Have you ever wondered if your zodiac sign could influence things that you wouldn’t expect it to? For instance, the things you like to do as hobbies or how much sexual energy you have?

Well as it turns out, your zodiac sign affects both of those things. The stars know it all and we are just here to fill in the pieces. While many different people will come up with different answers, I believe the ones below in regards to each sign describe their libidos or amount of sexual energy perfectly. Let us know if yours turned out to be hit or miss.


Your sexual energy is a bit more normal than some. You are not usually as engaged with those you wish to pursue sexually on a meaningful level. You are usually the one going after what you want, rather than being pursued yourself and that is how you like things. That being said, you are just far too busy for anything serious or so you think.


Your sexual energy is one that stems from a lot of pain. You are someone who indulges in a lot of make-up sex as you get angry quite often. This is something that brings you closer to your partner but also drives something a bit traumatic within. You are all about pleasure and ensure everyone in the experience is leaving with something they wanted.


Your sexual energy is a bit interesting and conflicting, to say the least. You don’t often pay much attention to it. You will let it build up inside until you are detached from it. You are more than willing to go to that level with someone you love but if it is a random hookup you are rarely about it. You are not someone who gets turned on easily either so if someone can really get your attention they might just be something pretty damn special.


Your sexual energy is something dramatic. You have to have a deep connection with someone before you can intertwine with them. You must feel emotionally and physically secure or things will go nowhere. However, you are known to make quite a few drunken mistaken when you are feeling bad and that is something you should work on. You are a kind and loving person, you deserve that in return.


You sleep with just about anyone who you want to. Everyone is always after your attention and you don’t waste your time with any of those people. You want what you think you can’t have but also know you can have anything you want. You use people for their bodies and cast them aside as if they aren’t anything. Someday, you will find someone that you truly love and he or she will hopefully show you that you have been making too many mistakes in doing so.


Your sexual energy is very demanding. You know what you want in bed and you are going to make sure that is how things go over. That being said, you are a bit shy sexually at first. You aren’t often the one to make the first move but once things are going you take charge. You are quite the passionate lover when everything is as it should be.


Your sexual energy is very connection oriented. You want to be with someone that cares about you on a deeper level. You are not going to hook up with just anyone but once you find the one, things ignite like fire.


Your sexual energy is one that most people do not understand. You are someone who likes to be in a relationship with the people you are sleeping with but also get bored easily within a relationship. You like to have intercourse and often it can be a problem if your partner is not as interested in having sex as often as you would like. Sure, you may not think a few times a week is too much to ask but some people do.


Your sexual energy is not as intense as most people’s. You are a free spirit so, usually, the relations you have are not deeply connected and that is something you struggle with making known. However, in the end, you are not someone who can be held down so it isn’t gonna change overnight.


Your sexual energy is quite satisfying. You like to have relations with people you care about and are often committed to one person for long periods of time. You have what one would call a ‘normal sex life.’


Your sexual energy isn’t as intense as people make it out to be. You are someone who will talk about things more than actually doing them. You think you want to be more active sexually but I don’t believe that is the truth. You are just someone who operates on a level of ‘less is more.’


Your sexual energy is all about connecting. If you feel safe with someone and you care for them then it will come naturally but you are too selfish for your partner a lot of the time. You don’t know how to consider the other person when you should. This is something you really need to work on.