• August 18, 2019

Astrology Fashion: The Kim K Look We’ll Slay (Based On Our Sign)

How you should dress is written in the stars! You probably get a lot of fashion inspiration from your favourite celebs. Whether they’re on or off the red carpets, most stars have an impeccable sense of style that we totally wish we could replicate on our own. But even if you have all the necessary clothing pieces in your closet, that doesn’t mean you have the confidence to rock the look. It can be scary rocking a fashion-forward outfit that’s out of your comfort zone, even if you love it to death.

That’s why we think you should leave your fashion choices up to your astrological sign. Turn to your horoscope to discover what outfits you should be putting together. And who better to take a bit of style inspo from than Kim Kardashian herself? The reality star is a style chameleon when it comes to fashion, and can pull off literally anything. Read on to discover what Kim K outfit you should replicated based on your sign. Whether your sign recommends taking a style risk or playing it safe, all that matters is that you feel incredible in your outfit. Then your confidence will radiate, and make you look (and feel) ten times better.

20 Fire Signs: Strutting It In Sweats

This outfit is perfect for a fire sign because it means you’re read for any sort of adventure. Fire signs are known for their vibrant energy and love for adventure, so they need an outfit that allows them the freedom to explore without annoying them or holding them back. Yet, at the same time their creative side means they want their personality to come through in their outfit. That’s why we can totally see them pulling off this Kim K outfit. It’s technically a sweat suit combo so it’s ultra comfy, but the fitted style and single, bold colour still makes this look fashion-forward. Any feisty fire sign would totally pull off this modern look.

19 Aries: Keeping Up With Camo

With a spontaneous personality and determination to live life passionately, Aries need an outfit that’s going to keep up with them. That’s why this soldier-inspired look is a great option for any Aries gals out there. Kim went the edgy route by styling a pair of oversized camo pants with a tight bodysuit and pointed heels.

These bold camo prints perfectly match the fierce, confident nature of the Aries personality, while the tight body suit keeps it a bit sultry, since we all know that Aries have a flirty side.

Aries always speak their minds, are natural born leaders, and never back down, and we think this outfit nails it perfectly.

18 Taurus: Dressing Like A #GirlBoss

All Taurus ladies are strong willed, persistent, and extremely loyal, which makes them some of the best people to know. It also makes them incredible leaders, which is why so many of them end of being girl bosses. To enhance your inner boss, we recommend that a Taurus dress in something that makes them feel bold and powerful, just like we know they are. This Kim K outfit perfectly combines a bit of business professional, thanks to the black slacks, with a side of sultriness. The steamy, lingerie-inspired tank would perfectly capture a Taurus’ sentimental, affectionate side. Just because they have a tough exterior doesn’t mean Taurus can’t be romantic, too!

17 Gemini: Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Geminis are highly expressive and creative, and this can be seen through their fashion choices. They are lively and whimsical and have a certain child-like flare to both their personalities and style. Typically, we might think Kim K was too over-the-top with this all-sequin outfit. But the fact that she was matching with daughter, North, somehow made this dramatic look work. We could totally see a Gemini rock a similar look either by itself or with their mini. Such a sparkly outfit would capture the animated and humorous side to their personality, while showing off their uniqueness and, at times, unpredictability.

16 Air Signs: Sometimes Simple Is Best

Unlike the other signs, Air signs aren’t known for their bold or outrageous style choices. Rather, most Air signs tend to be more rational thinkers and tend to over think the costs and benefits of wearing a loud outfit. Still, Air signs are sociable creatures who love getting involved in debates and discussion and are unbeatable at giving advice. So, they want an outfit that is stylish yet approachable. That’s why this Kim K outfit is the perfect option. There’s no denying it’s fashionable, but it’s also super simple, so the Air signs won’t over-think their outfit choice. You’ll look trendy, but still cute and relatable.

15 Water Signs: Black Is Such A Mystery

If there’s one thing all the Water signs have in common, it’s their air of mystery. These signs are highly sensitive, intuitive, and emotional, yet they can be difficult to get to know and understand. They love conversations, but they’re still secretive and shy. So, they come across as mysterious and sometimes aloof (even though they’re so supportive once you get to know them). Black is the colour of mystery, so this black, velvet dress worn by Kim K would be a good option for any Water sign. It’s trendy and fashion forward, so it appeals to the social nature of the Water sign. But it’s also edgy and sultry, playing up their mysterious aura.

14 Cancer: Turning Heads In Red

Cancer is such a complicated sign. As a Fire sign, they come across as bold and sociable. For many Cancers, it can be easy making friends and hanging out in large groups. But, deep down, this sign is more sensitive than you think. They care a lot about their friends, and aren’t scared of feeling emotions. They try to live in the moment, and are loud on social media. We think this Kim K outfit is perfect for any Cancer gal. The sultry red colour plays up the confident side of the Cancer sign, but it’s not as revealing an outfit the celeb is known to wear. So, we think it balances out the more cautious and quiet side to this sign.

13 Leo: Those “Cool Girl” Vibes

The one thing we love about Leos is how easy-going they are! They have a relaxed and friendly personality that makes them excellent at meeting new friends. They’ve always got a shoulder to cry on, are overly generous, and will wow you with their heart of gold. They need an outfit that is as cool and casual as they are, so we can see them strutting their stuff in a graphic T-shirt like Kim K has done on multiple occasions. Obviously this outfit is ultra comfy and dressed-down, but it’s stylish and bold thanks to the edgy graphic design. People will immediately be able to tell that you have a cool personality, which will help you make even more pals wherever you go.

12 Virgo: The Mustard-On-Mustard Combo

All Virgos are known to be perfectionists, which is why it’s the perfect sign to pull off an outfit like this one that requires impeccable coordination. It can be tricky wearing an outfit that’s all one colour, but Kim K did it perfectly when she rocked this all-mustard look to the red carpet. Known for their practicality and strong work ethic, any Virgo will feel totally comfortable in a look that mixes professionalism with a bit of sultriness, as we see in this look thanks to the silk dress and overcoat combo. Go for an earthy tone that represents your sign and matches your personal style.

11 Earth Signs: Down-To-Earth In Denim

Thanks to their down-to-earth personality, Earth signs aren’t the most likely to take a huge risk when it comes to fashion. They want something that’s stylish yet practical, something they’re not going to look back on and regret in 10 years. Likewise, the Earth signs also want their look to portray and their strength and intelligence. That’s why we know any Earth sign would feel good in a denim outfit, like this one that Kim K once rocked. Denim is a classic, dependable fabric that looks good no matter how you style it, which appeals to Earth signs. Plus, it allows them the ability to move around and be comfy, so they can be more productive during the day.

10 Fire Signs: Pulling Off The Gold

With such passion and creativity, obviously a Fire sign would best pull off a dramatic look like the one Kim once rocked at the Met Gala. The reality star showed off her killer figure in a gold, sparkly dress, which was giving off major futuristic vibes. The immense, confident energy of Fire signs would help them pull off such a dramatic look. Since we know Fire signs love adventure and are always ready for action, we know they’d be up to the challenge of styling this look. And, in the end, their lively personalities would make them look like a goddess amongst mortals, just like how we think Kim looks in this stunning gown.

Libra: Feeling Flirty In Pink

If there’s one thing we can all agree on about Libras, it’s that they’re total flirts. This sign loves a bit of romance and thrives off of the relationships in their lives.

Likewise, they’re outgoing, charming, and love being the center of attention.

So, of course they need an outfit that is going to match their big personality. Kim K looked steamy in this adorable pink mini dress, and we know it’s perfect for all the Libras out there. The fun, bubble-gum pink colour matches their fun-loving, flirty attitude, while the tight fit and short hemline bring out their sultry side. Libras will be getting more attention than usual in a look this stunning!

Scorpio: A Glittering, Golden Goddess

Scorpio is perhaps the steamiest and most mysterious of all the signs, so of course, a Scorpio woman deserves an outfit that is going to enhance her mesmerizing personality. Kim K’s figure never looked better than when she stepped out in this figure-hugging dress. The gold hue complimented her tan and dark hair, while her blunt hair cut added a bit of edginess to the look. An outfit like this would totally embrace the sultriness of a Scorpio. But, at the same time, Scorpios are strong and love their independence. So, the fact that this dress is steamy without showing off too much skin is right up a Scorpio’s alley.

Sagittarius: Fashion-Forward In Fur

The Sagittarius sign is both unpredictable and spontaneous. One thing about gals that fall under this sign is that they’re known to act impulsively and can’t keep still for long. They enjoy a bit of risk and seeking out adventure, even if it doesn’t always seem to be like a good idea.

So, you can expect their fashion decisions to be full of lots of bold and unprecedented choices, too.

That’s why we think any Sagittarius would feel good in this Kim K outfit. Pairing a massive fur coat with leather pants is a big risk and very fashion-forward, but the confident personality of a Sagittarius would pull it off. They’d be attracted to the multiple textures in this outfit as well as the dramatic flare it has. You go, girl!

Air Signs: Trendy In A Two-Piece

We know that Air signs are thinkers and are rational, so don’t expect their clothing choices to be too over-the-top. Still, girls that fall under Air signs like to put a bit of effort into their look to appear trendy and approachable. After all, Air signs are social creatures who love a good conversation and meeting new people. We can totally see the Air signs rocking a look like this pastel pink, two-piece outfit Kim K once stepped out in.

This look isn’t too daring or dramatic, yet it remains stylish thanks to its figure-hugging cut and colour.

The pink adds a bit of feminine flare, and overall makes the wearer seem sweet and friendly.

Capricorn: Go With The Grunge

Capricorns can often be reserved or shy, which can make them come across as moody or unapproachable. The truth is, most Capricorns are self-conscious and don’t always have as loud as some of the other signs.

They tend to dress according to trends and convention in order to blend into the crowd. An oversized flannel and jean shorts is always an easy outfit, as Kim proved while out and about with her daughter.

This look doesn’t stand apart too much from the crowd, yet it also isn’t boring. Any Capricorn would feel stylish and comfy in this look. Add some eye-catching booties like Kim did to kick it up a notch.

Aquarius: The Laws Of Layering

Anyone who falls under the Aquarius sign marches to the beat of their own drum. They’re an intellectual who is original, independent, and intuitive. You still love to be around people where you can show off your educated humour and nurture your social side. Still, Aquarius’ are also known to be rebellious and poor with rules, so don’t expect them to stay in the box when it comes to fashion. We can see an Aquarius pulling off this unique Kim K look. We wouldn’t have expected the celeb to pair this feminine, tan dress with such a harsh, black coat, but for some reason, it works. You can expect the same surprising juxtapositions in the fashion choices of an Aquarius!

Pisces: A Vision In White

Pisces are more romantic than they like to let on.

They’re emotional thinkers who rely on their feelings and instincts to guide them. Pisces crave affection and desire lasting relationships. They may get a little flirty, but they’re in it for the long haul versus just a fling.

This Kim K outfit perfectly captures this about Pisces. This white dress is sultry and a bit flirtatious, yet it’s not as revealing as we’ve seen Kim get with her outfits. The interesting silhouette compliments the Pisces’ creative side, while the white colour speaks to their perceived innocence and naiveté. People don’t always understand Pisces, or their fashion choices, but it’s hard not to love them.

Water Signs: A Bit Of Rock And Roll

Water signs are such a juxtaposition! On one hand, they’re known for being mysterious and aloof. But, then they’re also known for being shy and emotional. To capture the split personality of Water signs, we suggest they opt for an outfit that combines casual with edgy, like this one Kim was wearing while running errands. The classic leather jacket and band T-shirt lend to the mysterious aura Water signs have going on for them, while opting for leggings keeps the look down-to-earth and comfy. Add heels if you want to make this look all the more fashion-forward.

Earth Signs: Add On Some Denim

With their grounded, realistic personalities, no one expects an Earth sign to wear an impractical outfit. That’s why we suggest they go for a more dressed-down look, like this one Kim K was once photographed rocking. The star opted for a nude skirt and top combo and matching heels. However, she kept the outfit down-to-earth by throwing on an oversized denim jacket. Not only does the jacket make this look more casual, but layering ensures you won’t be too warm or colder, and Earth signs love when things serve a dual purpose! Any Earth signs will love how easy this look would be to wear in real life.

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