• December 06, 2019

Solo Or Taken: How Every Astro Sign Is Affected By Sagittarius Season

Everyone can feel a huge change coming. With the shift in the weather, it’s only right for each astro sign to experience something completely new this Sagittarius season. That’s why astrology experts are needed: to pinpoint how exactly Sagittarius season will affect each astro sign. Let’s just say everyone is in for a ride!

When it comes to people’s love lives, it’s sometimes completely out of their control whether they’d like to admit it or not. Often, the universe decides to take control and throw some major changes at them. Sagittarius season is no stranger to this as each astro sign is about to undergo a transformation.

Whether a person is solo and looking for love or already in a happy relationship, the stars are here to tell them what to expect. For singletons, this might be the season to finally find true love they’ve been looking for what seems like forever. If instead a guy or gal is taken, get ready to find out if there are any rough winds coming this way to throw the relationship off course.

Sagittarius season is able to knock every astro sign off of their feet, whether positively or negatively! Many signs might have some extra work cut out for them this season, tying up any loose ends they’ve been ignoring.

Who knows, maybe this change is exactly what everyone needs to switch things up a little. Get ready to find out what the universe has coming for each star sign!

24  Pisces Solo: Consider If This Change Is Really What’s Best

If there is anyone who’s about to experience an intense life change, it’s definitely a Pisces. Everything you once knew about love will seem completely outdated as you meet someone who’s out of this world.

The key question that you have to ask yourself is whether this new romantic experience is worth it or not. 

While your stomach might be filled with endless butterflies that you haven’t felt in forever, it might not be what’s actually best. Take some time to figure out if you’re ready for this new love, or perhaps not. It’s totally fine to take some time to yourself and figure out what you really desire. However, we have to warn you that these opportunities are sometimes once in a lifetime!

23  Pisces Taken: It’s Time To Connect A Little More

It seems like the emotional connection that pushed you head over heels between you and your lover is slowly starting to dwindle away. Instead, it’s time that you figure out a way to push the two of you together. Find some time in your schedule to spend some one-on-one time with your significant other.

You both can feel things not as strong as they used to be. However, don’t freak out! Relationships take endless work and it’s simply time for you and your partner to invest some major time and effort. If you want to feel that rush of emotions you once felt, focus on re-building that connection.

22  Aquarius Solo: Someone’s Wildest Dreams Are About To Come True

Everyone is completely jealous of Aquarius this season as you’re completely in for a treat. Let’s just say your wildest dreams are about to come true!

Someone extraordinary is about to enter your life and help you see life through a new lens.

You’re going to feel incredibly alive and filled with endless emotions. While it might be intimidating at first to take the plunge, this is exactly what you’ve been dreaming about for what seems like forever. Open your heart up to this new person and all of the wonderful experiences they are about to bring your way. You’ll be surprised to figure out that this is exactly what you need to switch things up a little and add some excitement into your life. Let loose and have fun!

21  Aquarius Taken: Some Old Issues Are Going To Resurface

While you thought that all of your relationship issues were tucked away in the past, it seems like they’re about to arise this Sagittarius season. Even though this isn’t the exact news you’ve been hoping for, it’s critical you are aware of what is to come.

If there are any unresolved issues that you and your lover may have ignored, be prepared to have to deal with them once again. The universe is about to teach you the critical lessons that any issues that you’ve left unsettled will always find a way to resurface. While this isn’t exactly the ideal situation, it’s a lesson you and your lover might have to learn the hard way. However, if there is anything you’ve been suppressing lately, we recommend you bring it up to your partner ASAP!

20  Leo Solo: A Change In Luck Is On Its Way

If there is any sign that has been experiencing some major bad luck this past couple of months, it’s totally a Leo. It feels like your life is just filled with negative energy and there is absolutely nothing you can do to get free.

Luckily for you, Sagittarius season is here to lighten up your life by sending some positive vibes.

It’s safe to say that your luck is completely about to change as you experience some awesome events. This might be a new fling or potential long term lover. While we can’t exactly pinpoint what’s coming your way, we guarantee it will make you smile. You need a break from all of the chaos you’ve been undergoing lately, and Sagittarius season has you covered!

19  Leo Taken: Relationships Are About To Enter A Whole New Level

Sagittarius season is about to treat you absolutely amazing this season. Get ready for you and your lover to experience a deep connection like never before! If there is any couple that is constantly working on bettering their connection, it’s you and your love.

Don’t be surprised if you receive endless questions about how to keep the spark alive in a relationship. You and your partner know simply know how to keep things fun and absolutely amazing. Get ready to experience some once in a lifetime opportunities with your significant other. Don’t be scared to try some new things that might help bring back that spark that’s been a little distant lately.

18  Libra Solo: Time To Tie Up Loose Ends

While amazing love might be what you’re seeking, the universe is on a completely different page. You more than anyone know that there are a few loose ends that you have to tie up before finding yourself in a new relationship.

How do you expect to fall in love with someone new when there are a few issues holding you back?

Whether it’s a past lover or some internal conflicts you haven’t come to terms with, it’s holding you back. The universe doesn’t want to give you the love of your life when there’s a huge chance you might ruin it with past conflicts you’ve been ignoring. Get any loose ends tied up, and then you’ll be prepared to finally experience love!

17  Libra Taken: Figure Out Any Unresolved Issues

Now’s the time for you and your partner to take some time and figure out any unresolved issues. Even though they might not seem like a huge deal right now, they’re about to blow up right in front of your eyes. If you plan on continuing your relationship into the future, these issues will do the exact opposite.

It’s absolutely critical to be completely transparent with your partner on what’s really going on in your life. Be prepared to also hear the truth from your lover’s end. Sagittarius season is totally the time for some intense realization to finally take place. Let’s just say that you won’t exactly view your relationship the way you once did!

16  Cancer Solo: A Special Someone Is On Their Way

The universe is more than proud of you this past year. You’ve been putting yourself first in every situation making sure that your best interest is of number one priority!

The universe is about to send a special someone your way as a kudos for all of the amazing work you’ve been doing by focusing on yourself.

You have absolutely nothing stopping you from giving your full self to this new person. That’s why you, more than anyone, deserve to finally find yourself in a happy relationship. Get ready for your world to flip upside down as you fall head over heels for this special someone. However, try to ease into the relationship slowly without jumping into things too quickly. Remember to always put yourself first and double check that this person really is for you.

15  Cancer Taken: Energies Just Aren’t Mixing This Season

Don’t freak out! The universe is simply dis-aligning you and your partner this season. Your energies are simply on different wave levels that aren’t able to intertwine as they usually do. While this might be an incredibly stressful time for you, your partner simply won’t be able to be as supportive as usual.

Your lover is dealing with their own issues at the moment. The only thing you and your partner can do this Sagittarius season is simply wait it out. Don’t cause issues to expand any more than they need to whatsoever. Also, don’t freak out if you find either your partner being a little more problematic than usual. A few fights are guaranteed to break out this season and that’s completely fine!

14  Aries Solo: Emotions Are About To Go On A Roller Coaster Ride

While our astrology experts have been able to give some pretty spot on advice to all the other signs, the Aries is a bit tricky.

We know that you’re about to experience a rollercoaster of emotions this season, but we can’t tell you whether they’ll be good or bad.

If you currently have your eye on someone, they might cause some major distress or joy in your life. If instead there isn’t anyone in the picture, we predict they’ll throw some major mixed signals your way. Simply be prepared for whatever the universe throws at you as you’re strong enough to get through anything. Stay calm, cool, and collected this season!

13  Aries Taken: It’s A Perfect Match!

While some of the astro signs on this list are experiencing some insane life changes, you aren’t! Instead, you and your lover are completely on the same page supporting one another. If there is any couple that everyone should strive to imitate, it’s totally yours.

You and your lover have been together for what seems like forever and know each other inside out. There is absolutely nothing that will get in the way of your connection with one another. Continue this amazing energy past Sagittarius season and into the new year. These next few months will be some of the best moments of your relationship. Make sure to cherish them endlessly!

12  Capricorn Solo: Get Ready For Luck To Change

It feels like you’ve been doing absolutely everything in your power to get things under control these past months, but it still feels like your life is constantly in turmoil.

Luckily for you, all of these bad vibes are about to go away as some life-changing experiences are on their way.

Forget about anything holding you back the past couple of months. It’s time for you to drench yourself in a new relationship and feel alive again. All of your stresses are only holding you back from living your best life. While your luck is totally about to change, it’s your job to accept all of these opportunities and run with them!

11  Capricorn Taken: Trust Each Other

A few issues are about to come up in the next few weeks. While they may seem absolutely earth-shattering at first, we promise you’ll be able to overcome them easily. The key to making things work in your relationship is simply to trust your partner completely!

All of the hard work you’ve put into your relationship is about to finally pay off as your transparency saves the day. Trusting your lover that they know what they doing is absolutely everything in the situations to come. Offer your partner the truth, and they will give you the same. Remember that even though the universe might sometimes take the lead, you still have the power to change the direction.

10  Virgo Solo: Get Ready For Some Chaos

While we know this is the last thing you want to hear, you should be prepared. Your love life is about to take a complete switch as some major chaos will be thrown directly your way.

Even though this is the last thing you want, you better get ready to handle it.

There is no point in ignoring what’s going on. Instead, as soon as the issues arise you should make it a top priority to deal with them. We promise that they will only grow bigger if you decide to ignore them even for a couple of days. Put yourself first and make a promise to deal with the issue at hand so it doesn’t take complete control of your life!

9  Virgo Taken: Everyone’s On The Same Page

The last thing you should be worried about this season is your relationship. The universe is more than happy to throw you a bone this Sagittarius season. While it felt like things were all over the place these last couple of months, all your issues are now long gone.

Sometimes all you need to do is spend some one-on-one time with your lover. Your schedules have been completely chaotic lately and it’s time for you and your boo to reconnect a little. Consider going on a little romantic getaway to truly spend some quality time with one another. Maybe this is exactly what your relationship needs to kickstart that spark that was once so prevalent in your relationship.

8  Gemini Solo: Keep Focusing On Goals

While you might’ve had your eye on that special someone the past few months, you’re about to realize that they aren’t exactly who you thought they were.

Get ready to come to the realization that the only thing that you should be worried about this season is yourself.

Forget about this person who might’ve caught your eye and instead focus on your goals. You have endless dreams that you would love to achieve, and it’s safe to say that they should be your number one priority. Love will come into your life when you put yourself first, not the other way around. It’s time you fall in love with your passions and forget about anyone causing you distress.

7  Gemini Taken: Some Issues Are About To Arise

While you might have felt like you were living in a fairytale, all of that is about to come crumbling down. Get ready to see your relationship for what it truly is, rather than the facade you’ve been living under. They say that the truth will set you free, and in this case it totally will.

Either you or your partner has been keeping a huge secret from the other person. The universe is about to bring this issue to light rather than hiding it. This is the perfect moment to see if your relationship has what it takes to handle anything thrown its way, or perhaps not. Get ready to have to do some extra work this season fixing issues that should have been dealt with a long time ago.

6  Taurus Solo: Time For A Change

It seems like your past relationships were completely chaotic. That’s why you’re ready to find someone new and start a new chapter of your life.

While we can’t tell you whether a special someone is about to enter the picture, we can tell you that you’re more than ready for a change.

Forget about love for a second and put yourself first. Figure out what you have to change in your own life before you jump into the swing of things with someone new. The key question that you have to ask yourself is whether the issues happening in your relationships are based on another conflict you haven’t come to terms with. Once you figure this out, everything will fit perfectly into place!

5  Taurus Taken: Not Everyone Is Lucky Enough To Find A Soulmate

The last thing that you should be doing this Sagittarius season is stressing out about your relationship. No sign on our list has been as lucky as you to basically experience a movie-like romance. We recommend that you thank the universe for constantly sending you and your boo endless positive vibes. It’s safe to say that you’ve found your soulmate, and you totally deserve them!

The universe is proud of all of the endless time and commitment you’ve given your partner. We can’t think of anyone more dedicated than you and your love to one another. That’s why it’s only right that you cherish all of the wonderful things to come this Sagittarius season. Sometimes all you can do is connect with your lover on a deeper level.

4  Scorpio Solo: The Truth Will Come Undone

While you might be willing to do anything to finally fall in love, the universe disagrees. There’s a major secret that you’ve been keeping that just shouldn’t be following you into a new relationship.

Instead, this secret could absolutely break something new that you’ve been waiting to experience for what seems like forever.

Do yourself a favor and put yourself first prior to jumping into the swing of things with someone new. You have to either fix this huge secret you’ve been keeping, or instead come to terms with it. We promise it will blow up any relationship you might find yourself in. You’ll always feel like there is something holding you down that you simply can’t come clean with!

3  Scorpio Taken: Things Are Falling Apart

The last thing that you need is to read that your relationship is falling apart. The reason why that is is because you already know that things just aren’t going to last deep in your heart. The distance between you and your partner is continuously getting bigger and bigger and there is nothing you can do to fix it.

The universe is about to throw you and your lover into a few critical situations this season to see if you’re able to get through things. We have a feeling that your love simply doesn’t have the power to overcome these hurdles. Instead, some heartbreak may be on it’s way for you and your lover. Remember that you’re strong enough to get through whatever will happen!

2  Sagittarius Solo: Get Out Into The World

It is time for you to completely forget about anything that might be holding you back and instead focus on yourself. Jump into the world and get ready to experience some once in a life time opportunities.

While a movie-like love story may be the main thing that is on your mind, simply ignore these desires!

Focus on expanding your horizon prior to anything else! Only then will you finally feel free and on top of the world. While love is in the cards for you one day, Sagittarius season simply isn’t it. See what the world has to offer and eventually the universe will lead you to the love story of your dreams. Find those internal desires that you’ve been searching for all of your life, only then will you be ready to connect with someone new.

1  Sagittarius Taken: Re-Spark Your Connection

While it’s no secret that your relationship hasn’t exactly been as strong as you’d like it to be, it isn’t necessarily the end of the world. Instead, you and your partner will need to put in a little more effort into your relationship. Get ready to think of some fun ways to re-spark the connection between you and your partner.

We’re sure you’ll think of some awesome ways to seize that deep connection you once had. We recommend going back to the start of your relationship and figuring out the things that connected you and your partner together. Sometimes all it takes is a little effort and imagination to bring back the spark your relationship desperately needs. If you do so, then Sagittarius season is completely yours and nothing can get in the way of your love life!

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