• August 18, 2019

Here’s Her Weak Spot When It Comes To Love, Based On Astrology

Though many people spend their lives in pursuit (and maintenance) of the perfect relationship, we can all agree that even the best ones require work sometimes. Some people might be better at the love thing than others, but nobody is a total pro. We all have weaknesses to work through when it comes to being in love, which can really make a relationship hard work. Nobody gets it right every single time.

The Astrological signs can all make fantastic partners under the right circumstances, and when they’re with people who bring out the best in them. But every sign has that one weak spot that, if they’re not careful, can ruin the good relationships they’re in. From getting carried away and taking things too fast to being too emotionally distant to being too critical, every sign has their bad relationship habits.

Even though no sign is perfect, all of them are capable of happiness in a relationship. Their weak spots don’t have to mean the end of their love lives—just something to watch out for. Any habit can be broken, right? Read on to find out what your weak spot in a relationship is based on your sign.

20The Fire Signs Take Things A Little Too Far Sometimes

We all have a line that we don’t cross in a relationship, but for the fire signs, that line can be very blurry (or just non-existent). Obviously fueled by fire, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius can sometimes get so absorbed in their strong emotions that they do and say things that are really upsetting to their partners.

Yes, these signs have been known to hit below the belt upon occasion.

They can get carried away and take things a little too far, but they do apologize and admit they were wrong once they cool down. It just might take a while!

19Aries Comes On Too Strong And Scares People Away

Aries is a great partner for a lot of reasons. She’s fun to be around, will take her partner on adventures, will stand up for them and is always loyal to them. The only trouble is that she sometimes scares people away because she comes on too strong. She doesn’t like to take things slow and plan them out—instead, she’ll push things forward. She might want to have talks about the future when it’s way too soon or reveal her deep feelings in the first few weeks. Some people are okay with this, but others get put off by how fast she takes it.

18Leo Can Be A Tad Selfish In A Relationship

Selflessness is said to be one of the things that drives a relationship, and one of the indicators of true love. There needs to be some element of putting the other person first if the relationship is going to work, and Leo does understand that.

However, this strong and confident sign also knows exactly what she wants, and on her way to get it, she can be a little bit selfish.

Sometimes she forgets to think about the needs of her partner, which can leave them feeling like she doesn’t actually care about them, even though she does.

17Sagittarius Is A Little Bit Too Flirtatious

Everyone has a different stance on flirting. Some think it’s harmless, while others don’t allow it from their partners. And then there are the different stages of flirting. Most people draw the line somewhere, but Sagittarius has a habit of taking it too far. This sign is naturally charming, and pretty much anyone who meets her falls for her instantly. With all that attraction going on, sometimes she loses control of herself and gets a little bit too flirty, which can make her partner feel really uncomfortable. Though it’s totally innocent on her end, her partner doesn’t always know that.

16Fire’s Strong Spot Is Passion

All that passion that makes up such a strong part of the fire signs’ personalities can get them in trouble when they lose their tempers, but it is also one of their strengths. That passion lends itself to spontaneous dates, thoughtful gifts, lots of physical affection and a generally exciting time together.

This kind of passion isn’t something that the other signs can fake, and the fire signs are lucky enough to be naturally blessed with it.

Fighting with a fire sign is particularly bad, but in the same way, the good times are very, very good.

15The Earth Signs Are Their Own Worst Enemy

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn can often be their own worst enemy in a relationship. They are too intelligent to get themselves into relationships with truly toxic people a lot of the time, and they frequently sabotage their own happiness without even knowing it. Though they might be with someone really understanding, they’ll still keep their guards up for too long, or they’ll still pick at a near-perfect relationship just because they can, or their need to stay in control can end up driving the other person away. They are great judges of character but sometimes can’t recognize flaws in themselves.

14Taurus Doesn’t Allow Herself To Be Vulnerable

Being vulnerable in front of another person is scary, but can be one of the most exciting, intimate parts of a relationship. Opening up and letting them in tends to strengthen the bond between two people. Being too vulnerable too soon could scare some people away, but Taurus has the opposite problem where she’s reluctant to let her guard down at all.

This sign is self-sufficient and drama-free and hates the idea of somebody knowing her weaknesses.

The problem with this is that her partner can feel disconnected from her because she doesn’t let them in.

13Virgo’s Impossible Standards Stop Her From Feeling The Love

Miss Virgo has probably been told more than once that she needs to lower her standards. We don’t think anybody should settle for less than they deserve, but being the perfectionist that she is, sometimes Virgo asks for a little bit too much. It’s good to know what you want, but at the same time, this sign can often end up missing out on love because she rejects perfectly good suitors who aren’t quite up to scratch in her eyes. She doesn’t have to settle with someone she doesn’t like, but she might like to look beyond every little flaw.

12Capricorn’s Need To Control Everything Gets In The Way

It can be difficult being with someone who needs to be in control all the time. This is kind of the way Capricorn operates in her daily life—she doesn’t like to leave things to chance or up to anyone else.

Instead, she likes to know what’s going on and see that things get done to her standards.

While some partners love this, others see it as her weakness because it can make her a little irritating to be around. But what she lacks in flexibility she makes up for in ambition, drive, loyalty, and impeccable personal style.

11Earth’s Strong Spot Is Reliability

For those looking for a strong, stable and secure relationship, the earth signs were sent from heaven. These signs are the most reliable in Astrology, and although they may not be full of passion and excitement, they are usually safe choices when it comes to being in a relationship. Their partners can rely on them to be there when they say they’re going to be there and remain loyal to them even when temptation arises. The earth signs are intelligent enough to stay one step ahead, and usually, have everything taken care of for their partners.

10The Air Signs Have To Put More Effort Into The Relationship

For the air signs, life is like a ride. They like to close their eyes and see where it takes them rather than trying to control every little thing that happens. While that’s a refreshing attitude to have, it can be hard for a partner when they take that approach with their relationship.

Sometimes, rather than taking care of their relationship and putting effort into it, they forget about it, get distracted by other things, and expect things to work themselves out.

This can leave their partners feeling a little neglected, and in the worst case, resentful.

9Gemini Has A Problem Proving She’s Trustworthy

We’re not saying that you can’t trust a Gemini. But we are saying that sometimes, she acts in ways that make her partner feel like they can’t trust her. With the very best intentions, this sign can sometimes fall back on her word because she has a scatterbrain moment, or forget to show up somewhere because she has a million events on in the same week. And then, of course, there’s the whole issue of her having two faces. Gemini can be trusted when she loves someone, but she has to work extra hard to prove that sometimes.

8Libra Doesn’t Feel Confident Enough To Communicate Her Needs

They say that in every relationship there’s an alpha and a beta. The chemistry is different when different signs get together, but usually, Libra falls into the second category. She’s just that little bit too agreeable and considerate to ever really dominate anybody else, or ever be the leader in the relationship.

This sign hates conflict and at times, doesn’t feel confident enough to communicate what she really needs from her partner.

She sometimes avoids discussions for this reason, which can be annoying to her partner who just wants to have an honest conversation and sort out the issue.

7Aquarius Needs To Learn To Adapt And Negotiate

Being a fairly independent sign, Aquarius is usually quite set in her ways by the time she meets someone she wants to be in a relationship with. And though she is an air sign, there’s also part of her that really doesn’t want to budge on certain things. Every relationship requires at least a little negotiation, but Aquarius can struggle with this. She can sometimes expect her partner to cater to her needs rather than meeting them halfway. Negotiating may not be her strong point, but this sign is a super fun date to bring to a party.

6Air’s Strong Spot Is Forgiveness

The Air signs might not be great at remembering the small details or staying on top of everything, but they are masters when it comes to forgiveness. These signs believe that holding on to past pain is a waste of time, and they choose to move on as quickly as possible nine times out of ten.

A partner would have to do something pretty bad for these signs to hold a grudge!

Their main goal in life is to have a good time and enjoy themselves, and they understand that they can’t do that if they’re holding anger toward someone else.

5The Water Signs Should Look At Their Relationships Through A Rational Lens

The water signs—Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces—can sometimes struggle with turning off their emotions and turning up the logic. They follow how they feel based on what they think is right, which is sometimes a good thing and sometimes it’s not. They certainly make for passionate partners who are loving, affectionate and supportive. The only problem is they can sometimes get lost in all those feelings and the relationship can end up being quite toxic as a result. If they can be a bit more rational in their approach to their relationships, they could strike the perfect balance.

4Cancer Is Temperamental Which Makes People Feel Like They’re Walking On Eggshells

You know those people who get randomly offended at seemingly small things, so when you’re talking to them you feel like you’re tiptoeing around a minefield? Yeah, that can be Cancer.

Super sensitive and impressionable, this sign can be a little temperamental and moody at times.

If her partner says the wrong thing to her, they’re probably getting yelled at. She is caring and nurturing and knows how to look after her partner, but sometimes she can make them uncomfortable. She doesn’t mean to lash out at people, but that can happen when she’s offended by what they say.

3Scorpio Is Hard To Work Out, Which Turns People Off

For many people, Scorpio remains a bit of an enigma. Eventually, once she’s decided her partner is worth her time, she lets them into her inner world and reveals her true self. But until that time, she keeps her guard up and stays a mystery. This is a good thing because she doesn’t reveal too much too soon, but sometimes she can take too long to get honest about her true self and her intentions. Her partner can feel really frustrated by not understanding her, which can lead to problems in the relationship if she doesn’t ease their concerns.

2Pisces Attracts Partners That Need Saving, And The Relationship Is One-Sided

Pisces is a natural listener, counselor, and therapist. She lives to give advice and is naturally understanding and empathic enough to make her partner feel really comfortable opening up to her.

While this is a good thing, she can sometimes attract a certain type of person.

Being such an angel, she tends to draw interest from people who need saving. If she falls too much into this therapist role, her relationships can be very one-sided, and feature her doing all the giving and receiving nothing in return. She has to remember that she deserves to be helped just as much as she helps others.

1Water’s Strong Spot Is Understanding

The water signs are total superstars when it comes to understanding their partners. Though they can be feisty when they want to be, these signs aren’t judgmental in the slightest and try to empathize with everyone around them. They are very tolerant of their partners, put up with much more than others would, and have an amazing ability to look past their partners’ flaws because they approach everything in life with understanding. These signs make their partners feel more secure and confident in themselves because they don’t tear them down and judge them when their own beliefs or standards differ.

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