• August 18, 2019

Here’s How Each Sign Shows They’re In Love (Without Saying ILY), Based On His & Her Astro Sign

There are as many ways to show love as there are stars in the sky. While one person may show their feelings by presenting their partner with gifts, another might display their emotions through the creation of a song or poem.

Some people go above and beyond within the realm of romance and they come up with multiple ways of revealing their affections, while others are a little more reserved and less inclined to make a production of their feelings.

Regardless of how a person shows their love, their partner is often able to recognize it in an instant. It may not have been this way from the start, but after a while of being with someone, it’s easy to pick out the little things they do to show they care.

So what if someone is in a new relationship and they’re uncertain of their partner’s feelings? That’s where the stars come in. If a person knows their partner’s sign, this means they have a little insight into how their partner perceives the world around them.

Let’s take that insight a little further and determine how their partner shows love, based on their astrological sign. Here’s a great list to help anyone get started:

24  Virgo Woman: She’ll Make An Exquisite Meal

A Virgo girl is oftentimes a great cook—and there’s the bonus of her cleaning as she goes and the fact that she’ll generally clean everything up afterward as well! Virgos know that actions oftentimes speak louder than words, so she’s prepared to do more than say those three little words.

And the nurturing side of your Virgo wants to show her love by feeding your heart and your stomach.

Following her generous meal, don’t forget to express your appreciation for all the planning, hard work and love that went into the delicious meal.

23  Virgo Man: He’ll Compose A Song

Even if he’s too shy to actually sing it to you, your Virgo guy will pour his heart out through the lyrics. You know he’s put forth some great effort because the song will be romantic, it will express his feelings, and it just might bring you to tears. He knows he isn’t a master lyricist and he’s risking embarrassing himself—which is exactly how you can tell that he is being 100 percent genuine with you. Virgo men are creative and when they love, they love with their entire hearts—so expect heartfelt messages in words and song.

22  Aquarius Woman: She Challenges Her Partner

An Aquarius woman who isn’t truly in love will just let her partner do what they want without question or comment. When an Aquarius woman is truly in love, she’ll show it by subtly challenging her partner. Some may think she’s testing her partner… and they’d be right.

What she’s doing is encouraging her partner to meet her halfway.

She’s had bad relationships in the past and once she’s ready to get serious with a partner, she’s going to do whatever it takes to ensure her partner is willing to rise to the occasion and prove they can be everything she is willing to be for them.

21  Aquarius Man: He Truly Listens

You get home from a tough day and your Aquarius man is waiting for you. Not only does he ask how your day went but he also offers more than the generic “mhmm” and “uh-huh” responses. He asks questions, make comments, and is generally the perfect audience as you give him a play-by-play of everything that went wrong, from the moment you woke up with bedhead to the flat tire you got on your way home. What’s better is he’ll comfort you afterward and make you feel loved, washing away the stress of your tough day and helping you look forward to brighter tomorrows.

20  Pisces Woman: She Gives A Great Massage

Unlike the shy Virgo, a Pisces woman isn’t afraid to put her hands on you! She’ll whip out some great essential oils and will light some nice candles while encouraging you to relax. She may not be a pro masseuse, but that won’t stop her from trying!

She wants to show you her love by making you feel comfortable and safe—and what better way to do that than with a wonderful massage?

She might even take things a step further by booking the two of you a couples massage, leaving you both feeling relaxed and loved at the same time.

19  Pisces Man: He Peppers His Partner With Small, Meaningful Gifts

Pisces guys aren’t going to grab a random bunch of flowers or give you strange little gifts that you don’t even like (think tons of stuffed animals or large, bulky key chains)—a Pisces in love will find ways to gift you meaningful presents. You’ll get home to find your favorite flowers waiting for you. Maybe you’ll get to work to find that he’s purchased your favorite coffee or he’ll surprise you on a date with a memento of your favorite date with him. Whatever you like, rest assured that he’s made note of it and will whip out something special when the mood strikes.

18  Sagittarius Woman: She’ll Tease Her Partner

Being lovey-dovey isn’t always what a Sagittarius girl is all about. Sometimes, her intentions may even seem a bit harsh. The thing is, she’s doing it because she really cares.

Sometimes a Sagittarius just wants to tease the person she loves because getting a rise out of her partner is entertaining.

She sees their reaction as adorable, which makes her only love her partner all the more. She does know there is a clear line that she shouldn’t ever approach, let alone cross, so she’ll keep her teasing nice and gentle, ensuring there is absolutely no room for misunderstandings.

17  Sagittarius Man: He’ll Maker His Partner A Priority

When a Sagittarius guy is in love, suddenly his other priorities aren’t so important. When he falls for his partner, he’s going to go out of his way to make her a priority. If she needs him to drive her around town to run errands, he’s willing to clear his calendar—just to be there for his lady when she needs him. This is not to say he will suddenly disappear from work, school, family or other important priorities, he will just make more time in his life to be with the person he adores.

16  Cancer Woman: She’ll Surprise Him With a Party

How will a Cancer girl surprise her lover? Only she knows for certain! Sometimes it means she’ll surprise them with a nice clean home after a tough day at work and sometimes it means she will literally throw a surprise party or purchase an unexpected gift for her partner.

However she chooses to surprise her love, Cancer girls know how to treat their guys right. 

A Cancer girl knows that pulling off the unexpected will be just as fun to plan and execute as it will be for her partner to receive or experience it.

15  Cancer Man: He’ll Snuggle Close

Cancer guys aren’t always touchy-feely, which can make their partners feel like there’s a distance in the relationship. Knowing his partner wants to cuddle every now and then, he’ll take a step out of his comfort zone to appease his partner. He might start small, by simply putting his arm around his love, but in time he will gradually move on to literal cuddles, hand-holding, walking arm-in-arm and more. He may still feel slightly uncomfortable about it but he’s willing to go the distance for his love when he knows it’s something she needs and welcomes.

14  Leo Woman: She Buys Concert Tickets

Leo girls in love get excited about planning a future with her partner—even if that future involves plans that are only a few days away. A Leo girl in love will plan to attend concerts and might even plan for bigger events involving holidays, friends, and family.

Prior to falling for her partner, Leo ladies tend to keep a certain amount of distance just in case her partner lets her down.

This behavior is just part of some Leo ladies’ personalities and is not to be taken personally, though it is always a good sign when she starts to prove her love by planning fun future events.

13  Leo Man: He Buys The Perfect Gifts

Leo men pay attention to the person they love. While they may not go out of their way to express their feelings, they make their true emotions known on special occasions. If you’re dating a Leo guy, you know what we’re talking about—he may not be as lovey-dovey as you wish he was, but when it’s your birthday, he shows up with a present you love. It isn’t because you happened to want that particular gift, it’s that you mentioned liking it in passing and he paid enough attention to actually remember. It’s little things like buying the perfect gifts that reveal a Leo guy’s true love.

12  Taurus Woman: She Will Speak Beautiful Words From The Heart

There are only so many ways a person can share their feelings and Taurus ladies know the best means of communication is to transform their emotions into words. While it might seem boring or a little too simple, consider how overused the words, “I love you” really are.

Taurus girls know it takes more than a quick, “love you” at the end of a phone call or in place of a “goodbye” after a date.

They want their partners to know exactly how they feel, so they’ll get a little poetic as they describe their love for their partners.

11  Taurus Man: He Will Create A Work Of Art In Her Name

A Taurus guy is generally artistic, so it makes sense for him to combine his love for his partner with his love for his craft. If your Taurus man ever shows off a piece of art that he describes to be inspired by you, know that you truly were his muse. It’s even better if he gifts you the work since you’ll then be in a position to gaze upon a physical representation of his feelings for you whenever you like. Of course, gifts for no reason are already a great expression of love anyway.

10  Aries Woman: She Showers Him With Attention—Sometimes To Excess!

Sometimes an Aries lady can get lost in her excitement. She loves to shower her partner in attention but when she’s truly in love, she can lose control and start to be a bit of a pest. Don’t give up on your Aries girl!

She just can’t hold back how much she adores you!

All she’s really doing is trying to release all that pent-up emotion and you just happen to be the source of it. Even when she’s laying it on a bit thick, let her know you love her too and you guys can get lost in love together.

9  Aries Man: He Holds Her Hand

When an Aries guy is in love, he’ll find excuses to touch his lady love. It doesn’t have to be anything over-the-top either, it can be something as simple as him resting his hand on his partner’s, or leaning against his love. Of course, behind closed doors, he is willing to show the extent of his passions—and when he does, there’s no doubt in your mind that he loves you. If your Aries guy is all about touch, he’s definitely head-over-heels for you and isn’t afraid for other people (and you) to see it.

8  Capricorn Woman: She Proudly Proclaims Her Feelings

While some members of the astrological family are more reserved, the Capricorn lady isn’t bashful when it comes to saying exactly what she wants. She isn’t embarrassed of proclaiming her love to her partner, whether it’s in a public place or on a private date.

She won’t mince words and won’t play games—she’s very open and honest about her feelings.

So when a Capricorn straight up admits that she’s in love with you, take her at her word and don’t overthink it. Hopefully you’re the type that can take words for what they are, but if not, you’ll just have to adjust.

7  Capricorn Man: He Shares His Deepest Thoughts

Capricorn guys are a little more reserved than their female counterparts, but they’re still willing to communicate. These guys are often closed-lipped around certain subjects, leaving them with a slight aura of mystery. When a Capricorn guy finds someone he truly treasures, though, he’s willing to let his partner enter into his secret world. This is where he opens up about everything and trusts that his mate will accept him through and through. If you’re honored with hearing and keeping a Capricorn’s deepest secrets, odds are he’s in love and willing to take a chance opening up with you!

6  Gemini Woman: She Heals Him With Words

Words really are one of the most powerful weapons in the world—but they’re also among the most beautiful creations in all the universe. You can both hurt and heal with words, and Gemini ladies know this well.

Gemini girls know how to speak positively toward their partner and build them up.

She wants the love of her life to know just how special they are, not just to her but in their own way as well. She’ll encourage, compliment, flirt and offer positive reinforcement to help her love understand exactly how great they are.

5  Gemini Man: He Eases His Partner’s Stress By Listening

It isn’t easy handling stress, but a Gemini man is willing to go above and beyond for the sake of his love. If his partner is having a really bad day, he’s willing to listen about it and make positive comments. He wants his love to remain stress-free and is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure they’re happy. The great thing about most Gemini guys is that they’re willing to do more than listen—they’re willing to comment, console, encourage, and offer honest feedback. These guys are definitely a diamond in the rough!

4  Libra Woman: She Offers Quality Time

We all get so busy with our own lives and little dramas—maybe school is a lot harder this semester than it ever has been before. Maybe work isn’t going so well. Family issues arise as easily as they fall, but when you’re in the thick of things, it’s really hard to carve out time to just be with the person you love.

But this isn’t always the case for Libra ladies—they’re amazing at making time for the person they love.

They’re also great at prioritizing their romantic relationship above all the other things life throws at them.

3  Libra Man: He Places His Partner On A Pedestal

While it may not always be the best thing to do, Libra guys tend to put their loves up on pedestals. Nothing their partners can ever do can ever be described as wrong. But Libra men can sometimes wear those rose-colored glasses a little too long, making them ripe for being taken advantage of. However, the good news is they also tend to draw the attention and affections of those who would also put a Libra guy on a pedestal, thus leading both people to live their best lives—together. After all, what’s better than both of you basically worshipping each other?

2  Scorpio Woman: She Encourages Her Partner’s Passions

When you love someone, you want to share in their interests and you want to introduce them to your passions. This is just how it is, it makes sense that you would want to combine your love of something with your romantic love, right?

Well, while some people struggle to get their partners to share in the joy of their passions, Scorpio women wisely encourage their partners to follow their dreams without worrying whether the Scorpio herself would like to follow as well.

She’s always willing to give her partner space so they can do what they love and she’s willing to accept that a little time apart won’t hurt anything.

1  Scorpio Man: He Goes Above And Beyond

Scorpio guys would lasso the moon for their lover if they could. In lieu of the impossible, Scorpio guys go out of their way to pull off elaborate surprises and say the most romantic things to their partners. A Scorpio man really does love with his whole heart and he’s willing to do anything for the person he loves. Thankfully, he’s also been blessed with the powers of perception, so he isn’t going to spoil just anyone—he’s going to wait until he meets the right person, then he’ll give them everything their heart desires.

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