• August 18, 2019

Here’s The Best ‘Romcom’ To Watch On Netflix Right Now, According To Each Astro Sign

It’s been sweater weather for a while now, which means for most of us it’s time to reignite interest in one of our favorite hobbies: binging Netflix. As the semester starts to roll through to the end, we find that it’s becoming more and more important to take study breaks. Watching a movie is a great way to not only wind down with roommates or a partner, but it’s also a nice escape from the rigors of real life. Exam stress is mounting and the more relaxation we can squeeze in, the better. It only makes sense that we begin to figure out which movies to watch on repeat now, before intense studying melts all of our decision-making capacity.

Luckily, no decision has to be made. We’ve done all the deciding already! Each sign has a very different way of approaching movies. Some like long, deep stories, while others prefer to keep things short and funny. When mixing that with romance, it can be tricky to find the perfect blend. These are the perfect romcoms for each sign. These were specifically crafted to offer an escape from work stress, relationship drama, and even exam cramming. No more decisions need to be made. Build a blanket fort, grab the chips, and let’s get watching.

20…Gemini: ‘Alex Strangelove’ Might Find Geminis Feeling For Themselves

This is a Netflix movie that has been on everybody’s lips for the past little while. IndieWire calls Alex Strangelove “a neat spin on an old genre”, and we’re inclined to agree! Gemini will appreciate the way that the lead is swaying in an attempt to make a decision regarding his personal identity label. Gemini, a sign that flits between many labels, understands that pain as well. Not only does a Gemini tend to have a similar sort of difficulty making a decision, but they’ll find a kinship with the lead’s open heartedness. This is a movie anyone who likes teen romcoms will love to watch.

19…Libra: ‘Happy Anniversary’ Puts Practical Decision-Making In The Spotlight

Rotten Tomatoes lists Happy Anniversary as “a romantic comedy about a relationship at a crossroads”. Whenever there’s a decision to be made, Libra is likely going to be thinking about it. And thinking about it. And thinking about it until the decision has turned into a totally different issue entirely. Overthinking can be a benefit, though, as Libras also tend to be confident when they do make a choice.

This movie about a couple going through the process of making a decision is a perfect match for a Libra’s love of grappling with issues and figuring things out.

Trust us; this is a movie that’s more ‘rom’ than ‘com’, but we think it’ll be a good match.

18…Aquarius: ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ Will Give Any Artist Life

Aquarius isn’t one to do things by the book, which is why we’re looking at this remake of a classic movie to provide our romcom binge material. Unlike some of the other options on this list, this remake is actually a series. This means that there’s plenty of content for those longer Netflix sessions. This is perfect for an Aquarius, as they tend to get deeply involved with the things they like. They also tend to prefer short-form media than the long-form, as it gives them the opportunity to walk away when their attention wanders. The show itself is full of amazing commentary and excellent relationships, with a healthy dose of art; all perfect for the creative Aquarius.

17…Air Signs: Light And Sweet, But Still With Some Meat

Air signs love love. Talk to any air sign out there and it’s clear that they’re big fans of gushing over the mushy stuff. Romcoms might not always be an air sign’s first genre of choice, but we believe that many of them do hold a certain place in Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini’s hearts.

Air signs are all about opening up. They can’t help but feel things as they come, which is why romcoms are an excellent choice; especially if an air sign is feeling those winter blues starting to set in!

That being said, as much as air signs like to keep things light and breezy, they do prefer movies that give them something to dream about.

16…But Stay Away From Movies Heavy On The Heartbreak

It’s a fine balance for air signs, especially if there’s already some emotions going on in their real life. Not only do air signs often find themselves flowing along with the good times that might be present in a movie, but they also tend to come along for the bad vibes ride too. An air sign is highly empathetic, which means it’s a good idea to stay away from the movies that have a whole lot of heartbreak. Leaning into the “com” part of romcom is going to be an asset here, especially if air signs are feeling a little delicate.

15…Capricorn: ‘For A Good Time, Call’ (Or Watch This Romcom That’s More Friendship Than Finality)

Very few romcoms are set up with platonic relationships at their core, but For a Good Time, Call is. IndieWire says it’s a “wild tale of female friendship that smartly uses the framework of the genre to tell a story about the power of platonic love.” For the pragmatic Capricorn, this is a perfect match.

Capricorns tend not to fall for the fake romance stuff. Romcoms can be difficult for them to watch, as much of them seem unrealistic.

Friendship, however, is something that the Capricorn fully understands. They’re loyal to the bitter end, and will never let a friend down. A movie about friendship is the perfect romcom for a Capricorn, even if it sounds a little weird on paper.

14…Virgo: ‘Set It Up’ Says All We Need To Know About Following Our Hearts

If there’s one thing that a Virgo knows about it’s following their own lead. While Virgo will play by the rules, they’re also not afraid to diverge from the group if they know of a better way to do something. They’re not always the ones to speak up, but that doesn’t stop them from working towards change. They’re always trying to make others feel heard and appreciated, sometimes letting their own hearts be put on the back burner. Set It Up is a movie all about realizing true feelings, in the guise of trying to improve other people’s lives. If that’s not a perfect match for the Virgo, we don’t know what is!

13…Taurus: ‘Love’ Is The Delicious Insight That Satisfies All Our Curiosities

Taurus folk do things in their own time and don’t necessarily worry about what the rest of the world says they should be doing. Love is a show about love. Big surprise, right? While it might sound fluffy, it’s actually a really honest look at what love is all about. Taurus, who’s a fan of both complexity and luxury, usually finds love to be the only emotion that’s a perfect mix of those two things. Figuring out a challenge makes a Taurus’s heart glow, which is why we’re recommending this show.

The leads are trying to figure things out, and Taurus can’t help but go along for the ride.

12…Earth Signs: Are Looking For A Little More Intelligence

The worldly earth signs prefer movies that have a little more substance. While none of these movies are vapid or dulled down, they romcoms as a genre can tend to get caught on the light and sweet level. Earth signs tend to value to depth, intelligence, and straightforward conversation. They much prefer to talk about nothing than to force themselves through a conversation of small talk. Part of this is because of their work-oriented nature. Earth signs don’t like to waste time, which is why leisure activities (like movies) can sometimes fall by the wayside. By choosing a movie that will make them think, earth signs will enjoy the night off even more.

11…Which Means Staying Away From The Extra-Cheese Orders

“Extra cheese, please,” might be great for a pizza order, but that’s not the case with an earth sign’s movie.

Cheesy movies often leave the sphere of logical thinking. For a set of signs that are very grounded in reality, suspending their pragmatic thinking can be very, very difficult.

Staying away from the cheesy movies ensures that they’re able to enjoy the story and their night off, without having to struggle through a series of story justifications. By having an interesting plot, and characters with depth, earth signs will not only be able to connect to the story but also able to think about it long after Netflix is turned off.

10…Leo: ‘Sleeping With Other People’ Is A Strange, But Sophisticated Take

Leos are some of the most in-your-face astrological signs, but that can be a big benefit when it comes to love. Navigating relationships is difficult if we keep everything locked up inside. For the Leo, emotions tend to live fully upfront and present. Leos like to share experiences with people, and their emotional experiences are no exception to that. Sleeping With Other People is a movie that creates tension in the most delicious ways. IndieWire lists it as one of the 11 best Netflix romcoms, and we’re inclined to agree. Leos will love the characters, the quickness of the story, and the subtlety of that weird “just friends” love.

9…Sagittarius: ‘The Kissing Booth’ Brings Us Back To High School And Happiness

Freedom comes in many forms when we’re adults, but there are not as many opportunities for letting go when we’re teenagers. Sagittarius, an empathetic, freedom-loving sign, recognizes that truth. Rotten Tomatoes says that The Kissing Booth culminates in the ultimate choice: “follow the rules or follow her heart.” While it is a high school coming-of-age romcom, don’t write it off as something silly.

The lead is a heartwarming character, and one that Sagittarius will totally feel for; especially when faced with the same kind of decision every Sagittarius has had to make!

While it hasn’t been out for too long, this movie is definitely worth a watch.

8…Aries: ‘The Incredible Jessica James’ Is The Lead An Aries Would Love To Be

Aries is the kind of sign that tends to see themselves in situations. The movies that most capture an Aries’ imagination are the ones that have strong leads and put them in a variety of interesting situations. Slow movies are not the impulsive, quick-witted Aries’ jam, which is why The Incredible Jessica James is a fantastic choice. Well paced with an amazingly strong lead, this is a ‘romcom’ that’s going to put the fire back in Aries’ imagination. It’s a tall order trying to find something as fiery as an Aries, but this movie does just that. Plus, it’s the perfect antidote to soothe a recent breakup.

7…Fire Signs: Crave Strong Leads And Interesting Stories

Earth signs might want some deep revelation to happen in their romcoms, but fire signs don’t necessarily need all that nonsense. Fire signs tend to get caught up in the pace and energy of the movie and are more focused on characters than plot. While they want to have enough of a story to follow, fire signs are often the most forgiving if the story doesn’t exactly follow a narrative structure.

Stand-out comedy, good acting, and strong character work is enough to get a fire sign going.

If they can act it out in their bedroom later, they’ll definitely fall hook, line, and sinker for the ‘romcom’.

6…But Still Want A Movie As Fiery As Them

That’s the secret to most successful movies though, isn’t it? We know that when a movie matches whatever energy we’ve got, we’re more likely to enjoy it. Fire signs might not be the most open with their inner secrets, but they certainly aren’t afraid to share their passions and ideas with people. While emotional vulnerability can be a challenge for fire signs, they find that it gets a little easier when faced with a movie that’s laying bare some vulnerable topics. The best romcom for a fire sign will have a mix of that vulnerability and the hardcore excitement that’s innately present in a fire sign.

5…Cancer: ‘Irreplaceable You’ Will Tug At Those Heart Strings

Cancer is one of the most vulnerable signs on our list, but they certainly wouldn’t admit to it. Cancers take a while to warm up to people. Once they trust someone, though, they trust them with their whole heart. The vulnerability of a Cancer is remarkable, with them choosing to partake in deep, open conversations readily and willingly.

Irreplaceable You feels like one of those open conversations that ends with both parties crying and hugging it out…

Which is totally a Cancer thing. Be warned, though: the story and the acting are amazing, which makes it hard to hold back the tears.

4…Pisces: ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ Is A Contemporary Classic Riddled With Romance

Everyone and their dog seems to have seen To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, which is why we’re listing it as a contemporary classic. This is another one of those teen romcoms that surpasses any and all expectations we usually have for that genre. While Rotten Tomatoes reviews are split on whether this is an “accurate” portrayal of high school relationship, we say that it doesn’t matter. Pisces’ are romantic signs, and love to get caught up in the escapism of a good story. This movie is all about the love and romance, and firmly caters to those of us that like escapism. Not to mention how all the love talk in this movie immediately melts our hearts.

3…Scorpio: ‘I Give It A Year’ Reveals A Twist That Many Romcoms Miss

Scorpios are water signs, but they’re not exactly as touchy-feely as the other signs in this genre. The Scorpio feels things intensely, but they tend not to talk about it. Their emotional energy is strong, and it can actually overwhelm them sometimes. They like to witness others work through problems or issues, as it helps them feel supported. I Give It A Year is a ‘romcom’ in the best possible way. IndieWire calls it a “send-up of the genre,” making it a perfect match for the Scorpio’s desire to be unique. We don’t want to give away the movie, but it basically follows the end of a marriage.

One of our personal favorites, we think that this is a ‘romcom’ that’s sure to satisfy both the romance and the comedy cravings.

2…Water Signs: Will Want To Dig Into The ‘Rom’ Part Of These Romcoms

Water signs are similar to Air signs in the sense that they love to love. In fact, they might love to love more than any of the other signs on this list. Water signs aren’t afraid of their feelings. While it might take a while for them to be comfortable enough to share those feelings with people, they certainly have a deep range of emotions. Combining this love of love with their depth of feeling means that they tend to prefer the romcoms that are heavy on the ‘rom’. Romance is a beautiful thing to watch, and it can often rejuvenate a water sign’s faith in love and romance.

1…And Don’t Want To Waste Time On Fluff

The catch to that heavy-on-the-romance thing? It can’t be fluffy. Romcoms can be notoriously weak in terms of actual depth. Oftentimes it can feel like writers, actors, and directors all get caught up in the romantic moments and funny turns of phrase, letting depth and meaning fall by the wayside. Water signs need honesty in order to believe in things, though, even if that thing is a ‘romcom’ relationship. By keeping the movie honest, open, and full of actual meaning, the water sign will be able to dive deep and let themselves get caught up in the current of the movie.

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