• August 18, 2019

24 Reasons Why She Stays In A Toxic Relationship (Based On Her Astro Sign) But Really Shouldn’t

At one point in our lives, we’ve all dealt with a toxic relationship. It may not have been with a partner, it may have been with a friend, with a sibling, with a parent, or even with a coworker. Sometimes the toxic relationships are really hard to spot, and almost always, these toxic relationships are really hard to leave.

In a nutshell, a toxic relationship is a relationship that is harmful to you in some ways. For a long time in our culture, we’ve thought about harmful relationships in a very concrete way – a relationship was only really considered harmful if physical abuse was occurring. But nowadays, our culture is starting to recognize that there are many ways for harm to be inflicted, and that emotional harm is just as painful and detrimental as physical harm.

Toxic behaviors in relationships include constantly putting the person down, telling them they are not good enough, telling them they are unlovable, being manipulative, withholding money and controlling finances, snooping by checking emails, texts, or monitoring phone conversations, name calling, cutting someone off from their family and friends, threatening to leave or threatening to hurt themselves if the other person leaves, and threatening physical harm.

Though the victim of the toxic relationship knows that these behaviors are hurtful, they often struggle to cut the person hurting them out of their lives. There are many reasons why it’s really hard to leave a toxic relationship, and actually, our astrological signs can provide some insight into why we might stick around in a toxic relationship.

23  Aries People May Not Leave Because They’re Determined

One of the defining characteristics of being an Ares is being determined. People born under Ares never give up.

When they decide to get something done, it gets done, no matter what kind of impediments stand in their way.

Though determination is often considered a good Aries trait, it can be a detriment when dealing with toxic relationships. If the Ares person has fully committed to the toxic relationship and put a lot of effort into it, they may feel that they are “giving up” if they cut that person out of their life, and giving up is something that Ares people hate to do.

22   Aries People May Not Leave Because They’re Intense

One of the biggest negative traits of Aries people is that they can be aggressive. As a rule, they’re fighters, not lovers. When they feel threatened, they lash out and try to hurt before they get hurt. In some cases, Aries folks may be contributing to their toxic relationships by acting out their aggression.

When aggression is normalized in a relationship, it becomes harder to spot toxic behaviors. It can start to feel like shouting and name calling and slammed doors is just part of a relationship, when it’s really not. So, Aries may end up staying because the toxicity of the relationship is hidden by their own tendency to aggression.

21  Taurus People May Not Leave Because They Are Loyal

One of the very best traits of Taurus people is their loyalty. If Taurus loves you, they will literally do anything for you. They will be there for you and back you up literally no matter what. This kind of loyalty makes for a really good friend or partner.

Unfortunately, this kind of loyalty is also easily misplaced. When the Taurus deeply loves someone who treats them poorly, the Taurus’s loyalty can win out over their own self-worth. They can feel that calling out the bad behavior or leaving the toxic relationship would be an act of disloyalty, so they stick around even though they’re being hurt.

20   Taurus People May Not Leave Because They Are Possessive

One of the worst things about Taurus folks is that they can be really possessive. When they care about a person, they don’t ever want to let them go and they can get really insecure if they think they will be left.

This trait can cause Taurus people to cling to people. They hold people they care about really close to them and get really nervous when they feel them drifting away. The Taurus may put up with really harmful behavior just to keep a person in their life, even if they would be better off without the person in their life.

19   Gemini People May Not Leave Because They’re Very Adaptable

One of the great things about Gemini people is that they can go with the flow. They’re really good with changing circumstances and they can figure out how to function well in almost any situation. They’re generally resilient people.

Unfortunately, this trait can be a really bad one to have when dealing with a toxic relationship.

Their ability to learn to adapt to new and changing situations may mean that rather than address harmful behaviors, they simply adjust themselves to cope with the changing circumstances. Their tendency to just go with the flow may mean that they let these behaviors slide by finding ways to deal with them.

18   Gemini People May Not Leave Because They’re Indecisive

Though Gemini’s are really good to adjusting to changeable situations, they are often pretty bad at making concrete decisions.

While being adaptable requires a lot of reaction to external circumstances, being decisive requires being in touch with what you want and need rather than adjusting to what’s given to you.

Geminis can get really stuck in actually making the decision to cut a toxic relationship out of their lives. They may want to and know they need to, but they often go back and forth about the decision, without taking any concrete action. They stay out of indecision rather than an actual desire to stay.

17  Cancer People May Not Leave Because They’re Sympathetic

If you need an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on, a Cancer people is one of the best people to seek out. They’re very sympathetic people and they’re always willing to lend an ear, a hand, or whatever else you need.

However, this trait can easily be taken advantage of by manipulative people.

The toxic person in a Cancer’s life may play on their sympathy to make the Cancer person feel bad for them, and therefore keep them around. In the worst case, the Cancer feels that they need to stick around to help the person who’s hurting them.

16  Cancer People May Not Leave Because They’re Immature

Though Cancer’s have a great capacity to care, they can also be kind of emotionally immature. This trait can get a Cancer stuck in a toxic relationship in multiple different ways.

A Cancer person may choose a relationship where they are really dependent on another person to care for their emotional and physical needs, so even if the person is harmful, the Cancer feels like that’s the price they pay for being cared for.

Cancer people may also choose toxic relationships because their immaturity means they don’t know what a mature, healthy partnership looks like. They essentially get stuck because they don’t know any better.

15   Leo People May Not Leave Because They’re Generous

Leo people are givers. They are generous with their time, emotional labor, physical labor, and often even with their money. They live to take care of others. Obviously, this trait is easily exploited by toxic people.

They will emotionally, spiritually, and sometimes financially drain the Leo until they have nothing left to give.

And the Leo will allow it to happen because being generous makes them feel good. Leo has trouble recognizing that their generosity is being exploited because their generous nature leads them to see the best in people, so they get stuck in toxic relationships easily.

14   Leo People May Not Leave Because They Are Stubborn

Taurus people are often the ones associated with being stubborn (especially since their sign is the bull), however, Leo’s are also notoriously stubborn people. For Leo’s this stubbornness often shows up as an unwillingness to see that they are wrong or that they made a bad decision.

When it comes to toxic relationships, Leo people don’t want to leave because they don’t want to admit that they ended up with the wrong person.

In most cases, their stubbornness makes them blind to the fact that they ended up with the wrong person in the first place. They stick around because their stubbornness won’t allow them to see the truth.

13   Virgo People May Not Leave Because They’re Hardworking

Nothing compares to the work ethic of a Virgo. This sign is most likely to be a workaholic, but they’re also the ones that get the most done.

Virgos tend to believe that there’s no problem, task, or situation that hard work won’t fix.

Of course, this can lead to a lot of problems for a Virgo stuck in a toxic relationship. The Virgo believes that if they just work hard enough, and maybe convince their partner to work hard enough, then the relationship will be just fine. Unfortunately for Virgos, no amount of hard work can fix a toxic relationship.

12  Libra People May Not Leave Because They’re Gracious

Libras are generally super positive people to be around. They’re gracious, which means that they’re usually kind and courteous. For Libra’s being kind is more important than being treated kindly.

When Libras end up in toxic relationships, they see it as a point of pride that they can continue to be kind and loving, even when the other person isn’t.

They may even think that their kindness will serve as an example for the other person and hope that the other person’s behavior will change if they continue to be gracious. Unfortunately for Libra’s no amount of good behavior on their part will change the toxic person in their life.

11   Libra People May Not Leave Because They Hate Conflict

Because Libra people are so kind and considerate, they really hate conflict. Libra’s have trouble standing up for themselves because they would rather move on than start a fight. Often, Libra people who are in toxic relationships will stuff their feelings about being treated poorly deep down and smile even though they’re hurting on the inside.

Libras have trouble leaving toxic relationships because they fear confronting people who are harming them.

They are afraid of the conflict that will ensue if they tell the toxic person to stop treating them poorly or that they are leaving. So instead, they simply stick around and smile through their pain.

10   Scorpio People May Not Leave Because They Are So Secretive

There’s a saying that goes “we’re only as sick as our secrets” and this is a saying that 100% applies to Scorpio’s. Scorpio people are really private people. They don’t want people to know their business, so they don’t really talk to anyone about what’s really going on with them.

Secret-keeping is a behavior that is encouraged by toxic people because it protects them from facing the consequences of their harmful behavior. So, toxic people will often exploit the secretive nature of Scorpio’s to keep them trapped. Because the Scorpio isn’t talking to anyone about what’s going on behind closed doors, they won’t get the support they need in order to leave a toxic relationship.

9  Scorpio People May Not Leave Because They Can Get Defensive

All that secret-keeping can lead to some very explosive behavior from Scorpio folks. They bottle it all up until they explode.

When a Scorpio is attacked emotionally, they attack back. This can lead the Scorpio to feel guilty for their own behavior, and their own guilt leads them to not address the toxic person’s behavior. Or, even worse, the Scorpio comes to believe that they deserve to be treated badly because of their own intense behavior, which leads them to stay in toxic relationships.

8  Sagittarius People May Not Leave Because They’re Blindly Optimistic

Sagittarius folks are some of the most optimistic people out there. They believe in the inherent goodness of people and that all people have the ability to be their best selves. While this is an amazing trait for a friend, this is not a great trait for someone involved with toxic people.

Sagittarius often believes that even if someone is behaving badly right now, they can be better if given the opportunity.

A Sagittarius will often put up with a lot of abuse before realizing that someone doesn’t have good intentions and can’t change, if they ever do come to that realization.

7  Sagittarius People May Not Leave Because They Are Superficial

One of the less than stellar traits of Sagittarius people is that they can be really superficial. Sometimes they care more about how things “look” than how they actually are.

Sagittarius people are often scared of what other people think of them and whether or not everything looks good on the outside. This can lead them to stay in toxic relationships because they’re scared of what people will think if they find out that they’ve allowed themselves to be treated poorly, or because they’re scared of losing their #relationshipgoals image.

6  Capricorn People May Not Leave Because They’re Good Managers

Capricorns are the best at managing all the little details of life. They get supreme satisfaction out of checking tasks off their lists, making sure everything is in order, and keeping all their ducks in a row.

When this trait also shows up in a Capricorn’s life as a desire to manage people, it can lead them right into a toxic relationship and get them stuck there. Capricorns may see toxic people as projects that they can fix if they just manage them well enough. Capricorns often have trouble leaving toxic people because they feel like the project of fixing them is incomplete.

5   Capricorn People May Not Leave Because They Always Expect The Worst

The need to manage that defines Capricorn people often comes from a deep fear that anything and everything will go wrong. Capricorns always expect the worst out of every situation, and they try to manage this fear by managing everything and everyone around them.

Capricorns often get caught in toxic relationships because they were already expecting the worst so when it happens, they’re not all that surprised. Then they start to believe that it would be even worse if they left the situation, so they might as well stick around with the toxic situation that’s familiar rather than risk and even worse situation, which they’re convinced they’ll find.

4   Aquarius People May Not Leave Because They Hate Expressing Their Emotions

Aquarius folks are not a fan of feelings in general, and they like expressing their emotions even less than they like feeling them. When they don’t like how they feel, they run or hide from their feelings.

The last thing they want to do is process their own feelings and then talk about them with someone, especially with the person who is being hurtful.

Aquarius people often get stuck in toxic relationships because they are unwilling to process how much the harmful behaviors are hurting them. And they’re even more unwilling to address how the harmful behaviors are hurting them with the people who are hurting them, so Aquarius folks often choose denial, silence, and staying.

3  Aquarius People May Not Leave Because They Are Uncompromising

Aquarius folks want what they want and they are not usually willing to compromise. Since the core of any healthy relationship is compromise, Aquarius folks tend to perpetuate their toxic relationships with their unwillingness to compromise.

This is especially true when the toxic person in their life is also unwilling to compromise, which is a classic trait of such people.

The Aquarius and the toxic person get stuck in a gridlock, and often the Aquarius will not be willing to leave because they want to get their way. Unfortunately, with a truly toxic person, there’s no chance of getting their way and they stay stuck.

2  Pisces People May Not Leave Because They Are Overly Trusting

Pisces people are the types who fall in love with the wrong person over and over.

They give their trust to anyone who will take it, and they often end up giving it to people who don’t deserve their trust.

It can take a Pisces a really long time to realize that they’ve given their trust to the wrong person, and even when they come to this realization, they often still believe that the toxic person can be trusted again in the future if given the chance. They give chance after chance, often sticking through a toxic relationship no matter how many times their trust has been broken.

1   Pisces People May Not Leave Because They Like Playing The Victim

Every so often we all like to play the victim. We want people to feel sorry for us when bad things happen to us, and we want to blame the world when things go wrong. However, Pisces people sometimes take this tendency to the extreme and make a lifestyle out of playing the victim.

A Pisces who likes playing the victim, who likes getting attention and pity for being in a bad situation, will often stay in a toxic relationship just so they can continue to be a victim. The poor treatment they receive from toxic people allows they to get the attention and pity that they crave, so they stay no matter how hurt they get.

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