is us but we don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t talk about ourselves. After all, we’ve done a lot and we deserve to be proud of it, right? That’s true, but at the same time, we can understand how some people might take offense and want us to take things down a notch and be more humble. It can be a tricky balance which is why when in doubt, being more humble is probably always the best answer.

14Sagittarius (His): A Travel Bragger

Sagittarius signs enjoy traveling. Sure, other astro signs do, too, but they really take the cake when it comes to wanting to see as much as they can.

Since they love to travel, it seems that the guy who is a Sagittarius sign would brag about his travel experiences.

He wouldn’t be able to help himself because he has been so many places and he has seen so many amazing things. He’s the person at a party or event or around a group of people who can’t stop himself from talking about his latest trip and maybe even talking too much about it. He’s just so enthusiastic about his travel life.

13Sagittarius (Hers): She Brags About Her Trips, Too

Just like the Sagittarius man, the Sagittarius woman tends to brag about her travels.

How we react to someone who has this kind of personality depends on our own nature. Those of us who are homebodies might get bored with someone bragging about their travel experiences and might wish that they would talk about something else. This is tough for us to relate to since we don’t go on that many trips. The rest of us who also love travel might respond differently and really enjoy hearing about these experiences… even if we do think that she’s bragging a bit too much.

12Pisces (His): He’s Humble For Sure

The Pisces guy is absolutely humble. But there are a lot of other amazing things that we should know about him.

In general, Pisces signs are creative and romantic people who are also considered to be kind and music-loving.

A guy who calls this his astrological sign is always up for being of assistance to someone else. Since he cares about other people, he doesn’t seem conceited like some other people can be, so he would for sure be one of the most humble of the astro signs. If we can call a Pisces man our boyfriend, we’d be pretty lucky.

11Pisces (Hers): She Brags About Other People’s Success And Accomplishments

Pisces signs are very kind and they love getting along with others. They are also emotional and sensitive, which we are very familiar with if this is our sign.

It seems like they would brag about others, but not themselves, so the Pisces girl would be more humble than braggy. She would be all about telling everyone that she knows about the amazing things that her best friends and family members and boyfriend have done. But when it comes to bragging about herself, which can come off as unattractive but is sometimes okay since we should be proud of ourselves, she’s just not going to do that.

10Aquarius (His): Somewhere In The Middle

The Aquarius guy is somewhere in the middle between being the most humble person that we could ever meet and being a bragger who can’t stop.

He’s not into bragging, which is good to hear, but he’s not super humble, either.

He can be a tough guy to date because he’s so stubborn. Whether or not we want to date someone with a stubborn personality is honestly a very personal decision. Some of us might find stubborn people truly frustrating and so this would be a dealbreaker, whereas others like the challenge and find these kinds of people to be really interesting.

9Aquarius (Hers): She Brags Because She’s So Confident

The Aquarius girl brags because of how confident she is. She feels good about herself and that might make her brag sometimes. The interesting thing is that no one would be offended by this or think that this is a bad thing.

Because she has a lot of independence, people can tell that she feels awesome about herself. People say that she’s not the warmest person, but that’s because she can be misunderstood. If this is our astro sign, then we know this to be true. And even if it’s not, we can relate to it because we all feel misunderstood from time to time.

8Cancer (His): Almost Too Humble

A guy who is a Cancer astro sign is pretty emotional and on the quiet, shy side. That’s why he is totally humble.

Actually, we might even say that he is way too humble and that he could definitely brag a bit more and talk a bit more about himself.

The funny thing is that this is the kind of guy that we would be attracted to dating. We all love someone who is humble, don’t we? Cancer signs are also homebodies, and let’s be real, we can all be that way sometimes since we love watching Netflix (especially with that special guy).

7Cancer (Hers): A Slice Of Humble Pie

The girl who is a Cancer astro sign feels a lot of feelings. She also loves being at home, like everyone else who calls this their astrological sign.

She doesn’t jump into relationships easily or quickly. She sounds like she is more humble than braggy. If this is us, then we’re used to people knowing that we would rather stay home than go anywhere else. We also might hear on a pretty regular basis that there’s nothing wrong with chatting about our accomplishments or being a little bit braggy. But, hey, that’s just not us. We would much rather be humble.

6Gemini (His): Braggy But Still Charming

Does a guy who is a Gemini brag a lot? Yes… but there’s a reason for that.

He can really charm people because he’s a likable guy. If you want to date him, you should be aware that he needs to date someone who he finds totally interesting. He loves to talk to people and he can be a flirt, too.

He seems like he has a lot of confidence and that could make him brag a lot.

That makes sense, of course: we would assume that if someone is insecure, they would be more on the humble side, and vice versa.

5Gemini (Hers): The Opposite Of Braggy

She is pretty outgoing but when it comes to matters of the heart, she can’t open up to a new guy for a while, so it doesn’t seem like she would brag to him or talk herself up.

This can be a problem on dates because you do have to talk about yourself and allow the other person to get to know you. If they can’t figure out who you are and learn some stuff about you, you might not make a connection, and that’ll be a missed chance to fall in love. The Gemini girl is definitely the opposite of braggy, but while it’s awesome to be more humble, she might want to open up to people more.

4Virgo (His): He’s Humble For Sure

The Virgo man is really humble and would never talk himself up. That’s because he’s shy.

While it can be tough to date a shy guy at first because we want him to speak up more and let us get to know him, this is the kind of guy that we want to be with.

The Virgo man is kind and has awesome qualities that we all look in a boyfriend. Who would you rather date, the arrogant guy who never stops talking about himself and who never acts humble at all, or the guy who is sometimes quiet but is sweet and would never brag way too much? Exactly.

3Virgo (Hers): The Most Humble Of All The Astro Signs

Of all of the astrological signs, the Virgo girl is definitely the most humble.

She is super humble because she’s shy, quiet, and would never dream of bragging. What’s funny is that she has a lot to brag about so we would totally get why she would. She’s intelligent and ambitious and always does a great job when she puts her mind and efforts toward something. When people meet her, they might not even know all of the amazing things that she has done in her life or the things that she has going on because she would never talk about them unless she is asked directly.

2Libra (His): He Wouldn’t Brag At All

The Libra man is the kind of guy who wants to find that special someone more than almost anything, and that’s a dream of his.

He has a tendency to fall for someone so hard and get so involved with them that he doesn’t think about himself, so he’s definitely not one to brag.

Are you thinking that this guy sounds like he would make an incredible boyfriend? If we listed the qualities or personality traits that we want in a potential mate, it seems like we would say that we want a guy who wants a relationship and who is humble. Of course, we would encourage him to think more about himself, though.

1Libra (Hers): Peaceful And A Bit Moody (But Not Braggy)

The Libra woman wouldn’t brag, but she does get into bad moods sometimes, so she’s not perfect (but, hey, none of us are so that’s perfectly fine).

The rest of the time, the Libra girl is full of peace and calm. She’s a great person to be around.

If we’re a Libra sign, then we know that we really like things to be peaceful, and others probably look up to us because of that. It’s a cool personality trait to have since we can always believe that things are going to work out and nothing is too problematic. And, of course, we believe in being humble, which is always a good thing.

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