• August 18, 2019

Here’s What Sephora Brand She’ll Love, Based On Her Sign


In the wake of Sephora’s Beauty Insider sale, it’s time to sit down and really dive into some of their brands. Many of us are loyal to one or two products from a brand, mixing and matching products in our routines to build up the perfect individual look.

Sometimes, however, our makeup bags can look like a Sephora display that’s been dumped into a jumbled mess. Whether we’re brand loyalists by nature or more of a pick-and-choose kind of person, we all feel drawn to some brands over others. It’s natural! Brands have distinct styles and energies, just like astrological signs.

So is there a correlation between brands and signs? We were thinking about it, and we believe that there just might be. Certain brands definitely line up with the different energies of the signs. A playful brand might be a good match for the playful Sagittarius, while a rock and roll kind of brand might be a good match for a Leo. Whether we actually believe it or not is beside the point.

We’ve paired all the signs with their Sephora dream brand, based on the personalities of each. We’ve even included which product to try for all those pick-and-choose people out there!

24  Capricorn: Will Very Much Love The Charlotte Tilbury Products

Charlotte Tilbury is classic and chic, but with a surprising amount of fun and playfulness. That’s a perfect match for the classic and strong-willed Capricorn. Those that are friends with a Capricorn know that they’re often written off as being quiet, restrained, or reluctant to join the group. That’s just not true, though!

Capricorns have a wild side and love to treat themselves like the goddesses they are.

The quote from Charlotte Tilbury that’s written on Sephora’s website says, “give a woman the right makeup, and she can conquer the world.” For a confident, goal-oriented sign like Capricorn, that’s certainly true.

23  Like The Bar Of Gold Highlighter Palette

The perfect product to help the Capricorn take over the world is Charlotte Tilbury’s Bar of Gold highlighting palette. This palette features three different highlighters all crafted with the same care and compassion that Tilbury brings to all her products. Capricorns may not always be the ones trying to stand out and garner attention, but trust us when we say that this highlighter will change their minds. With beautiful gold, rose, and gold-bronze shades, Capricorn can highlight until they’re seen from space! This lets them be noticed for their powerful selves without having to push too far outside of their comfort zone.

22  Taurus: Is “Sea”ing Hearts Over Sephora’s La Mer Products

Anyone who knows anything about Taurus will know that this is the brand destined to be with them. Tauruses are the slow-and-steady sign, choosing to work at their own pace than at anyone else’s. They believe in building a solid foundation first and will invest in that foundation.

They also like a little bit of luxury, even if it means they have to work to get it.

La Mer, the skincare line that we’ve seen used in countless celebrity “get ready with me” videos is the perfect pair for Taurus. La Mer is all about that base, helping people with skin care through high-quality ingredients. La Mer never shouts, but everyone knows when it’s there. Plus, it’s probably one of the most luxurious brands out there right now.

21   Save Up And Treat That Winter-Ravaged Skin To Some Creme de La Mer

Looking good is the first step to feeling good as far as a Taurus is concerned. Combined with the sense of wanting to have a strong foundation, it makes for an excellent choice to invest in some Creme de La Mer. Some folks might not believe that the benefit of La Mer is that much more than a cheaper option. However, we have to respectfully disagree. Quality can’t be copied, and La Mer is quality through and through. Taurus, who tends to hate the feeling of dry skin, dry hair, and itchy clothes, will feel like they’re all made of silk after investing in Creme de La Mer. Trust us; it’s worth it, Taurus. Save up and live that life of luxury we typically only dream about.

20  Virgo: Empowering And Exciting, Huda Beauty Is Virgo’s Sephora Brand

Virgo is an intelligent sign and believes in the power of the group. Unlike other Earth signs who are devoted to their independence, Virgo softens that a bit.

Virgo likes to bounce ideas off of people and finds work to be most effective when done in collaboration.

Huda Beauty, which Sephora says was created by beauty blogger and makeup artist Huda Kattan and her sisters, is “a brand dedicated to empowering beauty in everyone.” Empowerment, support, and collaboration? That’s a great ideology for Virgo. Plus, the variety of wild colors and standard neutrals offers a whole lot of variety, just like Virgo’s taste in knowledge and ideas!

19  And We Recommend They Try The #FauxFilter Foundation

Virgo’s desire for excitement might come and go depending on the day, but they’re always in the mood for a good old standard. Virgo isn’t averse to new ideas, but they certainly do subscribe to the “if it’s not broken don’t fix it” adage.

This is why Huda Beauty’s #FauxFilter Foundation is such a good match. A high-quality product, this is a foundation that smooths and covers literally anything on the skin. Whether Virgo just wants the security of spot coverage or they want to build it up into something more full-coverage, #FauxFilter will give them the perfection they’re aspiring to.

18  Leo: Will Rock Urban Decay Like Nobody Else

Leo is the loud and proud star of astrology signs. Actively choosing to go against the grain sometimes means Leo isn’t afraid to be themselves. They’re not afraid to stand out and are naturally looked at as leaders because of that.

They tend to be creative, and want nothing more than to rock a unique look that feeds their confidence and attention-grabbing style.

Urban Decay is Leo’s long-lost Sephora brand, without a doubt. Urban Decay is outstanding, bringing new and creative ideas to the table all the time. They’re dramatic, they’re unapologetic, and they’re totally unique. The bright colors and smokey tones both compliment different sides of Leo’s personality. Whatever Leo’s mood, Urban Decay’s confident products can match it.

17   Including Their Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner

Rock and roll all night could be the unofficial Leo motto. There’s something about the energy of a party, concert, or nighttime hangout that gets Leo fired up. Maybe it’s the feeling that anything could happen. Maybe it’s just the fact that Leo has a lot of energy that needs to be burned off. Whatever it is, Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner is here for it. And it’ll stay here. And there. And wherever we put it, because the staying power of this product is a full 10/10, and that’s the kind of resilience Leo loves. Not to mention the sparkle! A sucker for shiny things, Leo is one of the only signs that can pull off sparkle without looking tacky. This eyeliner is a must for any Leo makeup bag.

16  Sagittarius: Cover FX Brings Out The Inner Glow Sagittarius Goes For

Sagittarius is all about staying open, honest, and bold. They respect themselves far too much to compromise who they are, which is why Sagittarius can be a bit of a polarizing sign for some. Their positivity and infectious curiosity make them magnetic though, and most people tend to love the Sagittarius.

They’re all about letting their inner light shine, which is remarkably similar to the Cover FX brand’s belief.

On Sephora’s website they write, “we believe you already contain your best beauty, we simply give you the freedom to unlock it.” If that’s not perfectly in Sagittarius’s style, we don’t know what is.

15  Try Their Custom Enhancer Drops For A Bit Of Dewy Goodness

Sagittarius ladies are always striving to be themselves and to be their bestselves. They love situations where they can let their inner glow shine; with Cover FX’s Custom Enhancer Drops, that situation is all the time. Cover FX calls their Custom Enhancer products the best way to get a glow that’s uniquely yours, and we have to agree. These work as a highlighter or all-over sparkler and can either be applied as a mix with foundation or as a base and/or top layer. Whatever Sagittarius is feeling, these drops can do. Plus, they make skin look dewy and delightful; what more could Sagittarius want?

14  Aries: Fenty Beauty Is For Sure The Best Aries Brand

Who’s more of a powerhouse than Rihanna? Aries is a sign that prides themselves on their work ethic, determination, and personal confidence. Aries can be playful, but on the whole, they’re more of a competitive sign.

This means they need a makeup brand that’s going to stick with them through thick and thin, no matter how much they ask it to do.

Sephora’s website says that Fenty Beauty was built for everyone, which means it was built to last. It’s unapologetically itself and supports everyone’s expression. The products are also unique and look so cool. In personality and look, Fenty Beauty is the best Sephora brand for Aries.

13   With The Holy Grail Product Of The Body Lava (Of Course)

How could we talk about Fenty Beauty and not talk about the holy grail product that is the Body Lava? While it seems to be sold out on Sephora’s website right now, we always have our fingers crossed that it’s coming back in stock. In case anyone doesn’t know, Body Lava was a gel that added brilliant luminosity to any part of the body. Aries will love this look, as Aries are big fans of standing out. Forging their own path requires confidence and command of attention; with Body Lava, people can’t help but be drawn to the Aries gal. Let that light shine, and try and add this holy grail to your makeup bag, Aries.

12  Gemini: Loves The Versatility The Sephora Collection

Sephora, while it has a whole lot of other brands, also has their own house brand as well. The Sephora collection is a must for any and all beauty lovers who might not have the expendable income to purchase bigger name brands. Gemini is a sign that has a little bit of trouble committing to one thing over another.

Gemini girls are incredibly versatile and often find themselves trying new things regularly in order to figure out what they like or prefer.

The Sephora collection is the twin to these twins. Sephora’s collection offers variety and choices at a lower cost than some of the other brands. It’s creative, it’s always coming out with new things, and it’ll never exclude anyone. Sounds like Gemini’s twin to us!

11   Such As Their Long-Wearing Lip Color Creations

Gemini does a fair amount of talking. Air signs are not often thought of as being outgoing, but they do like to get to know people. They’re almost as curious as a Sagittarius and will talk about anything; especially if it’s creative. Sephora’s Long-Wear Lip Color Collection is the best option for a Gemini. Not only can they mix and match colors depending on their mood, but the price is low enough that they can purchase three or four at a time. The versatility and strength of these colors are top-tier as well, making them well matched to Gemini’s versatility and strength.

10  Libra: Benefit Cosmetics Has A Little Of Everything (And Such Sweet Packaging!)

Libra likes to stay in the middle of the road. They don’t shout the loudest, but they do often have solutions and ideas that can fix everyone’s problems; they are always, always there for people, and make for amazing listeners.

They’re suckers for sweetness and don’t shy away from a little frivolity, just like the brand Benefit.

Benefit is a Sephora brand that’s got a little bit of everything. Their packaging and their products are way too sweet for words, and everyone knows who they are (even if Benefit isn’t the loudest with their brand and advertising). Sounds a little like Libra, right?

 We Think The Roller Lash Mascara Will Become A New Favorite

As an observant sign, we thought that Libra would want a product that plays on her need to keep watching and learning. Libra needs a mascara that will stand up to all the tough stuff: rain, tears, and wayward water balloons. Libra might not be impulsive, but they do like to go along with their friends’ plans. Being part of the group is nice, and the Roller Lash Mascara knows that. Roller Lash Mascara is eye-catching but doesn’t impose. It fits into any makeup bag and completes any look with fun, quality, and the perfect lash curl. If any Libras are hemming and hawing about which mascara to get, definitely try picking up this one.

8  Aquarius: MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Variety Lets Aquarius Make Any Look They Want

Aquarius folks are typically considered the creatives of all the astrological signs. While we recognize that all signs have their own kind of creativity, Aquarius ladies usually wear it on their sleeves a little more than others. It’s this kind of creativity that inspired Make Up For Ever in the first place.

Sephora quotes the brand creator as explaining that they wanted a “makeup line for professional artists that contained every kind of product needed to achieve any kind of look.”

Aquarius will definitely have a field day unlocking their creative impulses with this brand, even when they’re not in the mood to create.

7  Especially Their Luscious Artist Liquid Matte Lipstick

When in doubt, Aquarius will reach for something that makes them feel good. Whether that’s a favorite sweater, best friend, or a super cool lipstick is beside the point. The one thing that Aquarius believes in wholeheartedly is the power of actions. The Artist Liquid Matte Lipstick from Make Up For Ever is undeniably reliable. It’s an old standard for most makeup addicts and has a shade to complete any look. The nourishing ingredients mean Aquarius won’t find themselves having to top it off halfway through the day, making it the perfect set-and-forget product. Satisfy that creative need and then move onto the next project!

Cancer: Will Appreciate The Reliability Of NARS

NARS: we all know it, we’ve all sampled it, but few of us look twice at it. The same thing can be said about poor Cancer: we all know a Cancer, and we all know how amazingly thoughtful and sweet they are. However, due to Cancer’s tendency to be private and keep to themselves, people often forget to say “How about yourself?” when checking in.

Cancers are reliable, and once they trust something they put their whole heart and soul into it.

That’s what the founder of NARS has done with this brand. The Sephora description quotes him as saying, “I created the brand from scratch and put so much of my soul into it,” which is how Cancer likes to approach work, relationships, and life in general.

5 And Should Really Look Into That Radiant Creamy Concealer

It’s not that Cancer likes to cover things up; as one of the more private signs, though, they appreciate being able to keep certain things inside. Maybe it’s a bit on the nose, but that’s part of the reason we chose a concealer as Cancer’s holy grail product. The Radiant Creamy Concealer is smooth and stay-put. Cancer, who needs to know that they can trust someone before opening up, finds a similar companion in this product. This concealer isn’t coming off without cleansing and certainly won’t break anyone’s trust by budging accidentally. The Radiant Creamy Concealer is the best addition to a Cancer’s makeup bag.

4  Pisces: Too Faced Is Laced With Love And Romance

Pisces loves romance. We’ve said it time and time again, and we’ll keep saying it. Don’t think that all a Pisces worries about is love, though. They like to share their love with others and don’t limit “romantic” gestures to just significant others. Friends often receive Valentine’s cards and memes, making Pisces typically very well loved.

Too Faced is also well-loved, as they’re all about expressing how we feel inside.

Building up confidence through positivity is one of Pisces great qualities. Too Faced also tends to be sweet, with just a touch of saucy. That’s just like Pisces’ personality too!

3 Which Is Why Pisces Should Pick Up Any Of The Sweet Peach Collection

This is a collection that absolutely highlights what we were talking about in the last point. The Sweet Peach collection features a whole lot of lovely and pink packaging. It’s soft and romantic and even smells like peaches, according to a few product reviews. What’s inside that eyeshadow palette, though? Some dark and mysterious colors with names like “Talk Derby To Me” as well as a series of pinks, mauves, and browns with much more innocent names. Pisces will appreciate the little bit of edge but will also find comfort in the sweet classics inherent in this collection. Besides, who doesn’t want a faceful of peaches? Delicious!

Scorpio: Will Love Kat Von D’s Long Lasting, Feel Good Formulas

Anyone active on Sephora’s social media can see the amazing products that Kat Von D comes out with. They’re a fan of posting different creative looks made with KVD Beauty’s products, and we totally understand why.

Cruelty-free and almost entirely vegan, Kat Von D’s feel-good formulas will fill Scorpio with a creative fire.

Scorpio loves to be unique, and isn’t the greatest at hiding things inside. They’re outspoken and tend to explode if they’re forced to keep their thoughts inside. They also have an incredibly strong moral compass and don’t put up with injustice. Kat Von D supports strong morals and expressing oneself; that’s definitely a Scorpio trait.

Especially That Ever-Popular Tattoo Liner

This always-present option is one of the products that made Kat Von D Beauty a personal favorite. As lovers of a strong cat eye, it’s important to get a product that aids in that adventure. Scorpios will appreciate the quality and care that goes into this liner and will respect the reputation that it’s built up. The Tattoo Liner and all its variations will help Scorpio achieve any look they’re aiming for. This is the support that Scorpio needs in order to feel comfortable being themselves in any situation. With support like that, it’s hard to dislike the Tattoo Liner. Ever popular and absolutely worth it, Scorpio should get on this holy grail product ASAP. After all, it’s written in the stars.

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