• June 20, 2019

December Tarotscope: Here’s Each Sign’s Love Forecast (His & Hers)

The old year is drawing its last breath with December. And when it exhales again, it will be a brand new one. 2019 is fast approaching, and there’s change in the air.

New years bring big changes and big surprises, and often positive ones at that. Although not for every sun sign, of course!

So here’s the December love tarotscope for each star sign (for both men and women). It has good news for some and bad news for others. But even a less-than-stellar prediction doesn’t necessarily spell disaster for the last month of 2018.

December (and winter) is the time for endings of all kinds. The end of an era, a relationship, and sometimes even old beliefs. So it’s not surprising for people to suddenly observe brand new changes by the time 2019 comes along.

After all, it’s Sagittarius season! And all signs would fare well by taking a few pages out of this optimistic soul’s book. A book that preaches the benefits of being a life-long student, of exploring the unexplored, and pushing one’s self out of their comfort zone.

Ready to find out what’s in store this month and beyond? Read on for predictions for every sign, both his & hers.

24  Leo Woman: BOOM!

Awesomeness abounds, Leo woman! This month is going to be an epic one for you. And it will be of your own doing. Because you are the Magician depicted in this card, dove. You might not believe it right now, but what’s coming will show it to you so clearly you can’t deny it.

And you have all the powers right within you to change your destiny and make magic happen!

So don’t second guess yourself. You were born to be great and you know it. Just trust in yourself and your skills, and you will have everything you have ever desired and then some.

23  Leo Man: Time For A Life Rehaul

Brace yourself, Leo man, because the news ain’t good. Well, it ain’t bad either. But that depends on your perspective.

What do we mean by that? Just that life as you know it is going to come to an end soon. And in a massive way. In fact, you might have even felt the creeping up of it for some time now in your bones.

So don’t be afraid. Hold on to that leonine courage and see this transition through till the end. After all, every ending is just the mark of a new adventure!

22  Pisces Woman: Karma Has Come Calling

This month is going to be very interesting for you, Pisces woman. And not in an overly good way. In fact, the possibility of things going horribly wrong is quite high.

Why? Because Justice has come calling for you.

And that means it’s time to settle the karmic debt you owe the person you are with. Or, stand back and watch him pay the debt he owes to you.

After all, there’s a reason why he has always felt so familiar. It’s so you two could come together to settle the score between your souls once and for all.

21  Pisces Man: Time To Wake Up

All reversed cards are not bad, Pisces man. This one simply foretells of happier times for you in the future where you will finally be free of your debilitating case of anxieties.

After all, how long were you going to mope and whine? You are bound to figure out the inanity of the situation sooner or later. And it seems like December is going to be the month when that happens for you. Things will begin to clear up, as long as you let them run their course.

Phew! At least, that’s what your friends are going to feel now.

20  Capricorn Woman: Tough Choices

You like to live an ordered life that is predictable and disciplined, Capricorn woman. And in romance, you prefer the same. A man who follows after your own heart.

But what if your heart is drawn to another? Someone so wildly different from you that you can’t even begin to understand why you are drawn to him so strongly.

All you know is that if you choose him, your life will not be the same again.

And that scares you.

Is that why you are trying so hard to not see the truth? Well, good luck with that. Because sooner or later you will have to make a choice. And it better not be the wrong one!

19  Capricorn Man: Collab Time!

Not impressed with that exclamation point, Capricorn man? Well, knowing how much of a control freak you are, we are not surprised. After all, you don’t like collaborations. You like being the only boss in the room.

But now that you have decided to take your relationship to the next level, you cannot afford to think like that anymore. Trust us, that will only bring you struggles and pain.

So listen first and speak second this month. Because what you are trying to create is not a personal project. It is a collaboration between two people, and that takes compromise.

18  Aries Woman: Not Impulsive. Quick.

People tend to judge you too fast sometimes, Aries woman. They say you are impulsive, abrasive, and never listen to anyone. Of course, they can’t see what you can.

What they do not know is that your impulsiveness is guided by your intuition.

And the conscious mind’s logical pathways cannot even compete with the speed of this inner knowing.

So remember this nugget of wisdom and keep pushing ahead this month just as you always do. Your impulsiveness is not a mistake. Because deep inside you know the soundness of your choices, even if onlookers don’t have a clue.

17  Aries Man: A Small Financial Windfall

You have worked hard over these past many months, Aries man. And this month you will reap the rewards of that hard work. It’s about time, right?

Not in praises though. It will be in hard cash. Or some other monetary device. So yay!

Just remember: this windfall is just the beginning. A bigger harvest is on its way in a few more months. So don’t slack off because you are content with this little stroke of luck. Keep working hard and you will really smash through your goal (in a good way) and then some!

16  Libra Woman: A Penny For Her Every Wish

If wishes were horses, you would be a millionaire by now, Libra woman. And that would be the best-case scenario.

Because in reality, wishes are notorious for their ability to distract us from what we truly want deep down inside.

Let’s face it, you don’t need to splurge $300 on a pair of boots when you have 20 pairs already. You want them only because your friend bragged she owns 35. So curb your wishes this December. Because if you don’t, there’s a big chance you might end up regretting it for years to come.

15  Libra Man: Not The Time To Be Emotional

This month is not going to be romantic for you, Libra man. In fact, you won’t even think twice about your love life.

Why? Because you will be charging towards a goal with a single-minded focus. A goal you have always wanted to achieve but have only started to work towards recently.

Unfortunately, your emotions will give you a tough time right alongside this. Either because you are seeing someone at the same time or because you have recently sustained a heartbreak. So when that happens, rein in your emotions. The goal is more important than your anxieties and fears.

14   Taurus Woman: Abundance Everywhere!

December is going to be a big month for your love life, Taurus woman. You will feel loved, respected, and valued by pretty much everyone you come across. And these feelings will just multiply times ten if you are in a relationship already.

So rest back and enjoy the attention and gifts because the universe is feeling extremely indulgent towards you right now.

Nevertheless, here’s a word of caution. Children are also considered gifts in most cultures. So if you aren’t prepared to take up the mantle of motherhood, take extra precautions this month when you are with your partner.

13 Taurus Man: Trouble In Paradise

We don’t like to be the bearer of bad news, Taurus man, but the card that has come up for you this month is the reversed 10 of Pentacles. And that means, everything this card stands for–fulfillment, a happy family, and comfort–will be reversed for you.

Sounds hard, we know! After all, you hate messy fights, discomfort, and troubling times. But don’t lose hope yet.

You can still get through to the other side… if you are willing to stop being stubborn and embrace the change that is being forced upon you. You don’t have a whole lot of choice in the matter, anyway.

12  Scorpio Woman: She Will Be Conned

You have been in the haze of a dreamy romance for the last many months now, Scorpio woman. And we hate to break it to you, but this dream is going to be shattered this month.

It could be because you neglected to notice the glaring signs of a con artist posing as a faithful lover or because you hitched your ride to an egomaniac who only cares about himself.

But the outcome will be the same–heartbreak and devastation when you realize you allowed yourself to be fooled all this while. Just know that you will recover. After all, January starts a new year.

11  Scorpio Man: There’s Something Fishy Going On Behind The Scenes

Scorpio man, you can’t put a finger on it, but somewhere in your bones, you can feel that the person you are seeing right now is not all they seem. Or is it the situation that has “fishy” written all over it? Ugh! It’s so annoying when things are unclear.

That’s why the High Priestess is cautioning you to be alert this month. Because while she cannot reveal the exact nature of the mischief, she is sure that if you allow yourself to hear the wisdom of your intuition, you will come out on the better side of this situation.

10  Gemini Woman: The Plague Of Useless Efforts

Have you been building up a little something with someone special for a while now, Gemini woman? If yes, you will not like this month’s forecast.

Because the reversed 8 of Pentacles foretells that you will end up botching it all up because of your impatience.

So if you don’t want to ruin all your hard work and go back to square one, take this message to heart and calm yourself down. You might not like the pace at which things are proceeding but being patient will bring about the best-case scenario right now.

9  Gemini Man: Words Can Hurt Real Bad

Ouch! Sorry, Gemini man, but this month you need to be extra careful of what you allow yourself to say. Especially when you are angry.

Because the truth is people don’t intentionally set out to hurt us. They just happen to chance upon one of our triggers. And this is exactly what’s going to happen to you:

Someone will do or say something that will hurt you real bad. Not because the content of their actions or speech was disagreeable. But because they happened to remind you of something that happened in your past.

And in your rage, you will hurt them right back with your scathing remarks, which would cut deeper since it would have the entire force of your intentions behind it. Do you see why that’s a problem?

8  Aquarius Woman: She Doesn’t Want To Date Right Now

You are not over your last relationship, Aquarius. Not really. Even though you don’t pine for him anymore.

It’s just that you are still kinda spooked by the whole shenanigan of heartbreak.

So you are not willing to enter the dating pool anytime soon.

Well, if that’s your decision, be an adult about it and don’t try to convince others it’s the right thing to do. Trust us, most people can’t see beyond their own selves and their own unique desires, and so they won’t understand anyway why you don’t want someone in your life.

Just do you and be proud!

7  Aquarius Man: It’s All Going According To The Plan

You have a unique gift, Aquarius man. You are not emotional yet you understand how emotions work. And this gives you an edge over others.

So much so that sometimes you wander too much into the territory of becoming a Class A manipulator.

So be very careful of this tendency this month. Because chances are high that the one you are trying to manipulate has caught on to you.

Instead, try to engage this skill from the positive side of the table–as a tool to help people solve their emotional crises because you can see the logical solutions to them. That would win you more friends than enemies.

6  Virgo Woman: Wedding Bells?

You are a traditional woman, Virgo. That’s why your suitors also tend to be the traditional sort. The ones who would rather get married to the right woman as soon as she comes along than waste a single minute in a mindless romance that has no future.

Well, this December, someone is going to pop you that question.

Or something along those lines. And when they do, you will have a choice. To say yes because it would be the practical thing to do and would secure your future. Or, to say no because you know this person is incapable of romance, which is also a top requirement for you.

5  Virgo Man: An Idea Can Change Your Life

Virgo man, you are notorious for your ability to overthink everything to bits. But this month, something out of the ordinary is going to happen to your life. You will be struck by an idea so brilliant that even that negative Nancy inside your brain would not be able to find any flaws in it.

When that happens, thank your stars and get to work! Because ideas are like potentials. Most people never live up to theirs because they aren’t willing to go that extra mile to bring them to fruition. But you? You can handle this!

4  Cancer Woman: Who’s The Leader?

You are quite serious about this guy, Cancer woman. He’s unlike anyone you have ever met (in a good way, of course!). And the best part is he feels the same way about you.

So, December is definitely going to be a great month for you and your boo (you both are ready to take things to the next level).

However, you will be surprised when you feel stirrings of friction underneath the surface of your relationship.

Not because there’s conflict in the air! It’s just that both of you like to take the lead in your own unique way and you haven’t yet had the time to adjust to each other’s style.

3  Cancer Man: Love Is In The Air!

Cancer man, this month is going to be an extra special one for you. Not just because you will get to hug your mom and other family members this Christmas. But also because your love life is going to be extra special this month.

In fact, we have a feeling your boo is finally going to meet your family. And you couldn’t be more excited about it. After all, you want them to like your girl just as much as you love her.

And what do you know? If things go well, there might even be wedding bells in the future.

2  Sagittarius Woman: A Dreamy Romance

You love December, Sagittarius. It’s your month, after all (even if you are a November-born Sag). You can feel its energy harmonizing with your predominant nature. That’s why we aren’t surprised that this card came up for you.

It’s because the Princess of Cups is a card of hopes and dreams.

And no one in the world can understand the optimistic message of this card better than you! The message being–regardless of how bad things get, if you hold onto hope and put in the work, you will eventually achieve exactly what you set out to achieve.

1  Sagittarius Man: The Wheel Of Fortune Is Turning

December is going to be a major month for you, Sagittarius man. And we aren’t sure what kind that will be. Because truth be told, the Wheel of Fortune can turn either way.

So if you have enjoyed a lot of lucky breaks in the past, be prepared to tolerate a few bad turns now. And if it was the opposite, be prepared to experience some extraordinarily good circumstances.

Nevertheless, we have a hunch it is the latter because Jupiter, the ruler of your sun sign, is currently in your own house. So if good luck blows you a kiss, don’t forget to let us know so!

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