• July 23, 2019

Here’s Why Dating Can Be So Hard, Based On Astrology (His & Hers)


Dating is complicated. So complicated, you can find tips just about everywhere, from the bookstore, all over social media, even from your grandmother. Everyone seems to have ideas on how to help each other navigate the stormy seas of the dating world, but no one really stops to investigate why everything seems so complicated. So, how can you improve your odds of meeting the right person, if you aren’t even sure why you’re dating in the first place?

If you’re being honest with yourself, you’d admit dating can sometimes be hard simply because it’s so easy to make bad decisions. When someone looks attractive, it’s easy to assume their personality is too, so you figure you’ll go out on a date. What can go wrong there, right? Well, there’s no one to blame but yourself on that one – but what about the bad dates that occur entirely outside your control? Well, that’s where looking to the stars can definitely help you out. When you’ve got questions that no one else seems to be able to help you answer, it’s always a good idea to turn to a tried and true source of wisdom.

If you really want to know why dating is so hard sometimes, read all about it here:

24 Scorpio Women: Trust Issues Can Be Holding Her Back

As anyone who has ever been betrayed in a relationship before can attest, it’s really hard to let go of those nagging trust issues that inevitably follow. Yes, you’re dating someone new. As far as you’re aware, he’s never gone behind a girl’s back before, and no, he’s never given even the slightest hint that he would ever hurt you that way. But because you’re a bit jaded from the jerk you were dating previously, you’re not quite able to trust this new relationship.

While some might tell you to work through it, it would also be a great idea to simply talk to your current (or potentially future) partner. Let them know what you’ve been through, how you’re struggling with it and how you’d like to move forward. Worrying about trusting your partner isn’t going to magically disappear, but if they at least know what you’re going through from the beginning, you’ll at least give your relationship a fighting chance to survive.

23 Scorpio Men: Keep The Jealous Tendencies In Check

You love your partner, and they love you…you assume. There’s no definitive way to really know that your partner is as in love with you as you are with them, so the second another person starts to flirt with your partner, or you start to feel like maybe your partner is flirting with someone else, you lose it. This is how jealousy is, it’s irrational, painful and it can also lead to some paranoia.

Your girl has always been your rock, but the second you let your jealousy color your actions and words, your relationship starts losing durability. Dating is tough, but if you’re going to make things work you’ve got to learn how to get over your jealous tendencies.

22 Taurus Women: Be Upfront About Insecurities

The only thing worse than trying to date around in an over-saturated dating market is trying to date around and juggle your insecurities at the same time. So you hate your nose or you’re embarrassed by a huge scar on your shoulder. On your first or second date, just admit that you’ve got a few things you’re insecure about so if you do little things that may seem strange, it’s really just you trying to work through that discomfort. Your date will appreciate the honesty and it will also keep them from jumping to the wrong conclusions. Remember: Honesty is always the best policy.

21 Taurus Men: Don’t Try So Hard

The world of dating is a wonderful one. You get to meet a lot of really interesting people, get to take part in new and exciting dates, and you also get to spend some time just getting to know people, which can be a joy in itself. While the rest of us are having fun and living in the moment, sometimes you take things a little too seriously. You’re looking for your one true love, so you’re trying too hard to make the beginning of the relationship into something serious. She may not want to immediately become official. What if she’s got a few other guys she’s dating and she wants to get to know you as individuals before she decides she wants one, or none, of you? There are all kinds of dating rules and they’re as different as the many people you’ll meet. Tone it down and just have some fun. Casually date and you’ll find your perfect match in no time.

20 Sagittarius Women: Learn To Be More Patient

You want a man who has his life together. You’ve got yours all set, so why should you settle for a guy who is still in school, or who doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life? Well, that guy who is still in school actually started late due to personal or financial issues. The one who isn’t sure what he wants his career to be is having fun dabbling in multiple projects. You don’t need to jump into a relationship with someone who has certain aspects of his life in order, look for someone you mesh well with and be patient – he’s going to do what he wants with his life regardless, so don’t worry about finding Mr. Right. If you scrutinize too closely, he could be right under your nose and you’ll never know it.

19 Sagittarius Men: Keep The Conversation Light

So, you’re a great guy with a lot to offer – and you know it. The ladies love to flirt with you and every date you go on seems to go great until the slip-up. You open your mouth a little too much and now your foot is inside it. It’s okay to have opinions and it’s absolutely a good idea to be honest with them, but don’t forget to have a little tact. So your date loves dogs but hates cats. It’s okay to mention you love cats, but it’s not okay to mention the link between people who hate cats and their tendency to be more neurotic. Learn where the line is drawn and don’t step over it. Dating is hard for you because you sometimes say things you shouldn’t, which turns women off. Take it easy, leave the conversation light, and ease up a little.

18 Gemini Women: Don’t Let Nervousness Take Over!

Dating can be hard, yes, but it’s especially hard if you’re nervous about meeting someone and it shows. It can be cute when a person sees that their date is fidgeting out of nervousness, but when you’re sweating and shaking in your seat, it goes from cute to a scene out of a horror film. You don’t want to be uncomfortable, and you definitely don’t want your date to feel uncomfortable either, so before you meet up, make sure your potential partner understands that you’re nervous about meeting them. Once you’re together, make sure you’re meeting somewhere you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Create a soothing environment for yourself and maybe do something that will take the focus off of yourself, like catching a movie followed by a cup of coffee, or meeting up at a restaurant with a sports game on. Wherever you decide to meet, just remember to give your date a head’s up so you’re not judged inaccurately after a single date.

17 Gemini Men: Stop Rushing Things

So she’s pretty, you like the same things and you’ve both got similar priorities. So what? That doesn’t mean you’re a match made in heaven! You may be afraid to be alone but it doesn’t need to be obvious. Don’t try to rush a relationship with someone you barely know just because you both love the color blue and happen to also enjoy coffee. There’s nothing special about these similarities, but even if you found someone with the same passion for music as you have, it still doesn’t make the potential relationship special! The only way to find out if things will work out is to take them slowly. Move too fast and she’ll be frightened off. Read the signals she’s sending and go at her pace; do this and suddenly some of your dating issues from the past will vanish.

16 Cancer Women: Try To Consider Their Point Of View

It’s easy to say, “I like x,y, and z, so let’s do that.” What your date would appreciate is, “I like x, y, and z, but what do you like?” Being considerate of what your date wants and appreciates is an important part of dating that some people neglect. While it’s important to feel comfortable on a date and it’s important to make your voice heard, it’s equally important to know what your date wants and that your date is comfortable as well. One of the reasons dating is so hard for you sometimes is that you forget to consider your date, so they bail. Be a little more open and everything will work out.

15 Cancer Men: Keep It Simple

When your date flips her hair, is she simply moving it away from her face or is she trying to flirt? When she looks into your eyes during a conversation, is she listening to you with her full attention or is she trying to tell you something? These are the sorts of things some Cancer men overthink during a date. The resulting anxiety and unease usually lead to a date filled with missed opportunities and lingering “what if’s”. Do yourself a favor and stop overthinking every little movement, word, and gesture! Try to go with the flow of things and suddenly dating won’t be nearly as hard as you’ve been making it out to be.

14 Aquarius Women: It’s Okay To Compromise Sometimes

You know exactly what you want and you’re not willing to compromise your goals and ideals for anyone. You absolutely shouldn’t compromise with your life plans for the sake of a relationship that may or may not pan out. However, this absolution shouldn’t bleed into smaller, less important subjects such as first dates. It’s okay to make your expectations known, but it’s also okay to consider what your date is capable of and what he wants as well. You want to meet for coffee but he’s got a thing for smoothies. Don’t discard him just because he wants something you don’t – compromise a little and see where things go.

13 Aquarius Men: Don’t Be Afraid To Be Silly

The rules of toxic masculinity describe men who do cutesy things as lesser men, instead of working to maintain their machismo countenance. You’re not living in a world where women respond well to men who maintain appearances for appearance’s sake. If you want a date to go well, be yourself – even if the real you is a little silly or strange. She’s going to have to find out the truth about your personality one day, so don’t be afraid to be upfront about it. The woman you’re meant to be with will accept you for you who are, not who you’re pretending to be.

12 Pisces Women: Try To Be A Little More Objective

There are two sides to every story – and some stories have even more sides to them. Before reacting based solely on what you think you understand, ask a few questions. Get a few meaningful answers from your date before you start making assumptions based on small clues that don’t necessarily add up. Misunderstandings are one of the main causes of arguments and general dislike or mistrust between people. As a Pisces, you’re a little more prone to play the victim or martyr in situations simply because you only want one side of the story – yours. Avoid the extra drama by trying to be a little more objective.

11 Pisces Men: Be A Little Less Anti-Social

Pisces, you can sometimes retreat from social activity for a little too long. We get it, you need to reboot, but sometimes it sends the wrong message. Disappearing for a few hours, days, or weeks without preamble makes her think you don’t want to hang out or that something is wrong with the relationship. She’ll think you’re not that interested and she’ll leave before starting to invest in you. This is certainly going to make the dating game that much more difficult for you, so if you need time away from social media, texting and FaceTime, let her know you’re just enjoying some “me time” and she’ll understand.

10 Capricorn Women: Have A Little More Confidence!

The stars are shining brightly above you, the moon’s gentle rays are reflected off the lake and your date has never seemed so wonderful as they do at this moment. You lean in, heart beating in your chest, eyes fluttering closed and then – you pull back because you’re not sure the moment is “right”. What if they don’t want a kiss? What if you’re rushing things? What if you were reading their signals incorrectly and now everything is ruined because you messed it all up? Capricorn ladies, stop doing this to yourselves! Have a little confidence in yourself, in your date, and in the situation. If the mood feels right, go for it! Don’t worry about your breath, whether to open or close your eyes or any of the other silly little things that pop into your mind. Do what feels right and don’t look back.

Capricorn Men: Don’t Rush Things

Unlike Capricorn ladies, who can sometimes fret over the smallest things and hold back a little too much, Capricorn men tend to do the exact opposite. They still have confidence issues so they “fake it til’ they make it” and can sometimes go a little overboard. It’s a fine balance between living in the moment and pressuring someone to do something they might not want to do. Take it easy, Capricorn guys. Let your partner do the leading. If they lean in for a kiss, go for it. If they seem a little standoffish, take your cue and hang back a bit.

Leo Women: It’s Time To Try New Things

Leo, you’ve gone on multiple dates and on every single one you ask the same questions, wear similar outfits, offer the same kind of information about yourself and have sort of come to a point where a date isn’t that exciting anymore. It’s time to shake things up a bit. Instead of meeting for coffee or a quick meal, have your first date at a zoo and feed the giraffe! Play a game of tennis at the park or meet up at the mall and do some window shopping while getting to know each other. Volunteer to walk dogs at your local shelter for a first date or visit an aquarium. When you make a date fun, you’re more likely to feel at ease with your partner and can get out of the same boring old questions and gestures.

Leo Men: Sometimes You Take Things Too Personally

Mr. Leo, when a girl says she’s going to be too busy to hang out this weekend, she means she’s already made plans and isn’t available. She isn’t saying that she’s lost all interest in you and she’s definitely not blowing you off – she’s just got a life outside of you. It’s time to learn not to take things so personally because, let’s face it, the world literally does not revolve around you. When something doesn’t work out right away in a relationship, it doesn’t mean you did something wrong or it’s all your fault. Sometimes it’s just a misunderstanding because you’re too hard on yourself and you’re taking things the wrong way.

Scorpio Women: Take The Teasing Down A Notch

It’s one thing to laugh at a guy’s jokes and make light of some of his mannerisms, but when you’re laughing at him, not with him, things are starting to take a turn for the worst. You’re no longer playfully teasing – you’re making him feel like a fool and no one wants to feel that way, especially on a first or second date. Reel the jokes in and keep some comments to yourself, lest you sabotage the relationship before it has a chance to really start.

Scorpio Men: Don’t Be Afraid To Open Up

It can be really difficult to open up your heart to people, especially if you’re just meeting them and barely getting to know them. While it’s alright to keep most of your skeletons in the closet, you owe it to your date to learn at least a little bit about who you are as an individual, what your goals are and what you’re passionate about. You don’t need to give away your social security number and banking information, but the least you could do is provide a foundation of your identity so your date has a chance to decide whether they want to pursue something more serious or not. Blocking people out is one way that dating can be super hard – for both parties – so don’t do it.

Virgo Women: Don’t Let Shyness Overshadow Happiness

The bad part about being shy is you have to deal with blushing too much and being too afraid to do things, while on the other hand, you’re still struggling with the awareness that your inability to set aside your shyness is hurting your chances of really connecting with someone on a romantic level. Virgo ladies, you know you’re shy, so instead of allowing it to rule you, talk to your date beforehand. Let them know you’re still working on coming out of your shell, but you’ll do your best on the date. If your date is worthy of your attention at all, they’ll understand and at least go into the date knowing what to expect, instead of misunderstanding and choosing not to try to make things work.

Virgo Men: Try For A Little More Flexibility

Virgos love things done a certain way. That’s just a fact. Everyone knows it, including you, but if you’re too controlling your date is going to leave you in the dust. It might be hard, but you really do need to take a few steps back and realize that there’s no way you can control every situation or the person you date. Work on yourself for a while and once you see that you can handle backing off when it comes to friends and family, you’ll be ready to try the same thing with dating too. Trust us, dating will be a LOT easier then.

Libra Women: Stop Avoiding Confrontation

If you’re out on a date and you accidentally knock over your glass of water, no big deal. You ask for some help and get it cleaned up. It really is no biggie, but if your date starts asking about whether you’re a clumsy person and suddenly you clam up, there’s going to be a few issues. It might be a bigger issue if your date is trying to confront you about something you said or did that was rude or inappropriate, and you’re not listening at all. This makes for a 100 percent chance of no future dates with that person. If something is wrong, talk about it. It really is as simple as that.

Libra Men: It’s Okay To Be The Decision-Maker Sometimes

Women usually know what they want, which is definitely a desirable trait for many men, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit back and let her do all the planning and make all the decisions. Part of wanting to share the responsibility of planning an outing is getting feedback from the other person. It just isn’t as fun for your date if you’re always giving wishy-washy answers and non-committed grunts when they ask you questions. Just remember it’s okay to step up to be the decision-maker some of the time – your dates will definitely improve if you make that small change.

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