• May 23, 2019

Here’s Every Girl’s Perfect Wedding Dress (And The Bridezilla Gowns Too), Based On Her Sign

No matter where someone decides to get married there’s always the question of the outfit. The suit and tie or in many of our cases, the wedding dress, is the centerpiece of any wedding ceremony. But which dress to get? It’s easy to feel lost, no matter which season it is. Don’t let the weather dictate the dress either; we believe in wearing what makes us feel the best, which can be hard to figure out when we’re starting our wedding plans.

Luckily, we’ve got some tips that might help. Astrology can do a lot for us, including helping us find a dress all year round! These are the best (and not-so-best) dresses for every astrological sign’s wedding. Hey, while we’re on the topic of stars, that could make a cute wedding theme as well!

24 Capricorn Women Consider Classic Silhouettes, Big Skirts, And All

The Capricorn woman tends to be the queen of self-control. This is the bride who might not be able to plan her own wedding but is definitely overseeing all the details. She’s happy to embrace the work, as Capricorns never run out of steam. However, she might find herself lost and overworked if she gives in to her tendency to overthink. Sticking with the classic choices is a great plan for the traditional Capricorn, and might simplify some of the stress that comes with wedding dress shopping. Choosing a traditional silhouette with a larger skirt will ultimately make her the happiest.

23 And They Tend To Turn Away From Mesh And See-Through Things

The best way to frustrate the heck out of a Capricorn woman, though? Try to get her into a slinky and uncomfortable wedding dress that looks more like an outfit one would wear to the club. Mesh panels, see-through skirts, and flowery pasties are not the Capricorn’s friend. She’s already so confident that she doesn’t want anything to detract from her big day. That includes a dress that would overshadow the serious nature of the wedding. At the end of the day, it’s really all about the commitment anyway, right? For a sign that’s all about sticking to her values and being true to herself, there’s no way she’s going to compromise.

22 Taurus Women Want Silky And Smooth

Taurus likes to live the luxurious life, but we would never call them spoiled. Taurus ladies know how to fight for what they want, and will never stop moving towards their goals. While they might not be the fastest folks to climb up the ladder, we know that they’ll get to the top in the end. This no-nonsense nature that the Taurus has lines up perfectly with her love of soft fabrics and life’s other little luxuries. Choosing an elegant, impactful, silky and smooth gown will be the ultimate wedding dress for a Taurus woman. It’ll feel so good she won’t even want to take it off!

21 Not Sequined Or Shiny

The last thing a Taurus woman wants is to pull all the focus to herself. While it can be fun once in a while, Taurus women mostly like to work independently and keep the focus off of them. This allows them to go at their own speed, and to feel secure in their own personal process. That’s why we say to stay away from the sequinned dresses and shiny gowns, Taurus ladies. Not only will they incite even more staring, but it’s also going to end up being a little uncomfortable. And an uncomfortable Taurus is an unhappy Taurus, which is not ideal for the big day!

20 Virgo Women Prefer Sheath Dresses With Minimal Skirts

The amount of practicality that lives in a Virgo’s approach to the world is unparalleled. This is the woman who prefers a crossword or sudoku over a phone call or music when she’s traveling. She has an insatiable appetite for knowledge and a boundless curiosity. While she might not speak up and ask questions, she’s keen to look things up on her own later. Her wedding dress falls into the same category as this kind of practical living. Square necklines are strong but understated: just like her. A sheath dress is comfortable and allows her persona to shine through. It’s a perfect pairing.

19 With Tulle Skirts Being A Deal Breaker On A Virgo’s Dress

The one thing a Virgo does hate? Those big, puffy tulle skirts that are so often found on princess or ball gown style dresses. It’s hard to do everything in those dresses. Sitting, walking, dancing; the accessibility is just too limited. While Virgo women might not outwardly bad mouth something, we know that she’s just seriously not into those frilly skirts. It’s a real deal breaker for her, and one that she won’t compromise on. A Virgo can be forgiving and easygoing. But in this case? No way. She just wouldn’t be able to enjoy her wedding knowing that she has a small ocean of tulle blocking her path.

18 Leos Love Those Curve-Hugging Styles

Leos might not want to take center stage all the time, but unfortunately, their magnetic charm and charismatic attitude make them stand out no matter what crowd they’re in. They love to show off, and they can be a little flirty. Sure, that sounds like it might be strange at a wedding, but trust us: the dress a Leo picks will do all the talking. They’re guaranteed to pick a dramatic, curve-hugging piece that hits in all the right places. A little bit of beading or lace might be the cherry on top, as would a long train. Leos might not consider themselves traditional, but it’s important for them to keep things as they should be… Just with a little extra jazz.

17 And Will Tend To Avoid Anything With An Empire Waist

The one thing a Leo won’t do? The empire waist. Unfortunately, it’s just not possible to have a curve-hugging dress done with an empire waist. The two simply don’t go together. A Leo might decide to do a puffy skirt, but we guarantee she’s still going to start it at her natural waist, rather than at an empire waistline which typically sits just under the bust. The curves and the confidence go hand in hand for a Leo woman, as she believes in showing off what she’s proud of in order to feel confident. The Empire waist just won’t do that.

16 Sagittarius Women Are The Ones Who Would Rock A Skirt + Shirt Combo

Is it any surprise that the Sagittarius woman is the non-traditional-dress-wearing bride amongst our group? We didn’t think so. Sagittarius women think of themselves as unconstrained. They don’t typically have problems with change or sudden diversions from a plan. They’re happy to explore whatever comes their way, and want to be able to embrace life fully. The Sagittarius woman is totally the woman who would rock a crop top and flowy skirt combo. That’s the kind of wedding dress that both turns heads and makes her feel good. It’s unconventional, sure, but that’s not a bad thing. Plus, this way she’ll be able to dance!

15 And Should Keep Mermaid Or Trumpet Dresses Out Of The Running

If unconstrained is the best word to describe a Sagittarius’s life and worldview, the last thing she wants is to feel trapped. Let’s face it, ladies: wedding dresses aren’t always the most comfortable things. Corseting, boning, and polyester fabrics all make wedding dresses feel tight, sweaty, and uncomfortable. This is especially true in heavily structured dresses, like mermaid or trumpet dresses. These are incredibly structured and often quite tight, which sounds like a nightmare for the Sagittarius woman. Honestly, it’s best to just stick with a dress that can be moved freely in. Feel good to look good, right?

14 Aries Women Want A Little Bit (Okay, A Lot) Of Bling

Aries are powerhouses and they love it. They’re not afraid of being their own person, and won’t let anybody tell them no. They like to be as upfront and direct as possible, even if it means being a little blunt or a little in someone’s face. They tend to keep their professional and personal lives separate, and are always looking to get ahead and be the best that they can be. This is why we’re recommending bling and TONS of it! Aries women are often so rough and tumble that they don’t get to be treated like the rulers they are. By showering themselves in jewelry, beading, and even gold and silver threads or sequins, they’ll get to satisfy that luxurious craving. And they’ll get to keep all eyes on them!

13 And Can’t Handle Anything That’s Unstructured

As hardworking and go-getting as the Aries woman is, there’s another side to her that’s less optimistic. While she’s seldom seen without a smile on her face, the Aries woman can have mood shifts almost as quickly as a Gemini. As an impulsive sign, she’s prone to change directions quickly, with little warning to those around her. That doesn’t mean she’s unstructured, though. Quite the opposite! The Aries woman needs structure in order to feel secure. By having a wedding dress without structure, she’s going to feel a little out of control at her own wedding. And that’s the last thing she needs!

12 Aquarius Looks Lovely In A Unique, Contemporary Something

The most creative of the astrological signs, Aquarius tends to gravitate towards the non-traditional. This is the sign that might end up getting married on a farm wearing a white sundress and carrying orchids rather than in a convention center or big building. We can’t recommend enough for the Aquarius the benefit of looking for a young, contemporary design to wear on their big day. White, silver, lilac… Even fresh and exciting colors are all fair game. The point is for the Aquarius woman to be able to express herself. As much as she loves to talk, she’s not always the best at sharing her emotions. This is why she needs a perfect, unique something to really highlight who she is.

11 And Should Steer Clear Of The Poof

Now, unique and contemporary is all well and good, but what about those traditional wedding dress styles that just keep coming back? The puffy skirt is one style that just seems to keep coming back. The style might be pretty, and there’s definitely a market for it, but it’s not the best for a free-thinker like Aquarius. She wants something that’s all her. A puffy skirt, or a skirt that’s made up of a hundred ruched tulle layers, are not going to give her the shape or expression she wants. It’s going to read as a traditional wedding dress, which isn’t exactly the Aquarius woman’s prerogative.

10 Gemini Women Will Opt For A Fancy Veil And A Basic Dress

Gemini women are total sweethearts until they get stuck having to commit to a decision. With their emotions already running high on their wedding day, it’s only natural for them to be a little more on edge. After all, most brides can be a little stressed out regardless of their sign. By choosing a simple dress and a fancy veil the Gemini woman gets the best of both worlds. If she’s wanting to feel fancy and elaborate, she can focus on keeping the veil on her. If she wants to be more low-key and casual, she can always keep the veil off.This duality means she never really has to risk changing her mind about the elaborate dress she bought. She can choose both!

Might Regret Picking A Dress With Elaborate Ruching

Due to the mind-changing tendency of a Gemini woman, it’s only fair to say that the more she can customize her dress, the better. By being able to pick and choose which jewelry and accessories she wants to wear on the day, she’s more likely to love and embrace every stitch of her wedding dress. By picking a dress that has a distinct personality, it’s more likely that she’s going to end up second-guessing on the day. This is especially true for real statement dresses, like ones with elaborate ruching or tulle aspects. They can be gorgeous, for sure. They just might not be her cup of tea on the day.

Libra Women Love A Sweetheart Neckline And Gentle Flare

The classiest of brides, a Libra has likely thought long and hard about this. Sure, Libras might not be the most confident in their decision-making skills, needing to weigh each and every option against any and all pieces of information. That doesn’t mean they can’t make decisions though. Once a Libra makes a decision she stands by it, 100%. Since making the initial decision can be scary, we recommend the Libra woman looks for a sweetheart neckline and a gentle flare. This classically shaped dress will flatter her without drawing too much attention and will result in her feeling as gorgeous as she naturally is. That sounds like an easy decision to us, and we’re sure she’ll feel the same.

Won’t Necessarily Mesh With A Long Train

This is one of the deal breakers for a Libra, though. Unless the train is detachable, she’s likely not going to want it. Not knowing what a long train is doing, if it’s caught on something if someone’s stepped on it; those are all the worst nightmares for the Libra lady, who loves knowing everything that’s going on. A long train can also feel heavy and cumbersome. For a sign that tends to be quite light and quick, that weight can feel like a total anchor. It’s better for her to be open and free on her wedding day. That’s likely going to mean a normal-sized dress with a normal-sized (or removable) train.

Cancer Women Will Want To Consider Their Family Heirloom Dress

Cancers are very family-oriented. We’re sure that the Cancer woman’s parents were heavily involved in her wedding, as Cancers tend to be close to their caregivers. This might even extend to family heirlooms, such as a wedding dress or veil. Cancer women should consider wearing this outfit first. While she might want to get it tailored or adjusted in order for it to suit her own personal style, the emotional memory that exists in the dress is going to inspire her. She’ll feel so proud walking down the aisle in such an important piece of family history. Otherwise, the Cancer woman will likely pick whatever she feels the most like herself in. Cancers might not say much, but they certainly make who they are known.

And Will Want To Overlook Non-Traditional Color Schemes

The one thing a Cancer woman likely won’t go for is a non-traditionally colored dress. Something like lilac or teal, or a dip-dyed hot pink, is absolutely not going to fly at her wedding. It fine for the guests to wear a color or pattern, but Cancer women still hold onto some traditional values. If she is having a traditional wedding, she’s going to want to play by the rules. That means a traditional dress, a veil, and all the other little things that come with weddings. Purple tulle? Not exactly a typically, classic wedding dress. She might have a little difficulty embracing it for herself.

Pisces Women Would Look Lovely In A Lace Dress

Pisces are romantic dreamers who love nothing more than being able to indulge in their fantasies in real life. Whether it’s food, date ideas, or artistic endeavors, the Pisces woman wants what she imagines to come true. She tends to get incredibly invested in her wedding, as it’s the biggest opportunity she has to be in a fairy tale. This is why we’re recommending a dress that’s got a little bit of lace and a whole lot of love behind it. Pisces women, let yourselves look sweet and beautiful. This is one moment we don’t get to repeat. Embrace all those gushy romantic feelings, and let yourself wear that sappy, traditional dress.

And Should Stay Away From Contemporary Designs

Yes, lace is lovely. It’s light, it’s romantic, and it’s perfect for a Pisces woman who’s about to walk down the aisle. However, there are plenty of contemporary designs out there that also feature lace. These are not the designs that she’s going to want to rock on her wedding day. The more contemporary the design, the more likely the Pisces woman isn’t going to like it. Non-traditional, strappy or cut-out designs just aren’t romantic enough for the Pisces, whether she admits it or not. It’s okay! We’re all allowed to be sweet and mushy sometimes, Pisces. Love whatever dress catches the eye.

Scorpio Women Look Rockin’ In Mermaid Gowns

There’s nothing a Scorpio woman loves more than turning heads. While she doesn’t always like to be the center of attention, there’s something about making an entrance and having everyone notice her that makes her feel oh-so-good. Scorpio women never want to steal the show, though, as they prefer to be observers rather than being caught up in the middle of the action. While we’ve advised some signs away from sequins and mermaid gowns, we believe that this is the perfect eye-catching combination for a confident Scorpio. Go ahead, girl: turn heads and take names down in that lovely commemorative guest book.

While Simple And Satin Is Not The Scorpio’s Style

If there’s one thing a Scorpio woman won’t do it’s undercut herself. Not only does she have so much to offer the world, but she also has so much fun sharing her opinions with other people. She loves to debate and even gets a little caught up in it sometimes. Simple and satin might be nice for some signs, but it’s not going to get the Scorpio woman excited about her big day. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: after all, the wedding day is the bride and groom’s day. They can’t help but have people looking at them, as the whole event basically revolves around them. And that means the bride has to be looking as good as she feels.

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