• December 06, 2019

Here’s What Makes Each Sign Feel Head Over Heels In Love (His & Hers)

If you are reading this, you either want to know how to make your crush fall in love with you or want to strengthen the bond that you share with your partner. Well, whatever your reason might be, you are at the right place, my friend. After all, a person’s astro sign can tell you a lot about their core personality and tastes in life. Especially when it comes to the matters of the heart.

Trust us, a Taurus will not last long with an Aquarius, just as a Sagittarius will be at the top of the world when paired with a Leo. It’s got everything to do with temperaments that either rub each other the wrong way or instead feel like two pieces of a complete puzzle.

Check out the entry for your own sign first and then hop over to the description of your partner or crush’s sign.

So are you ready to find out what makes each sign feel head over heels in love? Let’s go!

24Aquarius Woman: When He Compliments Her Intelligence

The Aquarius woman is not like most women. For one, she could care less about being complimented for her good looks. She would rather you recognized that keen mind behind her sharp eyes.

And for another, she is more of an intellectual lover than an emotional one. So if you arouse her mind and spark her imagination, she will choose you even if you’re not a workout aficionado.

That’s why if you are dating her, the best way for you to make her feel loved is by complimenting her intelligence and expressing your love for her through intelligent means, like giving her a word puzzle that says “I love you”.

23Aquarius Man: When She Keeps Her Promises

The Aquarius man may not have a large circle of friends, but he always feels alone.

It might be because most people don’t understand his wild and imaginative visions for the future. Or, it could be because he has a penchant for poking holes through silly traditions and societal customs that failed to evolve with the times.

Therefore, he finds it hard to be in romantic relationships. He is scared of being vulnerable with you because he doesn’t want you to laugh at him and call him weird.

That’s why the best way for you to make him feel loved is by keeping your promises to him. This helps him learn to trust you and eventually helps him open up to you more.

22Leo Woman: When He Treats Her Like A Queen

That’s not surprising at all! After all, Leo is ruled by the Sun, which is at the center of our solar system. And like its ruler, all Leos expect everything to revolve around them too.

Sounds egotistical? Not really. We all think only about ourselves 95% of the time. Leos are just more vocal about it.

So if you want your Leo lady to feel those warm fuzzy feelings for you, treat her like a queen and she will be yours forever. And this includes taking her out to the best places, going out of your way to surprise her, and telling her you love her every single day.

21Leo Man: When She Admires Him And His Actions

Dating a Leo man can often feel like a full-time job because of his tendency to ask for your undivided attention whenever he texts you or calls you up. Even if it’s in the middle of the day and you are about to head into a meeting!

Don’t worry, though. The antidote to these clingy calls for attention is simple. Just shower your Leo with healthy doses of admiration whenever you are free and let the love pour out of your pores. And then tell him you can’t wait to get back to him once work is over.

20Taurus Woman: When He Takes Her Out For A Date At An Expensive Restaurant

The Taurus woman has simple needs in life: a comfortable home, peaceful and luxurious surroundings, and occasional outings to beautiful locales and restaurants. Satisfy these and she will love you forever. But there’s a catch.

This lady can be quite stubborn and proud. So if you’re one of those people, who loves to boast how much cash they have and how grateful she should be that you can give her this life, you’ll soon find yourself sleeping alone at night.

Because the key to making her feel loved is to pair these luxuries with sincere words of love and affection.

19Taurus Man: When She Fits Into His Life And Routine Perfectly

The Taurus man does not like to be bothered. Especially not when he is lazing on his favorite chair and watching his favorite TV series on Netflix. And he does not want you to come “fix” his life and habits either. He is happy just the way things are going and hates people who nag at him unnecessarily.

That’s why when he finally finds someone who fits into his life perfectly and whose routines compliment his own, he feels like he has found his soulmate. After all, when you love someone, you accept them just the way they are.

18Scorpio Woman: When He Opens Up To Her About His Vulnerabilities

The Scorpio woman is a master of the poker face. When you look at her, you will not have any idea how deep her emotions run and how accurately she has already read you.

That’s why she tends to evoke such extreme reactions from people. No one likes to feel like a worm underneath a microscope!

That’s why when you open up to her about your vulnerabilities and accept the less-than-stellar aspects of your personalities with full honesty, you blow her mind out of the park. She just loves it when people trust her that deeply and are that honest about themselves and their shortcomings.

17Scorpio Man: When She Trusts Him 100%

The Scorpio man is a polarizing individual. Some love him for his brutal honesty and ability to read people like an open book, while others hate him for the same. It all depends on the person, really, and is not a reflection of the Scorpio man.

Unfortunately, haters tend to be quite vicious. And so the Scorpio man has lived through his fair share of ugly experiences. They are the reason why he values companionship and loyalty above all else in his life. And also the reason why he feels loved the most when you trust him 100% with your vulnerabilities and darkest secrets.

16Aries Woman: When He Gives Her All His Attention

The Aries woman is a go-getter. She doesn’t like to wait in the wings for somebody to hand her opportunities. She strikes out on her own and makes opportunities happen for herself!

She’s an Aries, after all. And when she wants something, nobody can stop her from having it.

That’s why she feels deeply loved when you give her all your attention, especially when you both are out with other people. In fact, if you agree to go along with her proposed plans when the rest say no, you will win her heart forever.

15Aries Man: When She Works Out With Him

The Aries man was a handful when he was a kid. Just ask his mother if you don’t believe us. He is a man full of enthusiasm and unstoppable energy.

That’s why he likes to hit the gym or the sports center so much. He needs these positive outlets so he can release all that pent-up energy inside of him. Otherwise, he tends to get hot-headed and physically aggressive with people.

So if you want to make him feel loved, join him for a workout. That will immediately make you stand out to him as a potential soulmate who understands his need to be active.

14Libra Woman: When He Is Romantic In Front Of An Audience

The Libra woman is a social butterfly with friends in practically every social circle in town. She just loves hanging out with people, basking in their admiration (she is strikingly beautiful, after all), and knowing all the who’s who.

That’s why if you want to win her heart, you must do so publicly. As in, pull out all stops and woo her in front of people.

Whether that’s a romantic proposal in the middle of a grand party or acknowledgment of how wonderful she is while you are in the company of important people, she feels loved when there’s a healthy dose of PDA involved!

13Libra Man: When She Is Enthusiastic About His Random Plans

The Libra man can be quite infuriating to many people because of his indecisiveness. But that’s because he can see the pros of both the choices and doesn’t want to miss out on one or the other!

That’s why he feels deeply loved when his partner is agile and willing to adapt to his random changes of plan. In fact, he will love you even more if you are open to dropping by the corner ice cream shop on your way from a pricey restaurant even if you are overdressed for such a tiny place.

12Cancer Woman: When He Sneaks Up On Her For A Cuddle

Like the how the crab protects it’s sensitive underbelly with its hard shell, the Cancer woman protects her soft and sensitive nature under a veneer of aloofness and distance too. That is until you start showing her how much you care for her.

Because once she believes that you won’t break her heart, that’s when she lets you into her inner circle (if she likes you). And once you have crossed through, you get to see that sweet, nurturing side of hers that all her friends and family know about.

Well, if you are that fortunate, don’t forget to sneak up on her for surprise cuddles every now and then. You will really make her day!

11Cancer Man: When She Cooks His Favorite Meal

The way to a man’s heart is said to be through his stomach. Well, that holds true for the Cancer man. Especially when it comes to the food his mother prepares. He believes nothing can compare to it. And he is right.

After all, the best cooks always cook with love. That’s why a meal prepared by our mother is always the best in the world!

So if you want to make this homebody crab feel deeply loved, put your love into cooking meals for him. Especially his favorite ones. Just make sure you cut him short if he tries to compare your cooking to his mother’s.

10Capricorn Woman: When He Plans For The Future With Her

The Capricorn woman is a disciplined lady. She is conservative, traditional, and wants to achieve big things in life, which includes having a family that is respected by everyone in society.

That’s why when you eagerly plan your joint future with her, she feels deeply loved and respected. And the more details you are willing to etch up, the happier she is.

So if you really love her, don’t panic, and don’t steer clear of complex subjects like marriage, career trajectories, and starting a family. She will be a happy camper as long as these things are definitely there in the near future.

9Capricorn Man: When She Supports His Goals In Life

The Capricorn man is ruled by Saturn, the planet of discipline and hard work. That’s why he tends to come off as a prude, no-fun sort of person. But that’s precisely the reason why he achieves big things in life over time.

Therefore, the best way for you to make this man feel deeply loved is by supporting him unconditionally as he plods his way slowly and steadily towards his goals in life.

Trust us, he isn’t one for romantic surprises and declarations. He would rather you encouraged and motivated him whenever he hits a low point on his journey.

8Gemini Woman: When He Writes Her Love Letters

The Gemini woman is a mercurial lady. Literally. (Gemini is ruled by Mercury.) That’s why she is so good at striking up lengthy conversations with total strangers. She really is a master communicator.

That’s why if you want to make her feel deeply loved, don’t go the emotional route with her. It’s because words speak louder than actions to her (they really do). If you manage to stimulate her mind, she will be in love with you forever. And this includes having thought-provoking conversations underneath the stars and writing love letters to each other.

7Gemini Man: When She Listens To His Stories With Rapt Attention

The Gemini man is such a masterful storyteller that he can leave you with shivers when he tells a tale. And the best part is, he tends to tell stories of real-life people he has met over the years (he meets a lot of people).

So if you want to make him feel loved, listen to him when he speaks. He really enjoys the attention, especially when he is telling a tale. And don’t forget to pepper the listening with appropriate reactions. They charge this extrovert up like nothing else in the world!

6Sagittarius Woman: When He Wants To Explore The World And Learn New Things With Her

The Sagittarius woman is very straightforward. When she likes something, she says it. When she doesn’t like something, she still says it. She doesn’t believe one should hold their tongue if they have nothing nice to say. After all, if the world worked on that principle we would still be living in mud huts in the stone ages.

And that’s the key to making her feel loved. Just be open to exploring the world with her and learning new things, because she is the same and would love to take you along with her on her joyrides.

5Sagittarius Man: When She Doesn’t Restrict Him

The Sagittarius man is one of the most relationship-phobic males in astrology. And for good reason. He has seen how bad relationships end up derailing your ambitions, curtailing your freedom, and cutting you off from all the good people in your life.

That’s why if you want him to feel deeply loved, you must never restrict him. Trust me, if you are meant to be together, his personal boundaries will match yours. And if they don’t, you can’t talk him out of leaving you. It’s just common sense because he doesn’t believe in wasting anyone’s time.

4Virgo Woman: When He Takes Equal Responsibility For The Household Chores

Well, men and women have been fighting over this for centuries. But no one is as passionate about this as the Virgo woman, even if she isn’t vocal about her displeasure with your slacking behavior at home.

That’s why if you want to make her feel loved, take an active role in doing the day-to-day upkeep of your shared home. Trust us, it will immediately make you stand out to her as the perfect man.

Just remember: the Virgo woman is a stickler for perfection. So if she starts bossing you around and telling you how she likes you to do the tasks, calmly make her sit down and tell her there many ways of doing the same job. And as long as the work gets done, she shouldn’t nag you about it.

3Virgo Man: When She Calms Down His Anxieties

The Virgo man is full of anxieties and insecurities. And most of the time it has got to do with his health. The catch is, because of his health-freak nature, he usually isn’t afflicted by anything. It’s just hypochondria.

So if you want to make him feel loved, listen to him when he is anxious. And once he has said all, calm him down and help him unravel his anxieties. He will really be grateful if you can talk him into taking off those unreasonable burdens off his shoulders.

2Pisces Woman: When He Turns Up The Romance!

The Pisces woman is a strong creative. It’s what feeds her escapism and love for fantasies. They are the perfect playground for her to express herself uninhibitedly.

That’s why if you want to make her feel deeply loved, turn up the romance and do it creatively. That means no coffee dates for her when you go out. Take her to a painting carnival or a music festival where she can let loose and experience something creative and fun at the same time.

The key is to be creative. It’s what inspires her!

1Pisces Man: When She Gives Him Space

The Pisces man is an introverted soul who loves to be alone with just the company of his rich imagination. That’s why relationships with this man can be quite stressful for women who have an anxious attachment style.

So if you really want him to feel loved and then see you as his soulmate, make sure you give him lots and lots of space whenever he asks for it. It’s his way to ground himself and retain his creative individuality.

After all, Pisces people tend to merge with their partners easily and then swim out to be themselves again from time to time.

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