• August 18, 2019

After 6 Months Of Dating, Here’s How To Know He’s Serious About His GF (Based On His Astro Sign)

When you first get into a relationship, you might have one very important question on your mind: Is your new man taking things seriously, or does he just view it as a fling that will last for a few months before moving on to someone else? Well, it could be either one — but naturally, every girl who is holding out for something long term wants to hear the first answer! The truth is, you won’t know right away whether or not he is taking things as seriously as you are. It will take some time for his feelings to be clear through his actions. But here’s the good news — if he does only see it as a fling, you’ll know after a couple months. However, you will need to understand exactly what signs to look for that will give away his real intentions.

So, what signs should you look for? How can you tell? Well, it all depends on his astro sign— when he is born will determine how he feels about romance and serious relationships. After six months of dating, here’s how to know whether or not he is serious about the relationship based on his astro sign.

20Earth Signs: The Signs Will Be Subtle

Earth signs are not exactly what you would call sappy or emotional. Predictably, they are very proud to be so down to earth! It’s just in their nature — that attitude is one of the major defining traits for all earth signs. But if you assume that this makes them difficult to read, and it makes you nervous about figuring out how an earth sign guy really feels, well, let’s just say that those worries are valid! So we’re here to help you figure these guys out. They do make great boyfriends, but you want to be sure they’re truly invested.

19Taurus: He’ll Go On Spontaneous Dates

Taurus guys are such planners. Seriously, they do not go anywhere without their to do lists! They are not the type to do anything without planning it out first. So how can you tell a Taurus guy is ready to take things to the next level and get serious?

When a Taurus guy is willing to step outside of that comfort zone and be spontaneous with you, that means that he really loves you.

This is not how they normally approach life, so if a Taurus guy will go on a random date with you on a weeknight, consider yourself lucky.

18Virgo: He’s Totally Fine With Being Sappy In Public

Virgo guys are definitely not the ones you usually see holding hands with women in public or engaging in a little (classy and subtle) PDA.

But here’s the thing, if a Virgo guy decides that he’s truly in it for the long haul with you, he will let his guard down.

He’ll be the one who reaches for your hand when you’re strolling down the street, the one to lean in and give you a kiss goodbye in front of everyone, the one who will wrap his arm around your shoulders when you’re waiting in line. He might surprise you!

17Capricorn: He Always Makes Time For Date Night With His Busy Schedule

Look, if you’re friends with any Capricorn guys (or if you have dated any in the past), you know just how busy these guys are. And clearly, they typically prioritize their career over relationships. There’s no problem with that — they should live in a way that makes them happy. However, this is also how you can tell whether or not a Capricorn guy is truly serious about your relationship.

If he will drop anything for date night with you — even if it disappoints his boss — you know that he really cares.

That’s when you know you have found a keeper.

16Earth Signs Make You A Priority If They Truly Care

When it comes to those earth guys, here’s the bottom line: it may seem like it’s tough to figure out what he’s feeling at times, but luckily, he has no interest in playing games, either.

The truth is, you will simply have to be patient with him.

He is going to take his time in a new relationship, and he is not the type to rush to throw a label on things right away. Before he commits to anything serious, he wants to make sure that you are both in it for the long haul, not a short fling.

15Water Signs: They’re Romantic, But They Can Be Guarded

Guys born under water signs are usually total hopeless romantics. Simply put, they just love being in love! However, it’s true that they can also be the guys who fall hard and fast.

They rush into a relationship without really considering if there is real compatibility — they just get so excited about the possibilities that they dive right in headfirst without a second thought.

It’s not really their fault — the stars have already determined this for them. But how can you tell that they actually love you, and they’re not just getting overly excited in the moment? Here’s how to tell.

14Cancer: He Stops Questioning Your Affection

Cancer guys are super affectionate, and this can come back to hurt them sometimes.

When they are young, they assume that the girls they fall deeply in love with must feel the same way, but when they don’t, they end up feeling so hurt and heartbroken that they hold back in the future.

These guys often end up with trust issues, and it’s so sad to see. So here’s how you can tell that they are in it for real — he stops questioning your feelings. He stops expressing his doubts that you’re going to pack it up and leave him.

13Scorpio: He Can Stay Calm During Conflict

If you’re familiar with Scorpio guys — especially if you have dated one before — you know that they are certainly quite emotional! Early on in relationships, they definitely have some major struggles when it comes to handling conflicts.

They might get very upset over tiny things, and if you get upset over something, they may jump to conclusions and assume that you are just about ready to head out the door.

But when he decides that he is not giving up on the relationship, he will be a lot more calm and collected in his approach to conflicts and disagreements in general.

12Pisces: He Opens Up About His Secrets

It’s no secret that Pisces guys have rich inner lives — they are super thoughtful and creative, so they are often more sensitive than other guys.

They are taught from a young age that they should hide this side of themselves, and when they are in a relationship that has just started, they will always be hesitant to open about certain things.

It will definitely take them time to get comfortable with the possibility of sharing their deepest secrets with you. However, once they do, you will know that your Pisces guy is going to be in your life for years to come.

11Water Signs Will Open Their Hearts To You When They’re Ready

A guy born under a water sign may not always be super direct about his feelings at first if he has been hurt in the past.

These signs are just so sensitive that they will guard their hearts until they feel like it’s truly safe to open up to you.

But once they reach that point, well, when that moment arrives, you will know exactly how much he cares about you. Don’t be surprised if he comes on strong, holds back his true feelings for a bit, and then says that he loves you after a few months or so.

10Fire Signs: They Are Open About Their Feelings

Here’s the great thing about guys born under fire signs, they tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves. You will never have to just sit around and try to guess what a fire sign guy is thinking because they will happily tell you. Getting into a relationship with them doesn’t mean that you will always be able to read your man like an open book, but if you don’t like playing guessing games and feeling like you’re left in the dark about a guy’s true feelings, it certainly doesn’t hurt to get together with a guy born under a fire sign.

9Aries: He Says “I Love You” First

Aries guys are not the type to get into a relationship unless they are 110% certain that this is what they want out of life at the moment. Therefore, if an Aries guy says he loves you, he is not just stringing you along.

He has already considered exactly what it means to say these words out loud, and he does not take it lightly.

He would never say those words to a woman if he did not mean it with all his heart — he is not a hopeless romantic, so this is super serious to him.

8Leo: He Wants To Travel With You

Leo guys are risk takers, so they will get into a relationship without thinking about it too much beforehand, but they also really value their freedom and independence, and they will not give it up for just anyone. Leo guys love to travel solo, even in the early days of relationships — they like to call all the shots and they make no secret about it. So if they decide they want to travel with you, that means they are just head over heels for you. They want to do all of their favorite things with you by their side this time.

7Sagittarius: He Never Forgets A Monthly Anniversary

We all know that Sagittarius guys are super spontaneous. While Taurus and Virgo guys may live by their planners and schedules, Sagittarius guys rarely even bother to make grocery shopping lists. They just go with the flow and never really plan anything out. This also means that they can often be quite forgetful, and many women who have dated Sagittarius guys get frustrated with this. However, if it’s been a few months and he started prioritizing date nights and never forgets an anniversary, it means that he truly cares and he is willing to change his ways just for you.

6Fire Signs Won’t Make You Play Guessing Games

There are so many things to love about guys born under fire signs: they’re strong, smart, spontaneous, and overall, it’s just so easy to fall in love with them at first sight. Sure, you’ll have competition, but here’s the best thing about falling for a fire sign (even if he doesn’t feel the same way about you): you won’t be sitting around and wondering how he feels for long. Fire signs don’t really feel a need to be subtle. Therefore, a fire sign guy will be the first to tell you how he feels and whether he’s serious about you.

5Air Signs: He Will Show You A Whole New Side Of His Personality

Now, when it comes to air signs, these guys can be tough to read. They are not super open about their emotions. They are not hopeless romantics. And they can often be very private and guarded in general. To top it all off, many of them also really enjoy being independent and do not actively seek out relationships — some of these signs actually prefer short flings. That makes it tough to figure out how they’re really feeling, but it’s not a lost cause. There are definitely some clues that you spot after a few months that will reveal their true emotions.

4Gemini: He’s Finally Ready For You To Meet His Parents

Getting a Gemini man to settle down and actually use that scary label “boyfriend” can feel like an impossible task — but we’re here to reassure you that it’s actually not. The right Gemini guy will be happy to be your boyfriend, but you do have to think carefully and choose wisely. How can you tell that he sees your relationship as more than a fling? Well, he will decide that it’s time to introduce you to his parents. It may come across as unexpected, but if he decides he wants you to meet mom and dad, it means he’s serious.

3Libra: He Lets You See His Flaws

If you’ve ever dated a Libra guy, you know one thing is for sure: these guys definitely care a whole lot about what other people think, and they are careful to maintain a certain image and reputation.

They are often scared of the idea of opening up about their flaws, even when it comes to the people they really care about.

They just get so scared of negative judgments. So when he finally starts to open up to you about his  secrets and fears, you know that this relationship is very important to him. You know that he’s not messing around.

2Aquarius: He Comes Up With Perfect Gift Ideas

Aquarius guys are picky in every area of life. They won’t buy something unless they think it’s perfect. They won’t take a class unless they know it’s knowledge they’ll actually use. They won’t date a woman unless they think she might just be the one. When your Aquarius boyfriend starts picking out the perfect gifts for you on every occasion, you just know that he means business.

He wouldn’t go through all that trouble unless he was truly in love with you.

It means he is getting to know you on a whole new level and knows what makes you unique.

1Air Signs Don’t Rush, But He’s Worth The Wait

If you’ve ever dated a guy born under an air sign, you know that these guys don’t follow the crowd, and nowadays, the trend seems to be getting into casual flings and moving on quickly from one person to the next when it doesn’t work out.

That’s not really how air guys approach relationships, so if you happen to fall for one, you’ll have to remember that he’s going to take his good, sweet time as he figures out how he feels.

But they always try to express themselves authentically, so when he’s ready, he will tell you outright.

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